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Fossil "Evidence" What Is It? ; by James Arjuna

“the fossil record with transitional forms”

When I was very young, my father, God bless him, taught me to never believe anyone. That all people are full of agendas and that I should find out what is true and what “works” for myself.

It is funny but that is what the greatest people of all time teach, but for some human reason people are like sheep and lemmings and need to believe and follow other ignorant humans and their ridiculous beliefs.
All humans are ignorant by definition of being human, until they step outside the "system of things".

As Einstein said:

 "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

"In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep."

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

(He said this one more than once in a different, and he never does that in all the quotes from him.)

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

I have never quite been able to step inside of this system of human mental constructs based on emotion only, because as an objective observer from birth what  I've seen and see today is a lot of confusion and suffering caused by "faith" in humans.

I was introduced to this idea of fossils showing evolution back in high school and I started to study this “very interesting idea” for myself.  It didn't take long to realize that these fools were projecting belief on fossils, because there was no tie between any of the fossils and the standards for my acceptance were not met.

My standards for scientific acceptance are absolutely irrefutable evidence that this is real, requires no indoctrination into a belief system. Since they could not produce this evidence, and all they had were slogans of belief, I realized quickly these were, normal,  weak minded humans who were only on a quest to show their religious belief in this pseudo science. They simply liked this idea and wanted to make it real.

The things that really turned me off were the cartoons of these ape men that were obviously fabricated only from the minds of the believers. I still remember looking at these fossil photos in the “science books” and then looking at the, "artist rendering", really a cartoon depiction of these creatures as “they must have looked”. The cartoons didn't match the fossils, that were distorted and had no indication of tissue at all.

There was and still is absolutely no way for them to recreate these “millions of year old” creatures by any human knowledge of them. The skin hair, muscles, tendons, lips, eyes, ears, eyes, nose, etc are simply not existent on fossils. Fossils are really rocks make by a replacement process in nature.  Yet these believers would place those body parts on these distorted fossils and they would “straighten out the fossils”. You would have to have “fallen off a turnip truck” to believe this religious nonsense.  I would see where they took a smashed skull that was twisted and reshaped it put flesh on it, and I thought they were insane for even publishing this in a "science" book.  It certainly is unlike any of the credible sciences is.

I put this “crap” aside and proceeded to get degrees and knowledge in real science. Science that never fails to offer evidence for the theory and that only points to the theory. In real science classes, classical rigorous science; I learned that when all of the evidence points to the theory and only to the "concisely stated" theory with no other plausibility  then you have science.  Also the same experiment, no matter who does it, has the same results.
 This is what I call “functional science”.

Others, like Dr Berlinski call it "serious sciences" This is a great video describing this phenomenon:

I studied physics, math, electronics; these are functional sciences as you can tell by the computer you are using today. I can design a circuit board and send it to China and it will work the same if it was made in the US or any country. To be quite simple you know it is science, because it is a functional scientific theory one that works and it is required to show everyone that it works, not just the religious believers who are indoctrinated.

The other thing I have seen is to change the definitions of the actual theory;  This is the real definition of the theory:  Evolution: "that theory which sees in the history of all things organic and inorganic a development from simplicity to complexity, a gradual advance from a simple or rudimentary condition to one that is more complex and of a higher character." Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language.

We can see that "The theory of Evolution" is a non functional science, because it has never produced as single useful idea in medicine, biology, nor in understanding life. It has never produced any good for mankind. It is not testable, and therefore is not science. This idea that simple life evolved has not every produced any medicine, any vaccine, any "cures" of any kind and this is 2013 in case you don't know.  155 years of this nonsense and it has nothing to show for itself.  (So the enthusiasts decided to change the definition of the "theory of evolution")

You simple cannot verify your subjective belief in what you think you see projected on fossil having no flesh and no DNA. This is why fossils are not testable and are excluded as scientific evidence. They are also using a very adulterated faith based dating system that cannot be verified in any scientific test.  They basically are dating the "dirt, rocks, ground" around a fossil and calling the age of the dirt the age of the fossil.

The fossil record is obviously and clearly not depicting any form of evolution towards greater complexity, that fits any part of the theory that simple life has evolved into complex life. There is absolutely no credibility in evidence. The opposite is only shown in DNA and in the creatures we have living today where we can test DNA.

Changing Definitions of the Original Theory is Bad Science.

This is not even a scientific theory;  "a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations; also : the process described by this theory" Websters Online Dictionary

This is not theory because it has no specific goal, no direction and no conclusions, no predictions, you can make that are not just normal everyday experiences and is not science because "change over time" as this is often reduced to in definition, is not science, it is life. So if life changes over time that is evolution??? What?!! Taking something that is totally specific to direction and ideas of what happened vs some nebulous silly undirected unscientific concept that can mean anything is not science.  

Yet proving that life changes over time, is used to hold on to the original ideology of simple life "evolving" into complex and that creatures actually change genus and other nonsense is included by using "change over time" to support the delusions of evolution.  I call this the tiny bit of truth that holds up the huge pile of ideological  nonsense. That this truth = the other nonsense must be true because after all it is part of this nebulous "theory of evolution".

When you take the original definition and use that, it has been debunked by modern medical science. In all cases we have huge numbers of deleterious mutations causing only genetic degradation. There have never been found even on verifiable positive mutation.

How to be a scientist using fossils:

The first thing for any scientist, real scientist to do is to define what constitutes evidence for “transitional fossils”. If you let someone else define what evidence is, you are just allowing them to brainwash you into their religious ideas. Don't ever let someone else determine what is true to you. No matter what their status is, what degrees they have, and even your parents, teachers, preachers etc, do not have the right to tell you how to think.

If creatures “evolve” towards a new life form, like a one celled creature that evolves into a multi cell creature with arms, legs, feet, eyes, brain, like a human being, then you would see evidence of this in the physical world today. This is a natural conclusion of a sane person.  But a non-sane person, not objective and rational, emotionally driven, would allow the belief to be stronger than reality. That belief is that it only happened in some "magical time in the past millions of years ago" and so it never happens today or even in recent history.  If you believe that, I feel for you.

I have looked at all the evidence and there are no transitional fossils on this planet. Only if you are a believer in this idea do any of these fossils look like they may be a transition. REPEAT: it is only if you are already a believer that any of these fossils seem like transitional.

If you define transitional as having slight steps in the direction towards the more complex creature you can then think it is the transition. That means that there would be at least ONE set of stepped directional fossils out of 250,000,000 we have, that would show gradual steps of the formation of features towards and only towards more complex.

 We only see completely formed creatures with full arms legs, fins, spine, heads, etc. Then we only see creatures degrading in features. There are no partially developed “anything’s”. There are no body parts that show any transitions. AND all of the evidence points only to degradation of existing creatures. All we see is the ancestors were much stronger than the de-evolved species from any genetic lineage.

We now have about 90% of the now living or recently living no bird vertebrates as fossils.  We can see they have the same basic morphology but are more complex and stronger looking.  Some are over 120,000,000 years old and look basically the same.  There is no evidence of any cross genus evolution nor anything that looks like it is evolving in a direction of simple life into complex.

What I have discovered is that in the hundreds of people whom I have asked about this, they all think that a completely finished creature is somehow a transition. The only way this can be “real” to them is by indoctrination and wanting to believe in this. Meaning, they are not guarding their intelligence against these false authorities, who are just believers in this religious mythology of evolution.

I see these paleontologist arranging fossils to fit the belief and even changing the dating to fit what they want. These people have completely destroyed any credibility in the fossils by their meddling with the evidence and cataloging it according to faith and beliefs. AND these "scientists" do not allow any completely valid evidence to enter into their vision that does not fit with the beliefs.  This is basically turned biology and science into a religion of faith and beliefs..

Also, you will see them try to tie in obvious facts and using nothing but inference use these separated, and purposely separated, facts as evidence for evolution. You never see them take each piece of evidence and compare them to each and every other piece of evidence, because they are not capable of doing that. DNA shows no form of "evolution" because it only show absolutely clear and irrefutable evidence of reduction in fitness over time.

When you compare all the evidence to a premise, it better fit with the premise, that with each piece you will see that the evidence tells us a totally different story than some magical process that magically improves creatures from a simple life form to a complex life form. This has never happened.

When the only evidence is wishful thinking projected on fossils, with absolutely no way to verify any of it, that is not science. When all the evidence and I mean all of it is simply the "opinions of believers", and they can't show us any verifiable "concrete" physical evidence to back it then, I call it the mythological religion of Evodelusionism.

If you still don't understand, instead of just laying down for this faith based belief, ask questions. These people teaching this stuff are not scientists, no matter what they think they are, they are not. In my opinion they are the paid priests of this pseudo religion.

The question to ask any believer are these and this will make them angry and defensive;

1/Where is your  absolutely irrefutable physical evidence that any simple life has evolved into complex? That, for instance fish evolved into humans over some immense time by a process?  You must show the process today and you must show the process in absolutely clear obvious evidence!

2/ Where is even one verifiable positive mutation ever found in humans (we have about 1,000,000 studies on human DNA)?  It must be verifiable. That means you must show the prior unfit or weak condition of the mutation and the "newer" better or higher level of fitness in the new mutation.
The definition of positive mutation is this: 

Positive mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

It is sad to say that all you are going to  get is sidestepping and anger and that is your answer.

Any mutation they give you to examine, they must give you  the name of the mutation such as the "CCR5 Delta 32 deletion". Then you can look this up on the Internet on and Google and see that this "positive mutation" is  part of 9 really terrible diseases.

I wish you well on your search for the Truth.
If you are not seeking the Truth then you  are only seeking to perpetuate your's and other's faith based ideas.  Find your own Truth.

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