Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Absolutely Irrefutable Evidence of Humanity's Condition: Author, James Arjuna

All of the evidence from the historical records of the rapid rise of diseases,

The historical records of massive new huge hospitals treating diseases that did not exist before the 1700's
The medical industry did not exist prior to the 1600's.  So from nearly ZERO costs to $4,200,000,000,000 (2015 figures) per year in the USA is an indication of the complete failure of humanity to curb their genetic suicide.  That is over $13,000  spent per citizen per year on medical and still there are no cures.  If you spent 43,000 years counting one dollar at a time, you would get to 4.2 TRILLION, just to give you some perspective.

Greed, lust, anger, division, hate, race, are all disgusting human characteristics.    Greed is a disease and it causes human diseases and suffering.  Lust is a disease and we can see how that works.   300% rise in Childhood cancer in 45 years!

Diseased (STD"s) parents have diseased babies.  It is not magical.  You cannot have rampant STD's and the highest rate of STD's in a country (USA) and not have diseased babies.   How can we continue to destroy all life on earth for greed?

It is not even stoppable by humans, because humans are the problem.  No morals, no science, and the medical industry is a total failure.

12,000,000 causes of medical misdiagnoses causing harm to patients.

The third leading cause of death is death by doctor.

*Deaths by medical mistakes hit records*
400,000 people die each year from medical mistakes.

Number one cause of death  Heart disease.   A proven genetic disease in which the arteries are etched by the immune system and that normally slick artery becomes like a gravel road and it collects lipids.

Number 2 cause of Death is Cancer, proven by over 500,000 peer DNA studies to be a genetic disease of the immune system.  Cancer cells are a normal occurrence in humans.  The healthy immune system will destroy those defective cells. The weak and defective immune system cannot even recognize them as defective anymore.

Number 3 cause of death,  Medical incompetence.  The MD's today have all sorts of technology and still they cannot diagnoses and treat diseases correctly because they are retarded from mutations causing an overall retardation of humans.  Memory loss is the most common disease.

If the medical industry was a success there would be a reduction in diseases leading to no disease at all.  Why do people think that having more and more doctors, medical centers, and diseases is a good thing?

We cannot even build a simple jet airplane because it is continually grounded for safety issues. Now, the DC 3 aircraft made in the 1930's is still a functional airplane after 80 years.

We cannot make a rocket that will not explode, because of mental degradation in the engineers.

In 1969 we put a man on the moon with a rudimentary mechanical calculator, and slide rules to make calculations on engineering.  I know because I was there.  The difference is the much higher intelligence of that generation.

In less that 4 generations, 1914, we went from less than 2% of high school students who were "special" (we called them retarded because that is a medical term for low intelligence).  Less than 2% of seniors in high school could not pass an English, Math, History, Science test in order to graduate.   (Now, that test would be useless, because less than 20% could pass it today.)

Now 40% of high school senior students are incapable of reading in English, writing in English nor can they do simple math.  They cannot even pass any college entrance exams and the universities have drastically lowered their academic standards, because if they did not do that there would be no "students".

Only 23% of students tested above BASIC standards. That would mean that 23% got a "D" or above.  In my day if you got a D you were considered "retarded", "lazy", and not wanting to learn.

We are watching a human tragedy take place with mental retardation as the normal human.   There are very few people who can concentrate long enough to even read my postings.   If you can read and understand this, you are in the top 10% of intelligence on the planet.

Humanity is degrading faster than ever.  Over ten times the diseases, over 20 times the mental retardation.

For over 200,000 years (by some unproven dating methods) humans did not write things down, because they had a nearly perfect memory.
Like all technology. The invention of writing is evidence of human degradation.

For over 200,000 years humans (by some unproven dating methods) lived with no medical, because disease was not prevalent.
Like all technology. The invention of medical treatments came from genetic degradation.

Now even with all the electronic memories we cannot keep from killing 400,000 humans a year from medical incompetence.

No wonder there are so many "believers" in the evolution fraud.

Monday, August 24, 2015

What is the Truth about Humanity; The REAL SCIENCE on Humans; Author, James Arjuna

You see in real science we use evidence.    All the evidence shows only one thing as far as evolution.

When seeking the truth in the phenomenon all the evidence we can test and study always shows the same conclusion, or it is not science.  The truth is revealed when you remove your emotions, prejudices and the garbage beliefs from the study.  The Truth about humans always evokes strong emotions of denial in people, simply because most are guilty of supporting the cause of diseases from the condition of ignorance.

The reason why the theroy of evolution cannot be proved is because they misinterpret all the data to say what the government wants to say.  There is no government controlled by the rich plutocrats going to allow the truth about how horribly they have managed life on earth.  The same people who sell you "save the planet", "save the whales", "save the children" and "save the chimpanzees" are the ones who are destroying all life on earth, human greed.

They are not concerned about you, your children, nor your grandchildren.  The nature of greed is total selfishness and concern for one thing MORE and MORE power and money.

So they make up magical reasons why humans are so sickly and die so young.   The medical industry is evidence of human failures.   The medical industry in the USA spends over $123,400.00 per citizen per year in all the medical related revenues being transferred.  Disease is a "good" business.   over $3,800,000,000,000 per year in just the USA.  Forbes magazine now quotes over 4.2 trillion dollars used in the medical industry.

Every genetic disease rising by 10 times per capita (per 100,000 people) in less than 100 years. Some are more like 15 times (diabetes).  And we have accumulated some 17,000 genetic diseases,  The cause is infected reproduction.   You cannot share any sexual contact outside of a monogamous uninfected (clean of viral, fungal, amoebic, bacterial STD's)  marriage and have healthy babies.  And once you have any of the standard viral STD's, they never go away.  It becomes part of your reproductive cells.  There is no cure for viruses.

Cancer was 1 in 45 in 1847 as a cause of death.  Cancer was 1 in 20 at the start of the 20th century (1900).   Now it is 1 in 3 dying of this disease before the age of 64.
Congenital heart disease is up 200% in 29 years. We now have so many diseases that are brand new, never were seen before in all the historical records of humanity.
We now have huge cancer hospitals strictly for the treatment of children.  If we did not have so many sick children they would never exist.  These are all new in the last 15 to 20 years, because of the phenomenal rise of childhood cancers.

Death by Doctor is now number three killer in the USA.

12,000,000 causes of medical misdiagnoses causing harm to patients.

The third leading cause of death is death by doctor.

*Deaths by medical mistakes hit records*
400,000 people die each year from medical mistakes.

The CDC has issued Biblical instructions for stopping STD's.  This is because STD's have risen by 20,000,000 cases each year for the past 11 years.  Most of the infected are young girls ages 13 to 24.  Second is males 13 to 24. (All at peak reproductive years) These "kids" are just  following the sexual misconduct as being good ideas of society.   Movies with sex, violence and killing as the constant and well received theme by stupid people.  Promoting sexual misconduct as being good in the classroom.  It is pure irony that most of the movie "stars" all support gun control and taking guns away from citizens, and they use guns in nearly every movie they make, brainwashing young people into a violent mindset.  They also have sex for no reason with random sexual partners as if that was a good thing to do. Now many of the famous actors, and actresses are diseased with HPV, HSV-1, HSV-1, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis is rampant in that industry. These are the "gods" that young people honor?  We are screwed as a society.

The CDC clearly states that there is no safe sex outside of a marriage to an uninfected person.  (You cannot find an uninfected person according to STD statistics)This is because this massive sales job on condom use was a lie.  Kissing, touching, oral contact with any sexual area infected is not  affected by condom use.  Skin to skin contact around the "condom" will give you several diseases.   You cannot deep kiss and not get infected with HSV-1, HSV-2, HPV, HBV. HIV (HIV; if there is any  blood contact, and this is more common than you think).

It is really far worse than people "want to believe". And when your baby is born with some disease that did not come from any inheritance of diseases, it came from infected reproduction.  Viral infections at conception destroy the original coding of the DNA by reverse transcriptase into the cells.  And if this is the ONLY cell you have then all the other cells will be screwed up also.

Humans are totally infected today and will never allow any idea of saving the lives of the offspring to enter into the compulsive sexual immorality.   Sex is for reproduction with a clean uninfected mate.  You can have all the sex you want with ONE person but if you go outside the odds are extreme that you will pick up a disease now and that disease is permanent.

This is why we are doomed as a species to suffering, diseases, continual rise of retardation, and mothers taking their children to the hospital over and over trying to keep them alive from some horrible disease.  I have studied many hundreds of cases to the point of reading mothers "blogs" on the torture of taking their precious beautiful babies to the hospital as many as 50 times to keep them alive, only to have them die after the 10th surgery.  These new diseases are extremely horrible.

This is what the evidence shows.