Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Absolutely Irrefutable Evidence of Humanity's Condition: Author, James Arjuna

All of the evidence from the historical records of the rapid rise of diseases,

The historical records of massive new huge hospitals treating diseases that did not exist before the 1700's
The medical industry did not exist prior to the 1600's.  So from nearly ZERO costs to $4,200,000,000,000 (2015 figures) per year in the USA is an indication of the complete failure of humanity to curb their genetic suicide.  That is over $13,000  spent per citizen per year on medical and still there are no cures.  If you spent 43,000 years counting one dollar at a time, you would get to 4.2 TRILLION, just to give you some perspective.

Greed, lust, anger, division, hate, race, are all disgusting human characteristics.    Greed is a disease and it causes human diseases and suffering.  Lust is a disease and we can see how that works.   300% rise in Childhood cancer in 45 years!

Diseased (STD"s) parents have diseased babies.  It is not magical.  You cannot have rampant STD's and the highest rate of STD's in a country (USA) and not have diseased babies.   How can we continue to destroy all life on earth for greed?

It is not even stoppable by humans, because humans are the problem.  No morals, no science, and the medical industry is a total failure.

12,000,000 causes of medical misdiagnoses causing harm to patients.

The third leading cause of death is death by doctor.

*Deaths by medical mistakes hit records*
400,000 people die each year from medical mistakes.

Number one cause of death  Heart disease.   A proven genetic disease in which the arteries are etched by the immune system and that normally slick artery becomes like a gravel road and it collects lipids.

Number 2 cause of Death is Cancer, proven by over 500,000 peer DNA studies to be a genetic disease of the immune system.  Cancer cells are a normal occurrence in humans.  The healthy immune system will destroy those defective cells. The weak and defective immune system cannot even recognize them as defective anymore.

Number 3 cause of death,  Medical incompetence.  The MD's today have all sorts of technology and still they cannot diagnoses and treat diseases correctly because they are retarded from mutations causing an overall retardation of humans.  Memory loss is the most common disease.

If the medical industry was a success there would be a reduction in diseases leading to no disease at all.  Why do people think that having more and more doctors, medical centers, and diseases is a good thing?

We cannot even build a simple jet airplane because it is continually grounded for safety issues. Now, the DC 3 aircraft made in the 1930's is still a functional airplane after 80 years.

We cannot make a rocket that will not explode, because of mental degradation in the engineers.

In 1969 we put a man on the moon with a rudimentary mechanical calculator, and slide rules to make calculations on engineering.  I know because I was there.  The difference is the much higher intelligence of that generation.

In less that 4 generations, 1914, we went from less than 2% of high school students who were "special" (we called them retarded because that is a medical term for low intelligence).  Less than 2% of seniors in high school could not pass an English, Math, History, Science test in order to graduate.   (Now, that test would be useless, because less than 20% could pass it today.)

Now 40% of high school senior students are incapable of reading in English, writing in English nor can they do simple math.  They cannot even pass any college entrance exams and the universities have drastically lowered their academic standards, because if they did not do that there would be no "students".

Only 23% of students tested above BASIC standards. That would mean that 23% got a "D" or above.  In my day if you got a D you were considered "retarded", "lazy", and not wanting to learn.

We are watching a human tragedy take place with mental retardation as the normal human.   There are very few people who can concentrate long enough to even read my postings.   If you can read and understand this, you are in the top 10% of intelligence on the planet.

Humanity is degrading faster than ever.  Over ten times the diseases, over 20 times the mental retardation.

For over 200,000 years (by some unproven dating methods) humans did not write things down, because they had a nearly perfect memory.
Like all technology. The invention of writing is evidence of human degradation.

For over 200,000 years humans (by some unproven dating methods) lived with no medical, because disease was not prevalent.
Like all technology. The invention of medical treatments came from genetic degradation.

Now even with all the electronic memories we cannot keep from killing 400,000 humans a year from medical incompetence.

No wonder there are so many "believers" in the evolution fraud.


  1. well, not very agree with you on you ideas about degrading Humanity.

    1. It is very difficult for modern emotional humans who survive by denying many things about this condition of human life.

      There are pages after pages of data on the rapid rise of genetic diseases.

      All of this is recorded by medical records in the USA and many of them are used by life insurance companies to "insure" profits. It is VERY important to these extremely wealthy and greedy companies to know when people die and what the causes are.

      Modern Doctors are suffering from the degradation of society both from mental retardation of doctors and the lowering of standards for doctors. Every year the standards are lowered because if they don't there will be no doctors to work in this MASSIVE industry of 3.8 Trillion dollars per year.

      The good thing is that this massive greedy industry that is gradually going to be owned by only one or two companies as is the case in most socialized medicine countries, is that this indicates that people actually do want to live.

      Once you have the Truth, then you are no longer afraid of death, nor of anything. The Truth will set you free. It allows you to see humanity's condition and not freak out. It allows you to see your condition of disease, suffering and death for what it really is, knowing that the "cure" is just around the corner.

  2. It seems that more tough involving regulations and practice law should be issued to avoid the medical mistakes made by doctors. But the present drug design and requirements on the qualification to be a doctor is tough enough, other ways may be found to address the problems.

    1. The problems are genetic within these doctors. Memory problems, slow thinking, and lack of concentration are the signs of genetic mental degradation.

      No mater how many computer aids they have, it is still th MD's who must decide and when they are limited by intelligence the common problem is to get one diagnoses correct, and then think that everybody the see with those symptoms has the same disease.
      Just looking at rashes and concluding they are "thus and such" then prescribing the wrong drugs can kill the patients.
      This diagnoses problem is very common. I call it myopic doctors syndrome.

      "Myopic is an adjective meaning shortsighted in every sense. Whether you need glasses or a new attitude, if you can't see the forest for the trees, you're myopic".

      Eventually, at the current rate of human mental retardation from diseased reproduction we will be as smart as Chimpanzees and for the same reason that Chimps are so stupid. The brain cells are being destroyed by diseased reproduction causing mutations.

      650% rise in Autism in 39 years.
      366% rise in diabetes in 29 years.
      300% rise in childhood cancer in 40 years.
      The fastest rising mortality rate is in children 1 to 4 years old.
      The number one disease that kills children is cancer, next is genetic deformity at birth, and third is congenital heart disease (up 200% in 25 years)

      We are rapidly heading for extinction from sexually transmitted diseases infecting the zygotes and destroying DNA coding.

  3. Is there any ways to make the myopic doctors get improved? I think it should be very difficult to achieve as the number of them are great and they are in everywhere around the world.

    Reversely, I think the nonprofessionals in the field can be encouraged to learn more about the basics to avoid such mistakes. And people will do that for living better.