Friday, June 14, 2013

Evodelusionism the Religion of Denial? by James Arjuna

This woman PhD who teaches biology in a big university told me she has many relatives in Australia and they are all without STD's or genetic disease ( a direct lie according to medical science, since every human on earth has genetic diseases. And the odds are against any group of 10 people that 2 of them will have an STD especially in Australia with a 400% rise in Chlamydia in 10 years) and 229% rise in new cancer cases in 25 years.

This is a PhD professor of biology at one of the elite medical universities.  It is hard to believe someone this ignorant is teaching students at that level.  This is why we have such stupid ill educated people with degrees today.

I am sorry I missed this, but how do you know they don't have any genetic diseases? This is because every human has them according to the evidence found in DNA.

My data comes from the medical industry's reports on diseases.

Did you even look?

So, none of your family and friends in Australia have any of the following genetic diseases and never have to deal with?:

Never have to visit a medical doctor.
Never wear eyeglasses
Never have back pain
Never have allergies
No allergies of any sort.
Never have any bone problems at all. (According to science every human has bone weaknesses from degradation)
Never have any addictions
Never have digestive problems.
Never have any mental depression
Never have anxiety
Never have any delusions (already proven wrong on this forum in this post.)
Never have muscle pain
Never have any limitations of movement
Never are short of breath.
Never have any heart or blood disease, high blood pressure, or clogged arteries.
Never have Diabetes
Never have Cancer
Never have any of the 17000 known genetic diseases.
Never have tinnitus
Never have foot pain
Never have neck pain
Never have joint pain or arthritis
Never have any bent or distorted fingers or toes.
Never have any baldness
Never have miscarriages
Never have erectile dysfunction.
Never have headaches
Never use pain medication
Never use any medication at all
Never have any physical problems at all.

I don't have the time to list all the normal genetically proven diseases that common humans have.. Humans being retards, living in denial of reality, and because this is all we see, have accepted diseased as "healthy" and our sick condition as "normal". This is such a common misconception.
Retards think that being sickly is "healthy".

I think denial is a bitch that increases suffering.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

We inherited the "sins" of our ancestors, and you seem to want to speed up the process of genetic destruction.

As it turns out diseased parents have diseased babies.

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

"Man must choose either of two courses,
the upward or the downward;
but as he has the brute in him;
 he will more easily choose the downward
course than the upward;
especially when the downward course is presented to him
in such beautiful garb.

Man easily capitulates when sin is presented in the garb of virtue."
Mahatma Gandhi

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