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Being Lost in This System Of Education. Can My Theory Be Falsified?...NO! because the Truth cannot be false. by James Arjuna

It amazes me how lost in this emotionally driven religious nonsense humans are trapped by. Using fundamental emotional human needs (like feeding your family) has always been the method of control. If you don't conform to the political religion of the times you don't get a degree, any form of recognition (from big brother/daddy government) and no paycheck.  The education system is setup so that you can't get a job today without it and if you go through it, you are messed up by it for political reasons.

Question is can my Theory be "falsified"?  It can be tested and falsified if there was any evidence contrary to it.  There isn't. There can be no evidence against REALITY. There is only faith and belief that is against reality.

You do not understand the idea of falsification and how religious ideas keep going because of it.  You cannot falsify something that only exists in your mind and emotions.

That is a big part of the delusions used to perpetuate religions and fake science. Avoiding the obvious is another other part.  Blocking evidence is another part. Controlling the classrooms is a major part.

What ever form of evidence or concepts that could possibly answer the phenomenon needs to be looked at.  

They (academic science) will not allow in the classroom, anything that is contradictory to the faith, (like DNA only shows genetic degradation) and this evidence is probably the evidence that needs to be investigated.

Whatever these morons disallow, is the first thing you need to look as the plausible real conclusion to any phenomenon.

(Have you watched any of my videos on this? How many times do I have to post them?

You cannot falsify a religion, because you cannot produce evidence to show a religion.

That is why Evodelusionism is still being taught. (Some fascist communist fool Karl Popper decided that "falsification" was scientific. Who died and let this jerk control your mind?)

Once a religious idea is accepted, the egos keep on perpetuating it until those egos are all dead.  This usually takes place a couple hundred years after all the real evidence exists to destroy the belief.

The professors who "profess" in public and teach this HEMG because they "believe" in it and NEED to believe in it to keep their jobs, because the people who pay their wages also are believers. They must teach what the ENTRENCHED dogma is in order to be accepted and to be a "peer".

You cannot show any possible simple life to complex life in physical evidence, because you cannot produce the evidence in fossils (DNA you can! See the direction.).  If you cannot test for some phenomenon then it just perpetuates.  There is no evidence for evolution found in fossils, and that is why this crap has continued along with the egos and paychecks needing to believe to get paid.

DNA is avoided like the plague and they only use it with faith based concepts, used to perpetuate the myth and keep their sorry jobs as fake "scientists".

Now we have DNA and DNA is the only verifiable form of evidence we can test for.  In real science all the data must conform to the fundamentally irrefutable physical evidence we NOW have in DNA.

This is what scientist like Galileo discovered.  It took hundreds of years to rid the world of "flat earth" and "geocentric universe" from science after the data was seen to change those religious "theories".

What would falsify my "Theory of Genetic Degradation Leading to Extinction" is evidence FOR ANY EVIDENCE for evolution of simple life found in the real world that is not tainted with obvious religious faith and belief.

We've got 90% of the now living or recently living non bird vertebrate creatures as fossils. Many are over 65,000,000 years old (by the ridiculous radiometric dating system), some over 120,000,000 years old  and they have the same basic recognizable morphology, no evolution into new creatures. The latest versions are all degraded and have LOST features. Compare cats to the saber tooth, dogs to the ancient wolves, rats to the ancient much more complex rodentia. All are degraded just as we are. There's no evolution.
This is OBVIOUS to any observer. You can do your own study and look at the creatures now living and their fossil ancestors.

When you do studies in real Science you look at the things you can study, and not the things that are LONG extinct and make up religious fairy tales of magical processes and mystical causes that WE NEVER SEE IN ANY EVIDENCE TODAY.  If you can't test it, you can make up all sorts of opinions on what you believe you see.  This projection of faith in what these fools believe they see is now called "science".

Fairy tales are always set it the "long long ago and far far away in the magical land of the primal soup...Bla Bla Bla Bla".  People are experts at fantasy and much prefer it to reality.  If the fantasy feeds the rich elites it is taught in the university.

The rich elite greed driven people just want absolute control over your life so you are "subjects" (slaves) to them instead of peers. They use all the power and corruption they can muster to get that.  Lawyers, Politicians, Judges,Academics, all owned by this group.  You will know them by their acts.

The entire education system is setup to produce fodder for corporations and to institutionalize the youth into institutionalized adults who cannot make it outside the "protection" of the government and large corporations.

You can see today how the politicians are vying for absolute control and to make laws that nobody can follow.  And now they have laws in which you have no privacy at all.  Power = Paranoia.  Saddam Hussein used to have the wives of his imagined enemies gang raped by soldiers in front of the poor bastard. Then he would put the guy in prison as an example of a broken man who tried to go against him.  You think that can't happen in the USA?  It has repeated in every country so far at one time or another and resulted in a lot of death and destruction.

In the US the need to conform or go hungry is the new "science".

Here is a video that is required to take my classes.

There are ZERO VERIFIABLE (not imaginary) beneficial mutations ever found in any DNA study of Humans (the most studied creature on the planet).

I have asked everyone to produce any form of beneficial mutation. You cannot do it, because I cannot do it either and I have read over 41000 papers on human DNA studies. I have no asked many thousands of believers to produce even ONE mutation that could be called evolution.
Now I just scan and look at the study and the actual evidence and compare every mutations to every study of the mutation.

Guess what?
Every mutation they think is beneficial is NOT, is part of multiple disease, and or is part of our remnants that are going extinct right now.

The mutations they think cause our magical evolution is mostly the "duplication mutation". But in every study I have found on "duplications" they are part of diseases and NOTHING ELSE.  If you can't find one mutation to show evolution is possible, then guess what?? It is HEMG (human emotional mental garbage).

I was amazed that there was no possible hope for any form of accidental help at all.
When people wear blinders all they seek is to perpetuate what they want to believe.   That is the nature of religion and human standard fairy tales of delusions used to aid in survival under horrible conditions we see everywhere, with old age, sickness and death all around us,  and the reason why this fundamentalist religious idea of "young earth" and crap like that invalidates them immediately.

Because their ignorance of science, invalidates them it is easy for the Evotards to continue to project their religious crap in science. They only set up debates with really stupid people with no science education.

The reality of the Truth is not for weak minded lemmings.

It is very difficult for the mentally degraded to understand and see the complexity of life in what they can only perceive with tiny brains as a mass of conflicting data, because that is the condition of most Evotards minds.  (If you find the word "Evotard" difficult, then you probably are one.) They are forced to try to make opposing thoughts say only what they believe and that is a horrible level of fear and pain in that crap.  If you make money from this HEMG, even more difficult to get free. That is why they are so angry and bitter and hate anyone who opposes their mental condition of delusions and fantasy. This is the basis of the Evodelusionism religion.  And who would want to know how bad off humanity really is?  

They learn to cope by using "avoidance", "denial", "religion", "ideology" to quell the pain of ignorance. It is far better to only seek the Truth and avoid all human traps. My favorite painting from Bruegel shows the "Blind Leading the Blind" into a pit of death. That sums up the human condition of ignorance.

Evodelusionism is a disease. It is not science,  just like all rot that has gotten into society and people like it because it allows them to degrade themselves and to follow lower instincts that are destructive.  Remember the Catholic church and the Church of England was the power of indoctrination used by the governments back in the old days.

Now it is "science" and "academia" because people are sick of these stupid offshoot religions of ignorance and how they don't even understand what is written in their own Bibles. They seek the new religion "science" to protect them from the pain of reality.

The problem is any "good" is also thrown out with the bad.  "Throwing out the baby with the bathwater."
Any good from science is destroyed by this delusional garbage.

Extract the good and use it.  It is good that our young na├»ve women are so sick with STD's? These are the mothers of tomorrow and today.  Is it good that we have pandemic autism? Is it good that we have 200% rise in unborn babies with cancer? 33% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.   Is it good that we have the medical industry and big pharma running the country?  All of those facts are evidence of a degrading society. And we are degrading so fast now that I don't think we have any time left to reclaim what is left of our functioning genes.

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