Saturday, March 23, 2019

What EXACTLY are Liberals Today Based on Researching their Agenda?

What EXACTLY are Liberals Today Based on Researching their Agenda? Regressives, Socialists/Communists of the Democratic party today representing? What is their political platform? This is NOT parody. This is what I have found directly out of the mouths and keyboards of these liberal socialist Democrats. They spew this every day as “good”.  This is NOT POLITICAL,  it is based on the fact that Life and supporting joy for living has nothing in common with Liberal Agenda nor Goals.  The same as Nazis never had joy for living as a goal. The Goal was to kill off everything you don't like, remove religion from society and put Hitler as God, because of the self hatred Liberals seem to have that motivates them with hate as the main emotion.  I have never met a true liberal with love as their motivation, because everything they represent is associated with increased, disease, suffering and death.  I am opposed to increasing suffering on the planet.
A person who loves the earth, this beautiful planet, and who loves nature, animals, and vegetation and a person who loves themselves and their children, would never support disease, suffering and death as "good" unless they were completely ignorant of life sciences and human nature.

It seems to me it is most important that, not in any specific order of importance:
1/ Women be allowed to be topless or naked in public streets, shops, stores, schools, everywhere, If men can show nipples then women can too.  After all being naked is “natural” so it must be “right”.
We know today from all the evidence based science that sexual compulsions in humans today are rampant, and morally deficient men today are not taught any morals, nor how to treat women with respect.  And women today don't want respect, they seem to dress without respect for themselves, and dress for some bad social norm or so it seems. They want to find a fantasy man who will solve all of their inherent problems and is a wussy as well.   They have this fantasy that real men are not lustful when the see sexually attractive women dressed like sluts or even worse naked in the streets--- just trolling for rapists, to prove they are "right" that all men are pigs.   In a sea of sharks eventually you will get a shark attack if you use bate.  Women are not taught anything about how to be as a woman who wants to be something of value to a good man.  There are good men who have been taught to be respectful, and are masculine, protective of their spouses, responsible for their family and children, and will work day and night as needed to give their family a good life.  Most of them in the West are Christians. Most of them in the east are Hindu, because they are taught to be responsible and manly.

2/ Men who claim to be women to be allowed in the women's restroom. Obama's favorite.  “Honey, I need to use the little girls room.  I'll be right back.”  You don't have to be a tranny in order to do this, just a pedophile or rapist who "insists" they are a woman and you can gauk, fondle, masterbate or rape little girls and women,  but if anyone says no about men going in women's toilets, they can be put in jail for not being nice to these perverts.

3/ Hate for free speech. Put people in prison for using the "b" and "g" words like calling a child; “Boy” or “Girl”.  Fire any teacher who calls students, “boys and girls”, as is done now in Canada. This disease of mind has gotten way out of control, and is destroying the basis of all good civilizations. Putting a law that promotes a known disease, that is destructive to life, is evil.

4/ Want an abridged dictionary, because they cannot understand 3 syllable words. That English is (Spanish is not; even though it is a white people's language) racist, because it is a White language, and people do not have to use proper English any longer.  We b :) wid da hommys LOL, & LGBTXYZ!!
So, destroying the ability to communicate and learn anything is somehow "good"? 99% of all science and research papers are in English, if you cannot  read and write in English, you are screwed.  then you are easily "victimized" and can be a good "victim" for communists to save.  This is a horrible thing to do to children, make them intellectual cripples.  The liberals have destroyed the USA education system, or at least damaged it to the point of being worthless.

5/ Think that scientific terms like "moron" or "idiot" should be banned when they don't realize the meaning of those terms. Even though, from my personal experience, (with an extreme high IQ that I have been tested with), they call me “moron”. ( Borderline Deficiency (IQ 70-80), Moron (IQ 50-69), Imbecile (IQ 20-49) and Idiot (below 20). Mental deficiency is now generally called mental retardation.  "Exceptionally Limited". Or "Mentally challenged" was the first euphemism for this retardation. The evidence is in that modern humans are, over all, retarded from our ancestors based on DNA studies of ancient people from over 3000 year old samples.

6/ Want three way gay marriage. Already legal in other socialist countries. From medical statistics on the effects of lifestyles, being a gay man is like the worst lifestyle there is, next to being a Christian in Iran or Lebanon today.  1700% more anal and bowel cancer.  3010% more HIV,  4034% more syphilis.  There are young men, going blind today in epidemic proportions on the west coast of CA.  It is a tragedy for the mothers of these young guys to see them destroy themselves this way.  Anyone who cares about these "gay" men would do everything to help them out of that horrible, scientifically proven, lifestyle.  We know from statistics that this is a sexual compulsion and they cannot satisfy themselves any other way.  All sexual compulsions are a disease and create disease, suffering and death in their wake.

7/ Want pedophilia and sex slavery to be acceptable because other liberal countries have this. If a man or woman can only “get off” by raping children, then it must be “normal” and “natural”.  Every diseased way of being must be acceptable. After all, a child has the right to have sex with adults "if they want to".  How sick is that??

8/ Want women to have more heart attacks, because, equality now means that women in the US are dying 5 years younger than their mothers.  Put extreme emotional stress on women to defy their own nature, and make wussies out of men. The "prophet" of one religion married a 6 year old.  There is no religious leader of any value who was ever a pedophile, except this scum bag.

10/ Want to abolish sexual distinctions even though only a man and a woman can have a baby, in the natural way as we were made.

11/ Want to abolish male and female marriage. Destroy the family, and completely screw up the children, in spite of every state referendum, voted on by the voters,  including California, stated the people say: “Marriage is between a man and a woman”. “Legislate from the bench.”  Every psychological and sociological study on this shows that a well balanced child needs a loving, nurturing mother, and a strong responsible father who live together in harmony.  This is called the mother/father balance.  And we can see today that women raised by Lesbians seem to hate their "mothers".  This is the natural outcome of women who can't love a man, because they were messed up from childhood also.  And every male homosexual I have studied and asked them about their childhood, they were messed up by their parents; parents fought, parents were drug addicts, parents were alcoholics, parents were sex addicts, parents were swingers, parents never showed proper love to their children.  This also happens to MOST people today in our sick society. Parental neglect and leaving young babies at daycare is HORRIBLE abandonment of young children.  If you must leave a child (and only over 3 years old) with day care, make sure they have the same moral values and care about life as you do.  In the first years of life, your children need you to be CLOSE to them and reassure then they are loved. The only way to do that is to BE with them as much time as possible.

12/ Want to destroy the white ethnicity. Death to the Caucasian race. It is the only way to “equality”.  Whites are the problem, in spite of the fact they created every modern civilization, health care, technology, infrastructure, science, even TV., radio, cell phones, electric transmission, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, clean water,  and safe foods.  You name it either a Jew or a white guy came up with the most important advancements.
First of all, hate of any kind is evil.  And when a white person hates white people, you know they are really messed up.  You do know that in the USA we have an ever increasing teenage pandemic of suicide?

13/ Want to destroy the infrastructure by hiring incompetence vs. qualified people. Don't hurt some morons feelings.  Who cares if the rail train kills people, or the water is dirty and contaminated. As long as some politicians relative is getting paid.
Have you noticed the old movies showing the extremely nice roads in the USA?  I used to drive on them.  Now if you drive to Long Island, you better have a jeep or an off road vehicle that can withstand the ruts, and the cement road plates that are misaligned and beat cars to death (hint never buy a used car from a New Yorker).  One of the richest city in the state with the highest taxes, cannot keep it roads fixed?  Yet, the idea of having to constantly fix the roads gives a lot of money to these contractors who never quite finish the job, ever. After all,,,if the roads are good there is no money coming to the relatives and the election $ support, (mostly violating campaign contribution laws) of politicians.
And how about all those cars that fall into the rivers because the bridge collapses with cars driving off the void where the bridge used to be.

14/ Want the neighborhoods overrun with illegal aliens who cannot assimilate into the US culture nor do they want to learn the common language nor obey any laws. And liberals are fine with harboring criminals from MS13, and terrorists are OK, etc. But these illegal aliens do make good Democratic Party voters. And if you want to preserve health of your children and grandchildren by not allowing criminals and terrorists in your country, then you are a "racist".

So, let me get this straight?  If you want to have safe streets and get rid of slums, imported disease, remove criminals from the streets, and protect your children or grandchildren from rape and murder, then you are a racist??

15/ Wants to abolish money and capitalism in favor of waiting around for the government to feed them, with no productive people to be found in the country (Nobody wants to work for someone else having incompetence or  laziness).  Put rf chips in people so they can't get food if they don't comply with "big brother"  So this means that Liberals are all for poverty and starvation as in Venezuela, but they want power to control every aspect of your life.  Learn to hunt rats for food. And Dogs; forget having a dog, your neighbors will eat it.

16/ Wants to make wussies out of every male in the US, particularly white males. Strong responsible, loyal , chaste, kind, loving, protective and intelligent men are bad no matter what ethnicity.  You have to be a “wussy” to be an acceptable male. And if you are smart enough, and or strong enough to own a business, you are scum, and don't pay decent wages to people who are too lazy to do the same.

17/ Wants to outlaw all forms of weapons from law abiding citizens used to defend against criminals and creepy tyrannical governments, while at the same time promoting ghettos and no-go zones, where police are afraid to go and ethnic groups, racists, religious fanatics and terrorists can make bombs and weapons in their machine shops, and use them against defenseless citizens.  All while law abiding citizens stand by and get slaughtered and the women and daughters raped.  (Based on current events.)

18/ Want to legalize bestiality as it is in Canada today, because so many men of a certain Middle East religion practice it.  (“How to have a happy goat” is the title of the book, I think.)  And don't forget it is good to drink Camel urine.  Some muslim guy was recently selling his own urine to Muslims and got caught selling it as "camel urine".  The funny thing is his urine was probably more sterile than the Camel urine.  Camel urine is known to carry deadly pathogens.

19/ Want to make police officer killing a legal sport. That people in blue with badges are to be used for targets and the new uniforms will have “bulls eye” over their heart area. And they should expect it as “part of the job”.  I kid you not. Liberals teach children to have no respect for any laws.  Only obey the laws you “like”.  There is a whole "sovereign citizen" (all liberals) movement where they disobey laws don't pay any taxes.

20/ Only Black Lives Matter, because Hispanics, Semites (Arabs and Jews) and whites need to die. Anyone who believes that all human life is precious needs to die.  If you carry an “All Lives Matter” sign you should be shot or at least  beaten to near death.  (As we have seen people beaten for suggesting that life is precious actually carrying “All Life Matters” signs.).  After all the great leaders of "Black" people say the cure for the world's problems is to kill off all the whites.

21/  Want to insure that the continual slaughter of unborn babies at or near full term is OK or after birth when the mom and dad want to kill it, maybe at 10 years or 15 when they are horrible teenagers? .  Maybe we should ask the baby about that? What about the fact that the right to life is in the constitution? (Oh! Yea..that horrible constitution!)

22/ Oh Yea! The Constitution is evil and is not repressive enough of people and the right to be stopped if they don't like all of the liberal agenda.  That “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is not for a “good” person who should give up everything and live in poverty, repression of creativity and support the spread of disease.  A yearly increase of 20,000,000 new STD's each year; for a total now nearly 120,000,000 new STD cases.  Now at nearly 1 in 3 teen age girls are infected right now.

23/ That the USA should give up sovereignty to a bunch of foreign people in Brussels who are not elected, but appointed by big banks (and it is well known that the instigators, originators of the EU were “ex” Nazis from Germany and Austria), and where the population is over 50% Muslims who also were friends with Nazis because of their common hate for Jews. Brussels where Jews are killed in the streets. These people “know what's good for the USA and the world”.

24/ Christendom, needs to be outlawed, because “love one another” and treating people with respect  is BAD. After all according to Neil Tyson, the expert on everything,  “there is no God” (but Satan).

25/ One is required to hate the United States of America, the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be a Democrat. You must support the destruction of free speech by declaring anything you disagree with as hate speech and you go to prison for speaking facts and not using emotions, there is no right to life, no right to protect yourself 2nd amendment , no right to due process and no right to privacy. That citizens have no rights at all, but to have sex anyway they want in any hole they want. That is the most important thing.

26/ Promote racism (race baiting where there is no racism) and that all whites are responsible for slavery, even though blacks and Arabs have owned slaves longer than whites and brown people are NOW castrating African men and putting them in slavery today in the Middle East. And even though it was WHITE conservative, Bible Republicans, who freed the slaves for the first time in all of human history, slavery was outlawed.  No Republican owned slaves at that time, only Democrats. So far, every good law that helps life, comes from real rational Christians.

26/ You must never listen to people who value life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, conservatives who love freedom,  and you must hate them with a passion. Scream at them and tell them they are "morons" but never listen to them because they use “facts” that piss you off,( Liberals have succeeded in destroying logic and reason,  because of mental weakness and emotions are elevated as better than facts, like love and reasonableness.)

27/ You must hate yourself as being a human, because you are an “infection” a “disease” on the planet. (instead of the most amazing creature ever created.) Please expect to be killed in the name of saving the planet and be happy about it.  You "should" find joy in the fact that one or more of your children are dead, for the sake of saving the planet, whales, or some fish, if you are a good citizen.   Only the elite rich people will be allowed to live.

Killing off, now, billions of people is the plan, from academic scientists, in order to make life better for people, is a liberal plan.  The last number I got was we need to kill 5 billion people to save the planet for people.  These people are insane, not just ignorant.

According to the calculations of all the farmable land and all the land available on earth; the earth can support EASILY over 30 billion people.  And the current population of the world can fit in 800 cities in the USA of 1 million people, and still have enough land to grow food for 20 billion people in just the USA.

28/  Want to have the government take care of health care.  Why not they have never done any project for the citizens that was not completely screwed up or WAY too expensive.   Government costs, such as $50.00 for a fastener, a normal screw and  the same hardware screw cost $0.10.   Then when older people get sick, just kill them and save the taxpayers money.  After all the creator of Obama Care said that after 75 you are not worth spending any money on for even one year of extra life.   Actually, older wiser citizens, know how these greedy tyrants operate, and these tyrants don't want them spreading the truth about them.

29/ The education system must never allow for greatness, or someone who is actually intelligent to surpass a low IQ person.  Low IQ and hurt feelings is more important than academic success.  If you excel at math, you are making others feel bad.    If a child fails a math test, you must pass them anyway.  Teach them all about anal sex as early as possible and have gays and transsexuals become teachers.  This is to make sure your children are as screwed up as the liberal infections we have now and that this “improvement” of disease, suffering and death cult continues.

30/ Must have hate for the only nation in the middle east where freedom is in their constitution, where Arabs, Jews, Catholics, Christians can live together in harmony.   Any place where peace is in the constitution and is based on God's principles of love for one another, is to be destroyed.

The latest news:  Algebra is not needed to pass high school.  It is a worthless subject, in-spite of the fact that every form of engineering, and science uses it as the foundation of science and math. If you can't do algebra, you cannot design or build anything and cannot make any form of chemical nor understand much of anything, except negative emotions and feelings of anger and hate.

31/ You must hate your own culture country, especially USA whites, Germany, Netherlands,Sweden, Finland, Norway, and all white cultures) and want to see them turned into a third world, backward, no technology dung holes with people crapping in the streets and killing each other for food.  Spread as much disease, suffering and death as possible.

I think there is more, but this should be a good representation of the Liberals today.  And everything I am telling you is true, from talking with liberals, reading their blogs, reading science papers where they are inventing ways to kill 5 billion people with chemical strikes.  Liberals seem to have a hate for anything that is scientifically, psychologically, and morally good for human and animal health.

Consider that the average IQ in the US is about 90 (verging on retarded) .(was 100 in 1914). Your average American is "retarded", by definition and these rich elite liberals keep them stupid by using the education system.  I just think the academic school system is "educationally challenged".

32/ Want to destroy all life on earth by lowering the life giving gas, CO2.  We are desperately low on CO2, and need at least 3 times the PPM we have now in order to stop choking the life out of the planet by starving vegetation.  We are at a near all time low on CO2, and without this life giving gas all life vanishes on earth.