Friday, March 22, 2013

Evidence That Was Used to Sell Evolution Debunked; by James Arjuna

This video is from the national library of medicine and is quoted on how mutations work.

All the "Evidence That Was Used to Sell Evolution Debunked"

It is absolutely clear in evidence that there is no "correcting" or "fixing" influence in any creature. They are all losing gene functions and are less complex because of this.

100% of the thing this "science" calls "mutation" results in damage to the genome. Considering that this is happening all the time. Then just by this statistic alone negates the possibility of any general NET increase in fitness of any creature.

The Gecko has amazing genetic engineering and is believed predecessor of snakes. It has feet that can walk on glass upside down. It is far more genetically advance than most any of the reptiles. It is also much older and is a prime example of genetics and that all the spin offs with gecko genes are degraded from them. The number one thing that saves the Gecko is that humans don't seem to be able to screw it up.

Snakes show loss of legs. They do not show any idea that they are "developing" legs. The Gecko at 110 million years old it shows no signs of evolution. There are several gecko "species" but we don't know how far separated they are in time.
"The gecko fossil found in amber looks exactly like its modern day  relatives although researchers at the Oregon State University estimated its age at 100 million years. The gecko, which was found in Burma (Myanmar), is said to be 40 million years older than the oldest known gecko fossil. It was thought to have lived in the lower Cretaceous before the heyday of Tyrannosaurus rex."

There has never been found any evidence leading to this idea that all life evolved from some simple single celled creature. In 100% of the evidence there is only genetic degradation leading towards extinction.

Does the Chimpanzee look like it is an advanced form of life.   It is easy to see how the Chimpazee has human features that are degraded and lost. The skull is caved in, the pelvis is weak and so it must walk on all fours. Its forearms bones are bent from using the hands and arms to run and walk.  This is just more evidence of a degradation from improper use of these limbs.  But it has no choice.

The chimpanzee is going extinct. That is clear absolute evidence of the path of genetic degradation that all living creatures are on. It is a message to humans where we are headed and if we don't slow this down and stop our mutagenic behavior, we will be extinct in less than 1000 years at the present rate of genetic mutations.

The chimpanzee, is down to its last habitat and has NO ADAPTABILITY.  It is at the end of the line.  It can't even go for a walk out in the planes looking for a new home.  It must stay put and be near trees and what little food there is in its direct habitat.  

It is estimated there are 160,000  known deleterious mutations in the Chimpazee our cousin from the DNA, ERV's, Chromosomes and especially the chromosome #2 in humans points to it being our genetic cousin. it is nearly extinct.
In all the evidence we have in biology DNA Genetics there is only a reduction of gene functions and a total gradual degradation of the original "excellent genetic engineering".
Realizing that chimps are the descendant of a far more complex and far better made human that has degraded is simple to see in this supposed proof of "evolution".

In order to show there is similarity in genetics to tie creatures together, you need one huge amount of data. This is obvious in the Chimps and Human DNA comparison.

Here is more evidence that Chimps are genetic reduction from the Ancestor Human Genome, which was far more fit than now. Ancient, more complex, more intelligent, and way more healthy, Super Humans are the more complex common ancestor to both modern humans and chimps and primates. It is exactly, again, the opposite of the belief.

When you read articles realizing that there are no new gene expressions bringing any improvements by magical "evolution" process that have never been documented, we can start to get free from delusional archaic concepts that retard science.

There is no magical process that "fixes" or "improves" gene functions. The only thing that will fix it is "intelligence" that steps in to fix these imperfections. It took genetic engineering to produce all the life on earth, and it takes genetic engineering to fix it.

Only a brainwashed person who is using archaic, Evodelusional, ideas of evolution could not see this.

The loss of gene function is de-evolution or anti-evolution. Any "positive" believed by Evolutionists gene improvement was most likely already in the human population and is not new. In order to say without any doubts where these come from, they would have to do the work to check the DNA of many generations backwards from the specimen sample DNA thought to have "improved" DNA.

Because these scientists are not looking for the cause of any form of "positive" gene expression they cannot say where these very few not verifiable positive expressions come from. They pull out the "magic" card out of their "rear end" and say they are "random mutations". It is highly unlikely that any positive results come from any accidental gene change that would fit with the completed genetic structure of any human.

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