Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Did We Get So Sickly?

"The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." - George Orwell
Virus live inside "host cells"of living creatures. There is an attraction of certain types of virus to certain cells (these cells have "receptors" for a specific virus). A particular virus will mutate in order to enter cells and it is 99.99% always bad for the cell.  Somatic or acquired during life mutations are caused this way, or they are caused by constant attack by chemicals.  Germ line are permanent mutations caused by infected (diseased or "unclean) reproduction. 

 This is why cold virus "likes" lung tissue and sinus. Or herpes likes human lips and sexual skin tissue. It is attracted based on the nature of the virus and the types of proteins and enzymes in the cell.

HPV also is attracted to sexual tissues, oral tissues, and reproductive cells and causes cancer as it constantly disrupts these cells and mutates them. HPV also causes fetal mutations, throat cancer, cervical cancer and anal warts and cancer in people who have unprotected anal sex.

All of these human tissues are hosts to specific viral infections. Viral infections are the number one cause of genetic diseases in humans according to PubMed research Any virus that can cause cancer can cause permanent fetal mutations that can kill the baby or if it lives to reproduce becomes the source of a new genetic diseases. There are thousands of types of viruses that enter our cells because we spread them to our babies. We now have 17000 known genetic diseases (excluding heart disease which is actually a genetic disease and inherited autoimmune disease according to medical science.) from mutations. There are over 98000 common  ERV's (endogenous retro virus) found encrypted in the human sexual reproductive region of DNA. There are some 257,000 total variations of ERV's 

Every single of these 98,000 ERV's represent a viral infection at the germ line level of human reproduction. Germ line mutations are destroying humanity from the inside. We are destroying ourselves and all future human life, from the inside with these infections. The cause is our bad habits of spreading diseases by contact with people who have them. Not only that we give our diseases to them and they share theirs with us. The most common way this takes place is by kissing, sexual contact, oral sex, Sharing food, or drink directly after an infected person eats.

The only way to stop this process it to stop the activities causing our genetic suicide.

HIV is has its entry point in the CCR5 protein of an immune cell. It is attracted to it naturally.

Humans have created most of these viruses by their activities to spread and mutate them amongst humans through sexual activities, and by cultivating meat in "foods" like pigs, chickens, ducks, and other creatures that can pass human viruses into their bodies that have similar host cells to humans. Once these virus enter into a host pig or chicken they mutate based on the effects of the pig's or chicken's (or host animal's) immune system trying to kill it. This is what causes these mutants that survive and then are transferred back into humans. It is the viruses that enter our fetuses that cause our decline into a path of extinction.

All of this is well documented in medical research into diseases.

There are some virus that help inside the human body and are good for us and we should leave those alone.

The ones we transmit sexually are all bad for human life. None of those are good for human life and are destructive when they enter into a human reproductive egg, sperm or fertilized zygote.

We need to also stop the back and forth sharing of viruses from animal cultivation. Animal mutated virus was the cause of the swine flu of 1914 that killed 50,000,000 people. We seem to not be able to curb our appetites for self destructive habits.

People seem to like to eat they wrong types of meat, even if it causes genetic (mutations) diseases in our species.

Australia has a statistics of 90% evolution believers. These people are brainwashed from early age that human evolved from marine life. Considering there is no evidence for that, you can see it is just a smoke screen to allow immoral behavior.

In Australia, the land of fervent, militant Evodelusionists, for example of how this religion of Evolution can produce horrible results:

Australia has the highest rates of rising diseases of any country. 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years and , 229% rise in Cancer in 25 years.


Australia: "The number of new cancer cases more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. In 1982, 47,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia compared with 108,368 cases in 2007."
In 2007, the most commonly reported cancers were:
Prostate cancer (19,403 cases)
Bowel cancer (14,234 cases)
Breast cancer (12,670 cases)
Melanoma of the skin (10,342 cases)
Lung cancer (9,703 cases).

400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years. Look at the chart on the ages of the young woman who have this disease.

Then scroll down and look at all the other STD's and the ages of the people with the most cases.

The UK is the home of Darwin and it has some horrible statistics on health and diseases.

"Young at risk as sexually transmitted infections reach record levels

Peak age for a sexually transmitted infection is 19-20 for women and 20-23 for men, says Health Protection Agency"

In The UK they have a 706% rise in syphilis in 10 years.

Sweden; Young men tout that having an STD's is proof of their sexual prowess.

"Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer

Actor reveals to the Guardian that HPV, transmitted through oral sex, was responsible for his throat cancer"

"Asked whether he now regretted his years of smoking and drinking, usually thought to be the cause of the disease, Douglas replied: "No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus."

(You can also get it from "French Kissing" or "tongue in other persons mouth kissing." This is obvious since HPV is there in infected people.)

Pay close attention to this statement and really think about it:

In less than 2 generations 30-40 years every STD we have today can be wiped off the earth if people were moral and followed the laws of Science about virgin marriage to a clean, non-diseased, mate and absolutely no infidelity, no anal sex, no french kissing of infected people, no sharing of diseases ever. Stop transmitting human virus to animals and sending them back to us mutated to further destroy human life. Stop eating meat which is a known poison to humans.

"We don't believe in making young girls and women into sluts and whores as being a "good" thing. We believe that women should be honored as the mothers of the future rather than the incubators of fetal mutants." JA

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