Thursday, June 2, 2016

For the Sex Addicts Only. Author: James Arjuna

I am  a proper gentleman, and treat all women with deep respect.  But I have found that many modern degraded and emotionally suffering men and women take out on each other for the pain they have in their hearts.  Often the effects of childhood abuse and betrayal.

I am an expert on that as well.   From my studies of this phenomenon, 1 in 3 adult males have had illegal sex with an underage child, either boy or girl.  This goes all the way from 21 years old (even 18 year old) men having consensual sex with a 13 to 17 year old (still rape). To old men raping babies.   This does not tell a good story on human sexuality and human mental illnesses.

And according to stats, 1 in 10 women have had illegal sex with minor boys or girls.

This is just a symptom of the moral dilemma of women wanting to be "free" to have sex with anyone they want and men doing the same thing, in the name of "progress".

The results of this sort of thinking and the progress of this has resulted in massive dysfunctional families and more and more increased suffering.

The problem is the sexualization of a society always results in the destruction of a society and in massive rise of disease, suffering and death.  Every great society has fallen from the inside by this process of promoting disease.

In my studies of biology, and extinction.  It is found that species on the brink of extinction often become overly obsessed with sex.   And it becomes some sort of theme of survival.   Our cousins the Bonobos spend all day eating finding food and having sex several times a day, but they are nearly extinct.  This is a good example of where humanity is heading.

In humans it is not a plausible (today) way to maintain the species.  Because the more people engage in multiple partner sex, the more infected fetuses we have.  Deep kissing is now considered "dangerous" in several medical studies.

This is fact.   Infections at conception cause  deleterious (bad)  mutations in the babies. Viral infections seek out host cells in the sperm, eggs, and first cells of the fetus. It is a very ugly process to enter the cell and disrupt the normal genetic coding of the cells..Thus, causing more and more human diseases.  When the child is born and lives with this new disease, it transfers it to it's progeny. This is how we now have some 17,000 known and testable for, genetic diseases.

The USA is a perfect example of this.  As a scientist I look at the evidence and see the results of "cause and effect".

In just the last century we have had more genetic degradation as found in the 20,000,000 or so DNA studies from all over the earth. And from the history of every disease, we see a very rapid rise in not only the old ones, but genetic diseases that never existed before the 20th century.

The extreme rise of STD's and the extreme rise of genetic diseases go hand in hand.
The chart from the CDC shows 20,000,000 new cases of STD's each year and a total nearly 120,000,000 infected people (over 1/3 of the population). With 1 in 4 teen age girls infected RIGHT NOW.

Now we are close to 1 in 7 women who will have breast cancer from this process of diseased reproduction.

The nature of stupid humans is to be emotional and irrational and follow those compulsions and to "validate" them as "good" or worse as "natural" so we must accept diseased ways of life.   Humans have no idea what they are doing to themselves.  The most diseased lifestyles there is:  is based on sexual orientation of men (MSM).  It is proven beyond all doubts to be a horrible life choices from medical evidence, but that does not matter, because the sexual compulsion rules and must win over logic and reason.  We have an epidemic of young men going blind in California from this "lifestyle" really it is a "deathstyle".

According to the revered Dr. Gerald Crabtree, PhD, MD, and professor of genetics at Stanford university, humans are far less intelligent today and far more emotional. This ignorance of cause and effect pertaining to sexual activity means that sexual compulsions and desires are more important than the survival of humanity.  And there is this false idea that humans are better off today.  All of the evidence points to the fact that we are close to extinction, within 100 years at the present rate in rise of genetic diseases.

Childhood Cancer is up nearly 30,000% since the 1800's where it was almost unnoticed as a cause of death.

In 1914 cancer deaths was 1 in 20 (In 1847 it was 1 in 45), now it has become for the fist time, the number one cause of death in the USA, beating out heart disease for the fist time ever.  1 in 3 people will die from cancer in the USA before the age of 64.  And after 64 to 80 it takes out 1/2 of them but the chart becomes very narrow at 80 of those who are actually living.  It looks like a needle on the end of a funnel, the actual mortality chart of humans in the USA.

Now, not only is it the number one cause of adult death, is it the number one disease killer of children ages 1 to 15, we are seeing and incredible rise in unborn babies with cancerous brain and spinal tumors.

The cause of cancer is proven to be a molecular genetic disease in over 500,000 peer studies now. But that doesn't matter, because sex has some how become a recreation, instead of for reproduction.

1 in 9 babies are now born with serious genetic (besides cancer and heart disease)   diseases, according to N.O.R.D.  statistics on genetic diseases.

1 in 36 males are born with autism, up nearly 800% since 1970.  Autism is proven from many thousands of genetic studies to be from defective genetics, and in particular a set of duplication mutations in the HAR genes.   Some people think it is from vaccines, but there is no real evidence of that.  The vaccines may just be a trigger for a genetic problem.

Just like "mutagens" are not the cause of cancer, but they are the trigger. How is it possible that going out in the sun is now considered "bad"?  Maybe, it is because we have destroyed our ability to deal with solar mutated cells?

   The cause of cancer is our repair and  immune system's inability to detect these cells and destroy them. PERIOD.  Well proven in millions of studies.

When disguising sexual concepts and the fact that infected reproduction is the most powerful cause of human genetic degradation; disease, suffering and death; it is very difficult for modern degraded overly sexed people to realize that one of their main life choices may be the cause of human disease, suffering and soon our extinction.

In my 45 years of study, it was very difficult for me to realize the effects of diseased reproduction has on humans.  I have studied the "life story" of many diseased children and compared all the DNA studies on them I can find. is the repository of 99% of this data now.

It is not magic that we now have hospitals the size of small cities, just to treat childhood cancer and genetic diseases.  In the past as short as 50 years ago this was unheard of.  Now people think that childhood cancer has been around forever, as a way to cope with the horrible conditions and there emotional inability to deal with reality.  We NEVER had childhood cancer in the very recent past that is just over 100 years it was unheard of.

If you want to see human life go on, then you need to be part of the solution, do all you can to educate our children on life choices based on Truth, Absolute Evidence, and what is Obvious.

When I post this "life saving" information for people, the first thing they want to think is.   "It cannot be sex!" Anything but "sex"?  "After all "sex is so natural"?  When people are weak and controlled by compulsions they are slaves to the disease of their own inherited degradation.

There really is ONLY one Absolute Morality and that is the Morality of supporting life as good or the opposite: destruction of life as evil.

Considering the condition of health of humans today compared to our ancestors, it is clear that evil is winning.