Friday, December 4, 2015

The Book That Can Save Your Life: Author, James Arjuna

If people only knew, maybe they would wake up.  But I don't see any changes in people, except some really bad ones leading to more and more suffering. This is as a whole on humanity in it's present condition. There are always those of good heart, who come to knoe the One True God, Jehovah.

There is nothing funny about a Book that can save the lives of people. It is a wonderful book full of extremely HIGH intelligence when it comes to life sciences and health.

There now are 120,000,000 cases of STD's in the USA.  Most are in young women ages 13 to 24.  1 in 3.5 teen age girls are infected right now, most of them do not know it, because many STD's are asymptomatic.  They either look like something else or they have no symptoms until you start going blind or are in severe pain from these diseases taking over.  The CDC has completely concluded that the only safe sex is a monogamous relationship free from infections, where you don't sodomize (put human shit on one's penis)..They published this because of the complete ineffectiveness of the phony condom program that proves condoms do not protect against the most common STD's.

Infected conception damages fetuses.

MSM sex is proven beyond all doubts to be the most dangerous life style for one's health next to being a Christian in Iraq.  1700% more anal and bowel cancer.  11% of them are infected with HIV AIDS.  VS .007% of heterosexuals.  The fastest rising rates of STD's are in MSM sex with young men going blind right now in California from second stage syphilis.   Also, syphilis and gonorrhea strains are rapidly becoming immune to antibiotics. Soon there will be nothing the medical industry can do but let them die of a horrible disease that completely destroys the body.

This photo is very disturbing for children.  So do not open it for children.  

Every rule in the Bible is 100% accurate when it comes to saving babies lives and your life from disease.

Jehovah is the God of Life and Love, that is why he gave those rules to us.  I can explain them to you using modern medical research on all of them.

A recent study by the chief Doctor on female infections, Dr Jeanne Marrazzo,  on circumcision has shown a 40% reduction in bacterial vaginosis in women who have sex with circumcised men. . This has led to the World Health Organization  "Circumcision Vans"  traveling around Africa offering free services to curtail AIDS. In simple math a woman who has sex with an uncircumcised man in countries with not the best bathing habits or bathing facilities has 140% more infections than those who have a circumcised mate.

Childhood cancer which has almost no statistics in the 1800's now has risen to the number one disease killer of children,  (From this infected reproduction,) This represents a 4000 to 6000% rise in this disease since the mid 1800's.

Cancer was considered to be an old person's disease for a long time. The fastest rates of cancer is in unborn babies with spinal and brain tumors.  Babies not even out of the womb with cancer. Up 300% in 40 years.

The second most rapid rising disease causing  is genetic deformity, (This is not in "third world countries" either, the USA. IN Africa babies born with genetic defects are now more common than not.)

The third is congenital heart disease up some 200% in just the last 30 years.

You see infected reproduction causes viruses to find host cells in the zygote (the first cells of the fetus) and mutate them.  Some of them will reverse transcript and are easy to see. Others don't transcript at all, they simply knock out parts of the DNA. Every mutation you give to your children by not following God's laws is adding your "sin" to your children and increasing the problem of disease, suffering and death.

This is why Jesus was clear on adultery and mentioned it as one of the worst sins.

Humans have less than 100 years left (according to the statistics on disease and mental retardation) ;  because of this lack of understanding life sciences that are clearly 100% accurate in the Bible because they were given by our Creator.   Jehovah has tried many times to correct humans and their genetic suicide from sexual immorality and compulsions , murder, rape, pedophilia, hate, war, politics, nationalism, greed, and just plain rotting behavior.

If you don't support the Bible's rules for life and to love one another, then you must support the opposite; disease, suffering and death. There is no gray area when it comes to life sciences and the cause of all human suffering.

I would say from my 44 years of investigation on this that sexual immorality is the number one cause of human diseases.

Second is this idea that humans can eat anything and cultivate all sorts of new infections.  We now have some 17,000 genetic diseases, and some 10,000 pathogens that humans have developed in total ignorance of life sciences.

Jehovah forbid the Jews from eating pigs.   It was not because of trichinosis.  Jehovah knows that humans and pigs share DNA in our cells and that a human virus finds similar host cells (receptors for the virus to enter the cells).  Cultivating pigs gave rise to the "Swine Flue" that killed over 100,000,000 people and today all the new strains continue to kill and be cultivated by human ignorance of this accurate life science. That  "Christmas" ham is killing us.  Every year we get new versions of the Swine Flue, mostly coming out of China and Asia where they have the best incubation of new viruses.

Bird flue is a result of cultivating pigs and chickens in the same area as humans. That is disastrous thinking.

After deep study into humans and their diseases and the history of diseases, It is clear that humans are out of control and have no idea what they are doing.   Sexual compulsions is a disease, mental illness, is now one of the fastest rising results of this behavior.  The more we pass on diseases to our children, the faster we go extinct. The more our children will be perverts as it is plain to see.

Now these diseases are rising almost logarithmic base 10 scale every 10 years. We have never witnessed this level of rise of diseases in humans ever in history.   We have degraded as a species more in the last 100 years (since 1914) than in the prior 2000 ( and those years were also very bad.)

Now we have 1 in 9 babies born in the USA with serous genetic diseases that have to have life long treatments and they are living shorter lives.

 Women in the USA are dying about 5 years younger than their mothers.

40% of High School students cannot pass and English proficiency test , nor can they do simple check book math.  They do not qualify for any college, except to take remedial reading and math classes.

Modern (obviously retarded)  MD's are killing more people now than two Boeing 747's  crashing every day and yet nobody is complaining about this.  Number three cause of death in the USA is Death by Doctor. They even give it a new "disease name".