Friday, June 28, 2013

There Are No Beneficial Mutations Ever Found...WHY? by James Arjuna

Please find this mutation. Without it you have no Evodelusionism religion.

*Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

I find it funny that Evolution Nutjobs  would argue with over 20,000,000 peer articles done by serious study on human DNA.

Please don't insult to those hard working medical research doctors from all over the earth.

I have asked well over 1000 people including you (now) to find any beneficial mutations in all those peer studies? (There are none because it is logically and physically  impossible.)
So far you think that the tetrachromatic vision that is going extinct is a beneficial mutation. (How can something that is going extinct be "new"?)

You have no idea the complexity of life and how a single mutation cannot work EVER to integrate in a healthy manner with the WHOLE of the genetic system of DNA programming.

The whole premise of "evolution" hinges on  impossibilities. The "engine of evolution" according to evotards is the "duplication" mutation that makes copies of all or parts of a genetic protein sequence.   There are impossibilities associated with this ridiculous premise.  Therefore it cannot and does not work to add any increased complexity but it does cause suffering and death to the creature.

Any "new" coding (produced by "addition" of new protein building segments of DNA), changes to the protein "manufacture of cells", must be able to integrate with the HOX system to place these "new" cells where they can work. This is only done by a total "overview" of the whole system of design used to make the HOX genes "work" with these "new" gene segments integrated. You can see that this is logically impossible and only reflects the ignorance of believers of evolution. You would have to physically change the coding of the HOX genes to even begin to use any "accidental" mutations and place them where they could do "good".  You would have to play God, understanding how this new segment could possibly be integrated in placing the proteins in the proper place for "health" and vitality.  LOOK at what happens when the HOX genes themselves are mutated.  

Any new gene segments (like from a duplication mutation) and new proteins, must be integrated with the "repair mechanism" so that these cells are recognized as correctly coded (the correct cells in the correct place of the body) or not and make any repairs they can and do to fix them by an enzyme change corrected  to the ORIGINAL integrated design.  If not they are destroyed by the immune system. (This is the root cause of autoimmune diseases. The cells are incorrect to the design needed and so the immune system tries and does destroy them.)

The repair mechanism (an enzyme process to change the proteins to the master plan) looks at the DNA of the programming and then looks at the cells made from the DNA/RNA process and determines if it is correct. If it is correct, then it is allowed to go on or any cells it cannot "fix" are destroyed by the immune system. You can see that this is impossible for any new proteins to be integrated by magic and only reflects the ignorance of believers of evolution. The Creator of the master design has to come in and change the programming of the repair/immune system to make any new proteins integrate.  This has never happened.  Autoimmune diseases are caused by these badly coded cells and the immune system tries to destroy them by attacking these incorrect cells. (or the immune lost its programming from mutations and allows incorrect diseased cells to live.  This is the root cause of cancer.)

Every duplication mutation found in modern DNA causes serious diseases because it screws up the existing system with added proteins and even cells that are not usable but actually can block functions. In the brain these duplication mutations cause Alzheimer's and autism and many hundreds of other serious and deadly diseases.
Also found in breast cancer, and many horrible diseases.

The "duplication mutation" is believed by Evolution Nutjobs to be the "mechanism of evolution".  These fools actually think that duplication mutations (which today are only found to cause diseases) are adding new functions to existing complex creatures.  It is a pathetic group of fools.

Here is a video from medical scientists showing how the immune system carefully selects these bad cells and destroys them, without harming any of the cells around them. This is a very precise system that requires intelligence to design. There are billions of cells that it does not destroy. How could it possibly know the "self cells" from the "not self cells". It is way to complex for most Evotards to understand so they call it magical random nonsense.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Are Inherited Diseases, and What is "Inbreeding". by James Arjuna

According to SCIENCE, humans are only degraded.
Here again is all the EVIDENCE medical science has on the human condition.  All of the rest is speculative nonsense from people of faith.

The reason for the term "inbreeding" is from the fact that humans are so full of diseases now.  If you mate with your any close relative, especially a sibling, you are only doubling the diseases you carry in the child you may have. It is guaranteed that the child will suffer.

Inbreeding did not exist when we were not so degraded.

Now, you can marry someone who is NOT related to you by thousands of separations (your thousandth cousin) and still produce multiple genetic diseases.  Every human on earth has more than one genetic deformities, health losses and diseases. This is because there are some 17000 genetic diseases and the "luck of finding a mate far away from your family" is over.   You may have to go to the other side of the earth to see if you can find someone to breed with, to have less diseases in your offspring.   Even so, you will still have genetic diseases in your offspring.  We are ALL INBRED with these diseases.

This is why Jehovah told us to never have sex with a close relative.

Deuteronomy 27:20
20  “‘Cursed is the one who lies down with his father’s wife, for he has dishonored his father.’ (And all the people will say, ‘Amen!’)

6  “‘No man among you should approach any of his close relatives to have sexual relations.*+ I am Jehovah. 7  You must not have sexual relations with your father, and you must not have sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother, and you must not have sexual relations with her.
8  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your father’s wife.+ It is exposing your father to shame.*
9  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your sister, either the daughter of your father or the daughter of your mother, whether she is born in the same household or born outside of it.+
10  “‘You must not have sexual relations with the daughter of your son or the daughter of your daughter, because they are your own nakedness.
11  “‘You must not have sexual relations with the daughter of your father’s wife, the offspring of your father, because she is your sister.
12  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your father’s sister. She is your father’s blood relative.+
13  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, because she is your mother’s blood relative.
14  “‘You must not expose your father’s brother to shame* by having sexual relations with his wife. She is your aunt.+
15  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law.+ She is your son’s wife, and you must not have relations with her.
16  “‘You must not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife,+ because it is exposing your brother to shame.*
17  “‘You must not have sexual relations with a woman and her daughter.+ You must not take the daughter of her son and the daughter of her daughter in order to have relations. They are her close relatives; it is an obscene act.*

The real meaning of this is to tell you how to have clean reproduction with the least diseases.  Now we have infected reproduction and cancer is the number one disease killer of children

The most common is heart disease, cancer, diabetes, eye problems, back problems, hearing problems, auto immune (arthritis), appendicitis,
gall bladder failure.  It is guaranteed that you will have one or more of these diseases. Just look around! Wake UP!

Your common academic understanding of science is really funny.  You have no understanding of genetics and how humans breed,  what mutations are, what defects and deformity is.

It is because of the lack of awareness of SCIENCE and how we are made that we ignore all rules for health.  Sexual compulsions rule humanity.

Humanity is doomed by its ignorance and right now it is far worse than it has ever been in all of human history.  The rate of new genetic diseases has never been seen like this before. Well over 3000% rise in all cancers in less than 100 years.

We now are not only producing more and more genetic defects from mating with our extremely distant relatives our thousandths cousins, we are producing an extreme rise in genetic defects by spreading diseases, viral infections, that attack our germ line cells and are destroying them one, two, three mutations at a time.

There is a study that states we are gaining some 3 mutations per generation on average and it is increasing with each generation.  All it takes is ONE mutation to kill a fetus. We now have 33% to 50%  of wanted pregnancies before 16 weeks that miscarriage because of this.  And one mutation to created serious organ diseases, cancer, or any of the 8000 congenital and birth defects we have cataloged so far.

Here is how this works on the molecular level in this video from one of the most renowned medical labs we have. The HHMI  Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
In this video you can see what a virus does when it transcripts into our DNA and destroys the normal cell function. This is exactly what a retrovirus does to ALL of our cells at the germ line level.

You can also view it here:

We have accumulated some 98,000 to 120,000 in each person, and a total of 247,000 found in humanity, of these mutations at the GERM LINE level. Germ line mutations are permanent sources of our diseases that caused this idea of "inbreeding" to exist in the first place.  This is where the term "Inherited Disease" comes from.

Until (before) we had degraded to the point where breeding with a close relative was causing clear sickness, weakness and deformity "inbreeding" did not exist.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hominid Fossils, What Are They? By James Arjuna

When we find only genetic degradation in all the actual measurable evidence in DNA; Then the hominid fossils are obviously mutated and degraded creatures that went extinct.

In all the evidence the most common event is extinction.  We see some 1.5 million complete species are extinct and now we have 47,000 on the endangered list, mostly being destroyed by humans. This includes our cousins the chimpanzees and all the great primates and 1 in 4 mammals are leaving forever.  As I write this I am concerned that most people are unaware of this list of creatures we are destroying.

In real science all of the evidence must be united as to conclusions.  Fossils for years have been interpreted by belief, without the aid of DNA. 

Modern DNA evidence and all the evidence destroys the hominids as human predecessors, but as degraded creatures that went extinct. This follows all the other evidence exactly.

Extinction is the end of evolution because there is only degradation shown in REAL DNA evidence and in the fact that all of our cousins are sickly are not adaptable to any different evironements and going extinct.

And there is only genetic loss and degradation found in all the studies of humans as we are today.
There is now a rapid rise of genetic diseases because humans are being led by huge corporations who only want to have money and power and have no concern at all for life.
It is these corporations who feed money to the universities and to the politicians to perpetuate this fraud and insure that humans rapidly go to the hospitals in droves from these diseases.

Evotards are perverts who perverts science into a political religion based on faith, and teachers are paid shills for the religion of Evodelusionism.  Evodelusionism is the religion of atheists, politicians, whores, sex addicts, sex industry, socialists, liberals, criminals, perverts, pedophiles, sex trade,  drug pushers, bankers, Monsanto, BP etc, and big pharma (just loves this religion), the medical industry, and all the polluters and don't forget the Pope. If I left your particular disease or greedy addiction off the list I apologize.

The rapid rise of STD's in countries who believe in Evolution is evidence of this process of human genetic suicide.

Australia has the highest and fastest rise of STD's of any "modern" country, and they have the highest and fastest rise of cancer (a proven genetic disease with over 400,000 papers on this.) of any country.

They have a town called Darwin and they have a statistically shown 90% belief in evolution.

All of these are undeniable facts and are evidence of how this religion works to destroy health.

Australia: "The number of new cancer cases more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. In 1982, 47,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia compared with 108,368 cases in 2007."
229% Rise in new cases of cancer in 25 years.
In 2007, the most commonly reported cancers were:
Prostate cancer (19,403 cases)
Bowel cancer (14,234 cases)
Breast cancer (12,670 cases)
Melanoma of the skin (10,342 cases)
Lung cancer (9,703 cases).

400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years. Look at the chart on the ages of the young woman who have this disease.

This video is the summary of the sick religion of Evodelusionism:

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Medical Industry and What It Tells Us. by James Arjuna

All I can do is teach the truth from the absolutely irrefutable physical evidence from all over the earth.  You can check out any of my sources for yourself.
Let's get all the evidence clear so all can see what is going on:

1/ Medical science did not exist barely at all in the past, even as far as 400 years ago there was no medical.  Humans existed and thrived for some 200,000 years without medical at all. This is because we were far more fit and were able to fend off diseases and natural radiation.
2/ Since then and recently from 1960 we spent 187 Billion now is (2009) $2,500,000,000,000; 2.5 Trillion per year. See this chart;
It is the fastest growing industry on earth. It would take over 133,181 years to count 2.5 trillion dollars if you counted one dollar every 1 second.

UPDATE; Latest Forbes article states we now spend 3,800,000,000,000  Three Trillion, 800 Billion dollars per year or over $123,400,00 per citizen on medical and now they are killing over 400,000 people each year from medical mistakes.

UPDATE 2016; We now spend 4.2 TRILLION and are killing 1095 people every day min with doctor's mistakes. Misdiagnoses and the treatment kills the patient.

3/ Hospitals, (called medical centers) are being planned to be centralized to increase profits and there are plans to have hospitals the size of small cities with over 10,000 employees.

4/ The medical industry has never cured any diseases.  Ask any ethical medical doctor and they will tell you this. They have made some vaccines that immunize but that is all.
The fact that we need vaccines is evidence of a degenerated immune system, incapable of rapid response to pathogens.
5/ They cry for the "cure" is everywhere, but there are no cures in sight. This is because the medical industry has no idea what they are doing, and especially lately with the poor quality of education.
6/ There are approximately 400,000 (2014 stats) people who die each year from misdiagnoses.  These are only the ones in which the family has the money and "INSISTS" on an autopsy. The rest we have no clue on.
7/ The rise in infant diseases and congenital and birth defects has made the practice of OBGYN impossible for independent doctors with $300,000 in insurance premiums each year. This is not because of the healthy babies. I can guarantee that.
8/ Cancer has risen to the number one disease killer of babies and children ages 0 to 14.
The second is "congenital malformations" and the third is "congenital heart disease".  ALL are genetic degradations in action.
9/ There is and has never been any physical evidence for human evolution showing any indications of improvements.
10/ The rapid rise of STD's in every country that teaches Evodelusionism (the theory that humans evolved from fish) is just astonishing.

The USA has pandemic STD;s with 110,000,000 Cases and it is up 20,000,000 from last year.
The news from Australia is particularly alarming, because they have 90% belief in evolutions (forced to be learned in school) and 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years and 229% rise in cancer in 25 years.
11/ There is no good news for humanity if we continue to follow this path of making our babies sick.
12/ If we continue to teach crap that degrades morality and destroys our children's chances for health, then is guess that is what we want?

It is not what I want.

These 12 absolute facts are evidence of:
A.  Humans are evolving getting healthier and more intelligent.
B. Humans are rapidly degrading and heading for extinction faster than any time in history?

It is a simple question!


I want morality restored and laws made to protect the future of humanity from this delusion of magical nonsense.
Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

What is evil is glaringly obvious.  What is good is not winning and evil is in control of the world. We are losing any possible health and intelligence for the future of humanity.

Do you want to be part of this?  It is your choice.
You can just lay down and let this crap be taught to your children that is causing them to live as diseased animals hunting each other for sex, or we can try to return some form of controls over the spreading of diseases.

I really don't think there is any future for humanity with these morons teaching crap in the university that does nothing but promote the people who are destroying the earth.

All I can do is teach the truth from the absolutely irrefutable physical evidence from all over the earth.  You can check out any of my sources for yourself.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evolution's "Beneficial" Mutations by James Arjuna

There are four absolute interferences making a beneficial mutation impossible, and why we don't ever see any in any DNA study on humans. The problem is with the integration of any new mutation as being "beneficial" according to genetics and the study of mutations and how our bodies are produced from DNA. It has to integrate with many hundreds of thousands of other existing DNA coding in order to "work" and it can't so it only causes diseases.
You can look in these links which contain nearly all of the DNA studies from all over the earth. I have read over 41000 of them and there are no beneficial mutations ever found:

These deleterious mutations are caused by Diseased Parents Having Diseased offspring.

(Without a beneficial mutation the Theory of Evolution is dead. It has been dead for about 40 yrs. We have to wait until all the old fuddy duddies of academia are gone!)
1/ The mutation has to have the direction towards adding something that does what the definition* states. (see below for accurate definition)
2/ The mutation must be magically integrated into the HOX genes to place these new proteins in the correct place to use it in all the future children, otherwise they can look like this or have a freak appearance and have legs in the wrong places etc.

For those who do not know what a HOX gene is: it is the codded DNA information that tells the system exactly where the produced proteins are to go in the creatures body, and to what cells they are used in in what body part. If you add new proteins into an existing human it always causes problems.
This is why every duplication mutation found in humans causes diseases.
3/ In the case of mutations that change the "output protein" of an existing gene; the new protein or changed protein must perform the same exact duties as the one it replaced, but only better. The HOX genes put it there from that form of programming.
4/ The immune system must somehow integrate and learn that this is one of the bodies parts and needs to not destroy it. Many of the autoimmune diseases are from mutations in cells that make them not recognizable by the immune system and they are attacked. This is part of many autoimmune diseases. The original design must be matched in order to keep from eating away your arteries, joints, muscles, and organ cells. This has never happened. Mutated cells are seen as diseases by your own immune system. They are attacked, even if they are the only joints or muscles you have; called autoimmune diseases.
5/ The mutation can NEVER happen to a HOX gene, because this is what you get from that: (you get body parts sticking out where they don't belong, or organs in the wrong place and you die or live as a freak for your short life.)

Please find this mutation. Without it you have no Evodelusionism religion.

*Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

Let's do something to help humanity out of this system of promoting human suffering!
Get free from the nonsense and kool aid given by this system that is an obvious failure to promote any form of human health or welfare.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Questions, To Clarify Theory of Evolution Completely by James Arjuna

First thing to do is to answer my questions and you will be free from most of this delusional nonsense.

1/Where is your absolutely irrefutable physical evidence showing that simple life has evolved into complex? You CANNOT use any opinions from faith, no religious books using religious slogans. ONLY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

2/Where is ONE verifiable germ line beneficial mutation ever found in the human genome? (the most studied creature of all time.) Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

3/ RNA cannot make DNA without DNA to produce the original coding. They are simultaneously needed to produce eukaryotic life. There is no physical evidence of any RNA only creature making DNA. Where is your physical evidence of RNA only creatures developing into DNA to RNA creatures we see all over the earth?

4/ It is impossible for the human immune system to evolve when the pathogens that destroy digest human cells already existed before the first "human" cell.
It is impossible for any of the original life forms to exist based on this. The creatures needed to be made already having an integrated, fully functioning, immune system to deal with all pathogens and even radiation from sunlight that causes mutations and cancer cells that need to be destroyed.
Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.
Here is a video of how cancer cells are supposed to be destroyed by the immune system.

5/ The huge (and rapidly growing) big pharma and the medical industry are evidence of what?

A. How evolved and healthy we are?

B. How degenerated and sickly we are?

It is a simple question!

6/ If life evolved from nothing for no reason, where did the concept of survival come from?
With out this built in instructions nothing would survive.  It has to be a compulsion to survive on a deep instinctual level. Therefor, it is designed in and cannot come from any magical random no reason from no cause.  All I teach is what is obvious to anyone who has a brain to see.

7/ There is no possible way for any mutation to integrate into an existing complex system.  READ;

Friday, June 21, 2013

The USA is Dying Intellectually, Economically, Morally by James Arjuna

The US is dying intellectually just like all the Evotard countries and countries with primitive religious nonsense being taught to victimize children.  All the wonderful concepts of freedom, and the right to pursue health (or to have any good health) and happiness has been ruined by social liberalism and debauchery.

With now some 32% of Americans who can't do math, nor read and write english fluently, we stand a the threshold of disaster.

The only greatness the USA has is in the past. In the 1950's we were the industrial giant with the most advances in engineering of the world.  We put humans on the moon in 1969/ 44 years ago, using slide rules to design the machines used and the space craft. Most people don't even know what a slide rule is today. In two generations of diseases, and degradation mounting to 1 in 88 babies now born with autism (1 in 54 boys), we can't get an airplane off the ground without batteries on fire.

Is anybody paying attention to the destruction of the most promising country on earth, with "Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"  as a LAW of the land.

You have no right to life because you cannot live if you are a fetus and have no rights as a fetus.  By the way it is well known in science that the moment the egg and sperm are connected your entire being is mapped out, all 3.2 billion base pairs are in place and will remain in place until you die.  Your being is in your seed, just as a tree is contained in the tree seed.  So, basically, as a fetus you have no rights to life.  Liberal Socialists (feminazis) have taken your right to life away from you.
Many of the people alive right now, like you reading this, may have not been here if the feminazis had gotten control of the government sooner, like before you were born.

“I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”
― Ronald Reagan
I don't see anything in the US Constitution that says your mother has the right to kill you in the womb.   But it clearly states that you have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

If you are not allowed to live, then your most basic right is violated.

“I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is 'Abortion', because it is a war against the child... A direct killing of the innocent child, 'Murder' by the mother herself... And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love... And we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts...”
― Mother Teresa

“It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.”
― Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections

How selfish and ignorant do you have to be to kill your own unborn child for no reason other than you don't want it or it may be an inconvenience?

I have never met a woman (except for psychotic sociopaths), who thinks it was a good thing to kill her unborn baby. This is especially true the longer time goes on and they realize that there was NO reason to kill their unborn baby.  Most abortion mothers, have names for these dead babies, and most remember the expected date of birth and every year they mourn their baby's death.  There is a group dedicated to helping other mothers who were victimized by this diseased society.

It is clear humans have no respect for life at all, these days, and don't care about the suffering they cause to their own children with diseases they spread and when they get pregnant with these diseases they are just insuring more and more babies suffering from genetic diseases.

1 in 10 people are born in the USA with rare genetic diseases.
1 in 12 have diabetes and it is expected to reach 1 in 3 by 2050
1 in 8 people have heart/circulatory disease
33% of people in USA ages 15 to 64 will die from cancer.
All the list of diseases we have are directly related to genetic degradation destroying our ability to
survive with any degree of health.
The list of congentital diseases is long and getting longer every year.
The USA has the highest rise in autism of any country, including "third world" countries.

How is it possible that people cannot look around and see all the suffering, and not realize this has scientifically proven biological causes directly associated with human behavior?

Evodelusionism gives rise to atheism.   Atheism gives rise to  immorality.  Immorality gives rise to STD's.  STD's give rise to diseased parents having diseased babies. It is clear in all the evidence.

All of these things are supported by the theory of evolution used by evil to destroy any form of health:

corruption, debauchery, depravity, vice, iniquitousness,iniquity, libertinage, libertinism, licentiousness, profligacy,sin, spreading diseases, war, killing, hate, religious hate, rape, whores, sluts,  perverts, defilers of the earth, greedy corporations, greedy politicians,

Many of these are now considered to be "good".  How did we get to this point of destroying our babies as "good".  Whats really evil and bad is now considered to be good and if you oppose this evil you can go to jail, get sued, lose your job, and be damned by society.

We are born innocent and clean.  Society gets ahold of us and destroys that quickly these days. Parents cannot stop their daughters from dressing like sluts or being sluts.  Parents cannot stop their young sons from being whoremongers, sluts and totally lost in debauchery.   If you do try to keep them safe and free of diseases, you are considered to be "sick", "prudish", or "old fashioned" or worse "religious and believe in God".

What happened to these words as being praised in our children? good, right; honesty, honor, integrity, legitimacy, probity,rectitude, scrupulosity, scrupulousness, uprightness;goodness, righteousness, virtuousness; blamelessness;chastity, innocence, perfection, pureness, purity,spotlessness; cleanness, correctness, decency,decorousness, propriety, rightness, seemliness, responsible,compassionate, generosity.

Now we can't even have the purity of the Boy Scouts any more:
"On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight." (Boy Scout Pledge)

BoyScout Law
A Scout is:
  • Trustworthy,
  • Loyal,
  • Helpful,
  • Friendly,
  • Courteous,
  • Kind,
  • Obedient,
  • Cheerful,
  • Thrifty,
  • Brave,
  • Clean,
  • and Reverent.
I don't see any oath or law about becoming a slut, homosexual, or whoremonger of being proud of having a STD as a good thing.

Fetal mutations are caused by diseases at the time of conception, more than any other cause.  Fetal mutations are permanent germ line mutations that become the future of inherited diseases.  Viral infections cause destruction of our good DNA coding.  This is obvious from all the data we have on diseases, ERV's and the rapid rise of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases, that are on the same incline rise as STD's
 There are easy to find over 805,000 peer reviewed articles on human genetic degradation, showing over 50,000 deleterious mutations causing diseases. (It is estimated that we will find way over 100,000 deleterious mutations.) There are ZERO beneficial mutations ever found in any DNA study of humans.

If there are no beneficial mutations, there is no evolution. There is no mechanism for evolution, because it is a farce of religious nonsense.

Also 20,000 lost genes atavism, non functioning genes. We have lost close to 45% of our once coding genes and this is shown in physical losses we observe as well.  We have lost eyesight strength, muscle strength, jaw size, brain size, bone density, complete muscle strands are gone, can't eat even half the foods we could, lost enzymes, lost, hearing, suffer from many deformities, lost olfactory sensors and have never gained any improvements ever. This is science, not magic nor voodoo.

Here is the total of all the evidence we have on the human condition to date.  We are heading down a path of no return; continual new genetic diseases, continual suffering, continual rise in mental retardation, continual suffering, and after a while we will not be able to even use technology, because there will be no humans left to produce it..

It is a downward spiral of degradation leading to extinction.

Unless you love sickness, suffering, and ignorance, then you need to stop this religious crap being taught in schools to innocent victims.

What absolute evidence do you have that any creature has ever evolved into a new genus?  That a fish "evolved" into a reptile (as you are taught) that these reptiles "evolved" into mammals, and birds?   That this magical process eventually caused humans to appear on earth.  So, basically, these idiots think that fish are our ancestors. (Just how stupid do you have to be to believe that?)

The catch is that you cannot use any opinions by anyone.  You must have absolute evidence that is clear, leaves nothing to the imagination, irrefutable, has no other plausibility and is physical. No inferences, implications, assumptions, nor projections of belief are allowed.;num=1258218801

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being Lost in This System Of Education. Can My Theory Be Falsified?...NO! because the Truth cannot be false. by James Arjuna

It amazes me how lost in this emotionally driven religious nonsense humans are trapped by. Using fundamental emotional human needs (like feeding your family) has always been the method of control. If you don't conform to the political religion of the times you don't get a degree, any form of recognition (from big brother/daddy government) and no paycheck.  The education system is setup so that you can't get a job today without it and if you go through it, you are messed up by it for political reasons.

Question is can my Theory be "falsified"?  It can be tested and falsified if there was any evidence contrary to it.  There isn't. There can be no evidence against REALITY. There is only faith and belief that is against reality.

You do not understand the idea of falsification and how religious ideas keep going because of it.  You cannot falsify something that only exists in your mind and emotions.

That is a big part of the delusions used to perpetuate religions and fake science. Avoiding the obvious is another other part.  Blocking evidence is another part. Controlling the classrooms is a major part.

What ever form of evidence or concepts that could possibly answer the phenomenon needs to be looked at.  

They (academic science) will not allow in the classroom, anything that is contradictory to the faith, (like DNA only shows genetic degradation) and this evidence is probably the evidence that needs to be investigated.

Whatever these morons disallow, is the first thing you need to look as the plausible real conclusion to any phenomenon.

(Have you watched any of my videos on this? How many times do I have to post them?

You cannot falsify a religion, because you cannot produce evidence to show a religion.

That is why Evodelusionism is still being taught. (Some fascist communist fool Karl Popper decided that "falsification" was scientific. Who died and let this jerk control your mind?)

Once a religious idea is accepted, the egos keep on perpetuating it until those egos are all dead.  This usually takes place a couple hundred years after all the real evidence exists to destroy the belief.

The professors who "profess" in public and teach this HEMG because they "believe" in it and NEED to believe in it to keep their jobs, because the people who pay their wages also are believers. They must teach what the ENTRENCHED dogma is in order to be accepted and to be a "peer".

You cannot show any possible simple life to complex life in physical evidence, because you cannot produce the evidence in fossils (DNA you can! See the direction.).  If you cannot test for some phenomenon then it just perpetuates.  There is no evidence for evolution found in fossils, and that is why this crap has continued along with the egos and paychecks needing to believe to get paid.

DNA is avoided like the plague and they only use it with faith based concepts, used to perpetuate the myth and keep their sorry jobs as fake "scientists".

Now we have DNA and DNA is the only verifiable form of evidence we can test for.  In real science all the data must conform to the fundamentally irrefutable physical evidence we NOW have in DNA.

This is what scientist like Galileo discovered.  It took hundreds of years to rid the world of "flat earth" and "geocentric universe" from science after the data was seen to change those religious "theories".

What would falsify my "Theory of Genetic Degradation Leading to Extinction" is evidence FOR ANY EVIDENCE for evolution of simple life found in the real world that is not tainted with obvious religious faith and belief.

We've got 90% of the now living or recently living non bird vertebrate creatures as fossils. Many are over 65,000,000 years old (by the ridiculous radiometric dating system), some over 120,000,000 years old  and they have the same basic recognizable morphology, no evolution into new creatures. The latest versions are all degraded and have LOST features. Compare cats to the saber tooth, dogs to the ancient wolves, rats to the ancient much more complex rodentia. All are degraded just as we are. There's no evolution.
This is OBVIOUS to any observer. You can do your own study and look at the creatures now living and their fossil ancestors.

When you do studies in real Science you look at the things you can study, and not the things that are LONG extinct and make up religious fairy tales of magical processes and mystical causes that WE NEVER SEE IN ANY EVIDENCE TODAY.  If you can't test it, you can make up all sorts of opinions on what you believe you see.  This projection of faith in what these fools believe they see is now called "science".

Fairy tales are always set it the "long long ago and far far away in the magical land of the primal soup...Bla Bla Bla Bla".  People are experts at fantasy and much prefer it to reality.  If the fantasy feeds the rich elites it is taught in the university.

The rich elite greed driven people just want absolute control over your life so you are "subjects" (slaves) to them instead of peers. They use all the power and corruption they can muster to get that.  Lawyers, Politicians, Judges,Academics, all owned by this group.  You will know them by their acts.

The entire education system is setup to produce fodder for corporations and to institutionalize the youth into institutionalized adults who cannot make it outside the "protection" of the government and large corporations.

You can see today how the politicians are vying for absolute control and to make laws that nobody can follow.  And now they have laws in which you have no privacy at all.  Power = Paranoia.  Saddam Hussein used to have the wives of his imagined enemies gang raped by soldiers in front of the poor bastard. Then he would put the guy in prison as an example of a broken man who tried to go against him.  You think that can't happen in the USA?  It has repeated in every country so far at one time or another and resulted in a lot of death and destruction.

In the US the need to conform or go hungry is the new "science".

Here is a video that is required to take my classes.

There are ZERO VERIFIABLE (not imaginary) beneficial mutations ever found in any DNA study of Humans (the most studied creature on the planet).

I have asked everyone to produce any form of beneficial mutation. You cannot do it, because I cannot do it either and I have read over 41000 papers on human DNA studies. I have no asked many thousands of believers to produce even ONE mutation that could be called evolution.
Now I just scan and look at the study and the actual evidence and compare every mutations to every study of the mutation.

Guess what?
Every mutation they think is beneficial is NOT, is part of multiple disease, and or is part of our remnants that are going extinct right now.

The mutations they think cause our magical evolution is mostly the "duplication mutation". But in every study I have found on "duplications" they are part of diseases and NOTHING ELSE.  If you can't find one mutation to show evolution is possible, then guess what?? It is HEMG (human emotional mental garbage).

I was amazed that there was no possible hope for any form of accidental help at all.
When people wear blinders all they seek is to perpetuate what they want to believe.   That is the nature of religion and human standard fairy tales of delusions used to aid in survival under horrible conditions we see everywhere, with old age, sickness and death all around us,  and the reason why this fundamentalist religious idea of "young earth" and crap like that invalidates them immediately.

Because their ignorance of science, invalidates them it is easy for the Evotards to continue to project their religious crap in science. They only set up debates with really stupid people with no science education.

The reality of the Truth is not for weak minded lemmings.

It is very difficult for the mentally degraded to understand and see the complexity of life in what they can only perceive with tiny brains as a mass of conflicting data, because that is the condition of most Evotards minds.  (If you find the word "Evotard" difficult, then you probably are one.) They are forced to try to make opposing thoughts say only what they believe and that is a horrible level of fear and pain in that crap.  If you make money from this HEMG, even more difficult to get free. That is why they are so angry and bitter and hate anyone who opposes their mental condition of delusions and fantasy. This is the basis of the Evodelusionism religion.  And who would want to know how bad off humanity really is?  

They learn to cope by using "avoidance", "denial", "religion", "ideology" to quell the pain of ignorance. It is far better to only seek the Truth and avoid all human traps. My favorite painting from Bruegel shows the "Blind Leading the Blind" into a pit of death. That sums up the human condition of ignorance.

Evodelusionism is a disease. It is not science,  just like all rot that has gotten into society and people like it because it allows them to degrade themselves and to follow lower instincts that are destructive.  Remember the Catholic church and the Church of England was the power of indoctrination used by the governments back in the old days.

Now it is "science" and "academia" because people are sick of these stupid offshoot religions of ignorance and how they don't even understand what is written in their own Bibles. They seek the new religion "science" to protect them from the pain of reality.

The problem is any "good" is also thrown out with the bad.  "Throwing out the baby with the bathwater."
Any good from science is destroyed by this delusional garbage.

Extract the good and use it.  It is good that our young naïve women are so sick with STD's? These are the mothers of tomorrow and today.  Is it good that we have pandemic autism? Is it good that we have 200% rise in unborn babies with cancer? 33% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.   Is it good that we have the medical industry and big pharma running the country?  All of those facts are evidence of a degrading society. And we are degrading so fast now that I don't think we have any time left to reclaim what is left of our functioning genes.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Evodelusionism the Religion of Denial? by James Arjuna

This woman PhD who teaches biology in a big university told me she has many relatives in Australia and they are all without STD's or genetic disease ( a direct lie according to medical science, since every human on earth has genetic diseases. And the odds are against any group of 10 people that 2 of them will have an STD especially in Australia with a 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years) and 229% rise in new cancer cases in 25 years.

This is a PhD professor of biology at one of the elite medical universities.  It is hard to believe someone this ignorant is teaching students at that level.  This is why we have such stupid ill educated people with degrees today.

I am sorry I missed this, but how do you know they don't have any genetic diseases? This is because every human has them according to the evidence found in DNA.

My data comes from the medical industry's reports on diseases.

Did you even look?

So, none of your family and friends in Australia have any of the following genetic diseases and never have to deal with?:

Never have to visit a medical doctor.
Never wear eyeglasses
Never have back pain
Never have allergies
No allergies of any sort.
Never have any bone problems at all. (According to science every human has bone weaknesses from degradation)
Never have any addictions
Never have digestive problems.
Never have any mental depression
Never have anxiety
Never have any delusions (already proven wrong on this forum in this post.)
Never have muscle pain
Never have any limitations of movement
Never are short of breath.
Never have any heart or blood disease, high blood pressure, or clogged arteries.
Never have Diabetes
Never have Cancer
Never have any of the 17000 known genetic diseases.
Never have tinnitus
Never have foot pain
Never have neck pain
Never have joint pain or arthritis
Never have any bent or distorted fingers or toes.
Never have any baldness
Never have miscarriages
Never have erectile dysfunction.
Never have headaches
Never use pain medication
Never use any medication at all
Never have any physical problems at all.

I don't have the time to list all the normal genetically proven diseases that common humans have.. Humans being retards, living in denial of reality, and because this is all we see, have accepted diseased as "healthy" and our sick condition as "normal". This is such a common misconception.
Retards think that being sickly is "healthy".

I think denial is a bitch that increases suffering.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

We inherited the "sins" of our ancestors, and you seem to want to speed up the process of genetic destruction.

As it turns out diseased parents have diseased babies.

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

"Man must choose either of two courses,
the upward or the downward;
but as he has the brute in him;
 he will more easily choose the downward
course than the upward;
especially when the downward course is presented to him
in such beautiful garb.

Man easily capitulates when sin is presented in the garb of virtue."
Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CCR5 Delta 32 Deletion Mutation, HIV and AIDS infections. by James Arjuna

The Evodelusionists think that the CCR5-Δ32 deletion is a beneficial mutation.  OMG!

The CCR5-Δ32 Is a DELETION of important immune system proteins. These proteins are on the surface of immune cells and allows the cell to perform its duty to protect you from diseases and cancer.
It acts as a receptor for chemokines.  It is also the protein that the HIV virus likes and uses as a way to enter into cells.

Watch this video. It clearly demonstrates how virus enter cells and mutate them.  And shows the reason why humans are degrading so rapidly today and now have 8000 congenital and birth defects. With this going on all the time, we need to do something about it.

What is HIV and Retrovirus

Keep in mind that these people believe in evolution and that screws up much of their interpretation of what they think is going on. They can only really test the DNA strands and see the insertion of the viral imprint on the DNA. the rest they are not sure about, but is a good guess. 

When is HIV turning into AIDs.

The lack of this protein made in the CCR5,  leaves the immune system lacking abilities to ward off infections.

It turns out that HIV is a virus that is attracted naturally to this protein and uses it to gain access to the immune cell and replicate itself as a retrovirus throughout the human body's immune cells. HIV is an infection of the immune system. It is the worst infection humans have ever seen, because the body's immune system used to fight off infection IS INFECTED.  So it will not attack immune cells and destroy them because they are the immune cells! So if you do not have the protein the CCR5 Delta 32 cannot make because it is gone, the HIV has no "landing point" in our bodies rendering those with this deletion "immune" to HIV.

Remember we talked about how certain viruses are attracted to certain cells of the body and that virus are transmitted from one creature to another because of  activity in which the creatures have similar proteins and similar DNA with which these viruses are attracted to and can penetrate as in this video.  Once the virus enters a cell it basically mutates it screws up the DNA as you can see and causes diseases. This can be avoided by not cultivating animals for food and NOT eating Chimpanzees in the case of HIV which is a mutated SIV we got from Chimps.  Eating meat is a dangerous thing. Transmitting viruses from one human to another in a sexual activity is dangerous also.  There is only one cure* for this.

This is why humans have so many diseases. We infect our reproductive cells with these viruses by not following any healthy sexual behavior.  We can see this by the rampant rise in STD's caused by the religion of Evodeluionsism. 


There have been found over 98000 ERV's in humans; some have more some have less (endogenous retrovirus). These represent infections a the germ line (reproductive cells egg sperm or first zygote cells) level that have done this "reverse transcriptase" to other cells. Infections at the germ line level cause fetal permanent deleterious mutations. The virus cannot enter and become part of the cell without destroying its healthy functions. The DNA is permanently screwed up and damaged on any cell with a retrovirus. The molecular path of our genetic degradation is mapped clearly in these ERVs which are found in DNA coding for diseases tissues and gene losses, atavism.

All we see in humans is a contiual genetic loss of health and fitness from this process of genetic suicide by not following any of the rules we were given for life. Read the linked article:

What people have realized that this deleterious CCR5-Δ32 deletion mutation of gene LOSS basically does not allow HIV virus to have an entry point.

It does however destroy important immune functions and so it is part of 10 or more different genetic diseases. I have found these so far.

It causes death in H1N1 cases and in West Nile Virus because the body's immune system is greatly diminished by this:

Detrimental for Flu patients and it kills:

Characterization In Vitro and In Vivo of a Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus from a Fatal Case

In addition, examination of chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) genotype, recently reported as involved in severe influenza virus disease, revealed that the F virus-infected patient was homozygous for the deleted form of CCR5 receptor (CCR5Δ32).

The chemokine receptor CCR5 is expressed on activated macrophages and plays an important role in the macrophage response to influenza virus infection since knock out mice for Crc5 gene display increased mortality rates [37]. Moreover, critically ill patients infected with pandemic H1N1 virus showed a large proportion of heterozygosity for a deleted allele of CCR5 that prevents the surface expression of the protein (CCR5Δ32)

Therefore the F patient was infected with a potential highly pathogenic virus and its genetic background of CCR5Δ32 homozygous could contribute to the severity of the infection.
It is found in cases of diabetes:
Risk of Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 1 Diabetes Is Associated With Functional Polymorphisms in RANTES Receptor Gene (CCR5)
A Sex-Specific Effect
Wojciech M. Mlynarski123, Grzegorz P. Placha12, Pawel P. Wolkow12, Jacek P. Bochenski12, James H. Warram1 and Andrzej S. Krolewski12

"Similarly, male carriers of the 32-bp deletion, which causes truncation of the protein, had significantly higher risk of diabetic nephropathy than noncarriers"

Genetics in Medicine (2004) 6, 126–131; doi:10.1097/01.GIM.0000127274.45301.54 neo
Hepatitis B patients have serious problems with this deletion:
"Most adults infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV) recover and develop protective antibodies. However, approximately 5 per cent of adults remain chronically infected with HBV and are at risk for developing end-stage liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma [1] . Chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) is a gene located on short (p) arm at position 21 on chromosome [2] . CCR5 is critical in regulating T cell functions by mediating recruitment, polarization, activation and differentiation of type 1 cytokine secreting T helper and cytotoxic T cells. A 32 bp deletion in the coding region of CCR5 gene leads to complete loss of the functional CCR5 protein synthesis."
"The overall allele frequency of CCR5∆32 for all study subjects was 11.11 per cent, which is consistent with an earlier study [4] . Woitas and group [8] have shown that homozygosity for 32 bp deletions is also more common in HCV infected patients than in healthy controls; they have shown that patients with 32 bp mutation have elevated viral loads".
Goel V, Bose PD, Sarma MP, Hazam RK, Das BC, Gondal R, Kar P. Chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) polymorphism in chronic hepatitis B patients treated with three different nucleos(t)ide analogues . Indian J Med Res [serial online] 2013 [cited 2013 Jul 12];137:1208-9. Available from:

It is found in Prostate cancer patients:
Association of Polymorphisms in MCP-1, CCR2, and CCR5 Genes with the Risk and Clinicopathological Characteristics of Prostate Cancer
To cite this article:
Canan Kucukgergin, Ferruh K. Isman, Bedia Cakmakoglu, Oner Sanli, and Sule Seckin. DNA and Cell Biology.
" CCR5 Δ32/wt genotype and CCR5 Δ32 allele were also found to be involved in the susceptibility to prostate cancer"

Breast Cancer:
"CCR5 Expression Influences the Progression of Human Breast Cancer in a p53-dependent Manner
Santos Mañes 1 , Emilia Mira 1 , Ramón Colomer 2 , Sagrario Montero 2 , Luis M. Real 4 , Concepción Gómez-Moutón 1 , Sonia Jiménez-Baranda 1 , Alfredo Garzón 3 , Rosa Ana Lacalle 1 , Keith Harshman 1 , Agustín Ruíz 4 , and Carlos Martínez-A. 1"

Cancer seriously needs a good immune system. It is an immune deficiency disease and we know that people with strong healthy immune systems don't get cancer.
You can see how cancer cells are destroyed by the immune system in this video. It is not good to remove immune function by this CCR5 32 base pair deletion.

It is found in Schizophrenia;
Association Between the CCR5 32-bp Deletion Allele and Late Onset of Schizophrenia
Henrik Berg Rasmussen; Sally Timm; August G. Wang; Karen Søeby; Henrik Lublin; Mogens Fenger; Ralf Hemmingsen; Thomas Werge
Am J Psychiatry 2006;163:507-511. 10.1176/appi.ajp.163.3.507"

I speculate this is because of damage to the brain cells from infections that were not stopped by these immune cells without this receptor protein.

It is found in Multiple Sclerosis in several studies. 
 MS is a horrible disease.
"Association of CCR5 Δ32 deletion with early death in multiple sclerosis
Radhika Gade-Andavolu1, David E Comings2, James MacMurray2, Masoud Rostamkhani2, Li S -C Cheng3, Wallace W Tourtellotte4 and Lawrence A Cone1,5
1Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California
2Department of Medical Genetics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California
3Department of Bio statistics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California"

"Neurology & Research Services, VA, West Los Angeles Healthcare Center & Department of Neurology, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
5Sections of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California"

"Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2009 Dec;29(8):1205-9.
CCR5-delta 32 allele is associated with the risk of developing multiple sclerosis in the Iranian population.
Shahbazi M, Ebadi H, Fathi D, Roshandel D, Mahamadhoseeni M, Rashidbaghan A, Mahammadi N, Mahammadi MR, Zamani M.
Medical Cellular & Molecular Research Center, Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Gorgan, Iran."

Genetics in Medicine (2004) 6, 126–131; doi:10.1097/01.GIM.0000127274.45301.54

Association of CCR5 Δ32 deletion with early death in multiple sclerosis

Radhika Gade-Andavolu1, David E Comings2, James MacMurray2, Masoud Rostamkhani2, Li S -C Cheng3, Wallace W Tourtellotte4 and Lawrence A Cone1,5

1Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California
2Department of Medical Genetics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California
3Department of Bio statistics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California
4Neurology & Research Services, VA, West Los Angeles Healthcare Center & Department of Neurology, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
5Sections of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California
Correspondence: Dr. Lawrence A. Cone, >39000 Bob Hope Drive, Eisenhower Medical Center, Probst # 308, Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.

The 32-base pair deletion on the C-C chemokine receptor 5 gene (CCR5-delta 32) is known as a protective allele against immune system disorders. We have studied this variation in Iranian multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and healthy controls. DNA samples were prepared from the whole blood of 254 patients with MS and 380 healthy controls. We amplified the fragment including the CCR5-delta 32 polymorphism and visualized the products in a documentation system after agarose gel electrophoresis. Data were analysed using one-way ANOVA and Fisher's exact tests with SPSS-v13 and STATA-v8 software. The delta 32 allele was more frequent in MS patients when compared with controls (OR = 2.3, P < 0.0001). Also, we found a significant difference in the frequency of the delta 32/delta 32 genotype among patients and controls (OR = 7.4, P < 0.001). The mean age at onset and progression index was not significantly different between patients with various genotypes. According to our study, the delta 32 allele of the CCR5 gene might be a predisposing factor for MS development in the Iranian population. However, there were no associations between this polymorphism and the clinical course of the disease in this study."

It is found as a part of sudden rupture in aortic aneurisms:
"In patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), the major risk is a sudden rupture - which is quite often fatal. Individuals with the delta 32 variant are more likely to have aneurysms than non-carriers, and among patients with aneurysms, delta 32 carriers are more likely to rupture than to be diagnosed in time for surgical repair. [PMID 15557916]"

The CCR5 Delta 32 base pair deletion is a removal of important immune DNA. Therefore it does not fit the criteria of adding genes.


Here's More:

Atopic Asthma:

"MCP-1, CCR2 and CCR5 Polymorphisms
in Tunisian Patients with Atopic Asthma
Tarak Dhaouadi1, Imen Sfar1, Hajer Aounallah-Skhiri2, Saloua Jendoubi-Ayed1,
Hend Bouacha3, Taieb Ben Abdallah1, and Yousr Gorgi1
1Laboratory of Research in Immunology of Renal Transplantation and Immunopathology,
Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis El Manar University, Tunis, Tunisia
2National Institute of Public Health, Tunis, Tunisia
3Pneumonology Department, Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia
Received: 3 November 2011; Received in revised form: 8 May 2012; Accepted: 8 August 2012"

More on MS:

Genetics in Medicine (2004) 6, 126-131; doi:10.1097/01.GIM.0000127274.45301.54

Association of CCR5 Ä32 deletion with early death in multiple sclerosis

Radhika Gade-Andavolu1, David E Comings2, James MacMurray2, Masoud Rostamkhani2, Li S -C Cheng3, Wallace W Tourtellotte4 and Lawrence A Cone1,5

1Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California
2Department of Medical Genetics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California
3Department of Bio statistics, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California
4Neurology & Research Services, VA, West Los Angeles Healthcare Center & Department of Neurology, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
5Sections of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, California
Correspondence: Dr. Lawrence A. Cone, >39000 Bob Hope Drive, Eisenhower Medical Center, Probst # 308, Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.

The CCR5 Delta 32 is obviously not a good nor beneficial mutation.

The only disease it helps is Rheumatoid Arthritis, because it does the same a s Viox did that killed people. It removes immune functions and the immune system in Rheumatoid Arthritis is so screwed up from mutations it can't recognize "self vs not self" cells so it believes joints are infections and is constantly trying to kill the joints as if they were pathogens.  So, if you don't need your immune system then this is a "beneficial" mutation.  NOT! It is ridiculous stretch of the imagination by these religious believers in evolution.


Pay close attention to this statement and really think about it:

In less than 2 generations 30-40 years every STD we have today can be wiped off the earth if people were moral and followed the laws of Science about virgin marriage to a clean, non-diseased,  mate and absolutely no infidelity, no anal sex, no french kissing of infected people, no sharing of diseases ever.  Stop transmitting human virus to animals and sending them back to us mutated to further destroy human life. Stop eating meat which is a known poison to humans.

 "We don't believe in making young girls and women into sluts and whores as being a "good" thing. We believe that women should be honored as the mothers of the future rather than the incubators of fetal mutants." JA

More on the CCR5 Delta 32

The CCR5 Delta 32 DELETION of immune proteins is bad and has always been bad for people fighting any infection needing fully functioning immune cells.

When HIV patients are given immune cell inhibitors to reduce the AID's it also leaves them prone to die from other infections.

Consider that there are so many forms of degraded mutations in modern humans it is very difficult to isolate causes. So, we look at many studies on the same subject to draw conclusions. The CCR5 Delta 32 is a bad mutation that is associated with suffering and death in over 20 diseases that have been studied so far.

Clinical Significance of the CCR5delta32 Allele in Hepatitis C

Isabelle Morard mail, Sophie Clément, Alexandra Calmy, Alessandra Mangia, Andrea Cerny, Andrea De Gottardi, Meri Gorgievski, Markus Heim, Raffaele Malinverni, Darius Moradpour, Beat Müllhaupt, David Semela, Stéphanie Pascarella, Pierre-Yves Bochud, Franco Negro,
on behalf of the Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort Study Group

"In conclusion, our results, based on a large cohort of 1,450 HCV-infected patients, genotyped for the CCR5delta32 allele and representative of the distribution of this allele in a Caucasian population, showed that that both IFNL3 rs1297860 CT/TT and CCR5delta32 alleles were associated with a decreased spontaneous HCV clearance, although the multivariate analysis barely failed to reach statistical significance for the latter. The CCR5delta32 deletion was not associated with fibrosis, fibrosis progression rate, or therapy response. In the view that CCR5 inhibitors are now available for HIV treatment, this is an important observation: our data suggest that these drugs could impair the odds of spontaneous clearance of acute HCV infection in HIV-infected patients on active treatment with anti-CCR5. However drug-induced impairment of CCR5 signaling should neither modify HCV histological outcomes nor impair the efficacy of anti-HCV therapy."