Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teaching Evodelusionism Supports Death. by James Arjuna

People who support the teaching of evolution are supporting the continual destruction of the USA and all of humanity.

We now have 120,000,000 US citizens with an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and that is up 20,000,000 from last year. We are now on the program of destroying the last hope for freedom on this planet. Being a slave to sexual compulsions is NOT freedom.

Diseased parents have diseased babies.

DISEASED PARENTS HAVE DISEASED BABIES. The problem is women and men don't know they are sick when they get pregnant, OBVIOUSLY. Viruses enter the "host cell" of human eggs, sperm, and zygotes and we get this rapid rise in genetic diseases.

Here is the cause and effect of this system of destruction.
Teaching Evolution = Atheism = Atheism hate for God = Sexual Immorality = STD's = Fetal Mutations = = Genetic Diseases = weak sickly low IQ society = destruction of the country = destruction of humanity.

It is all cause and effect or cause and result. This is how real science operates. There is no magic in science.

Magical thinking that the Evotard Fairy is making us better is utter disgusting religious propaganda garbage. It is destructive to any possible hope for humanity.

Those who teach this disease to other humans are just part of the cause of this destruction and genetic suicide. Teachers are far more accountable for this cause and effect. They teach, and their students follow the path of destruction.

Teaching Evodelusionism helps those companies who are making profits off human suffering. Why would they ever want to stop people from spreading diseases and destroying the health of their babies?
110,000,000 USA citizens with STD's that is 1 in 3 people approx,
How did this happen? It is called moral degradation.

"We don't believe in making young girls and women into sluts and whores as being a "good" thing. We believe that women should be honored as the mothers of the future rather than the incubators of fetal mutants." JA

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes Truth, real knowledge, life, health and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
All from Albert Einstein who was a creationist.

The Truth never changes.

When people are trying to force feed a religion on the public in order to control them or for monetary agendas, why is it you cannot see it? Why do you have to be their pawn in this destructive game? Is it your ego, pride, emotional needs ($). Why are you no different and are promoting ignorance?

Look at the money these companies make. If the public actually knew what was going on they would not make so much money. That is why Evodelusionism is taught. The magical idea that by magic mutations that "science" talks about but for some reason they never seem to find them, humans are "evolving".

The only conclusion shown in all the actual, factual, real, absolutely irrefutable physical evidence is genetic losses leading to eventual extinction. Teaching Evodelusionism helps those companies who are making profits off human suffering. Why would they ever want to stop people from spreading diseases and destroying the health of their babies?

Australia has the highest number of believers in "evolution" and they have the all time record of rise of STD.
400% in 10 years of Chlamydia and 229% rise in cancer in 25 years.
This is fueled by the fact that people are not going to conform to sexual controls unless there are laws to imprison people who spread diseases.

The problem is people in charge of the laws, churches, schools, and universities are all controlled by sexual compulsions, so if they can't control their sex organs, how are they going to do any good.  The USA is prime example  of this.  We had a sexual predator for president who went after young naive girls, destroyed much of their lives and sex life with permanent emotional scares, yet this guy is still in the public eye as being OK?  The same thing goes on in universities today with professors.  Professors have an extremely high rate of divorce.

That is why we know this is the end of any human attempts at health ever.  There is no hope as long a humans are in charge.    It is all over, except for the final war and then destruction of this system ruled by genetic suicide.


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