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Childhood Invasive Cancer Has No Magical Causes. by James Arjuna

The rise of cancer, a genetic disease in which the body's repair mechanism cannot fix a mutated cell, and the bodies immune system no longer recognizes and destroys cancer cells is on the rise.  In the US it is up 135% in 35 years. In Australia the land of militant Evotards it is up 229% in 25 years. The statistics of childhood cancer is very disturbing, 135% in 34 years with the highest incidents in under 1 year old babies. Genetic degradation is all there is. There's no evolution!
It is very difficult to break into a religious ideology base on emotional nonsense.

I can't believe that anyone would attribute childhood deaths and in particular the MOST numbers of deaths are babies under one year to unsubstantiated causes.

Before 1948 cancer was so rare that it was not even kept as a statistic and MD's were not focused on this disease because it was so rare.

Since 1948 the over all incidence has risen by 178% and from 1975 to 2009 it has risen by 135% and this is in children with the most cases in unborn and under one year old babies.  
There has been a 199.7% rise in unborn babies with spinal and brain cancerous tumors.  I posted the links to seer chart 29.3 on the blog.

In 1948 the environmental factors were bad.  I know I was alive then.
Most people in the US smoked. Doctors were recommending people smoke to calm nerves.
There was lead in the gasoline and we had no smog devices on cars trucks trains, anything.
The water was poisoned from pesticides (DDT). The air from industrial and combustion in cars.
The foods had poisons (DDT) in them and most foods were processed and refined to the point of being almost dead of nutrients.
The City where I lived as a child has a section called "Cannery Row".  I am sure you have heard of it from Steinbeck's book.  The reason why Cannery Row is a historical place and does no canning is because DDT killed off all the Sardines and most fish in the Monterey bay.

It wasn't until the 1960's that environmental poisons were actually addressed and started to be cleaned up.  I can remember when I first was driving I went to Los Angeles and could not believe how bad the air was. 1964.  I lived there in 1970 and again in 1980-83. There was no more smog then.

By 1975 the USA was cleaned up so much better than before:
 1975 when all lead was long gone and removed from Gasoline.
DDT was outlawed.
The water only had chlorine as the only poison in less than 0.5 PPM
The EPA was in full bloom.

However the cancer rates still are rising at nearly the same rate in percentage.  Meaning we are destroying our genomes using the exact same methods of spreading diseases that cause fetal mutations.  It has almost nothing to do with toxic chemicals and it never has.

Therefore, babies being born who do not smoke, don't drink, don't breast feed (one of the causes of breast cancer is not breast feeding your baby), don't have any environmental reason to be sick (and the environment has been cleaned up) can only be caused by diseased reproduction.

The USA has almost  1 in 3 people with an STD. Two STD's are not curable, permanent and reduce your life and increased suffering. Many of the viral STD's do not go away. They remain in your cells and can erupt at any time your immune system fails to keep them at bay. STD give rise to fetal mutations that cause 1 in 88 babies born with autism. 1 in 125 born with congenital heart disease. 200% rise in STD's in 10 years is evidence that social liberalism/ communism and atheism is bad for health.

The rapid rise in babies with cancer is a horrible statistic, but people want to be free to spread diseases.   The truth has never changed.  We must not keep doing this in the name of sexual freedom.

The ONLY way to stop this is by making laws to stop it and enforcing those laws to protect the children and babies, to protect the future of humanity.

The only cure for STD;s is to not spread them. The medical industry and big pharma have never cured a single disease, but have only participated in the cause of new diseases.

There are easy to find over 1,000,000 peer reviewed articles on human genetic degradation, showing over 100,000 deleterious mutations causing diseases. Also 20,000 lost genes atavism, non functioning genes. We have lost eye site strength, muscle strength, jaw size, brain size, bone density, can't eat even half the foods we could, lost enzymes, lost, hearing, suffer from many deformity, lost olfactory sensors and have never gained any improvements ever. This is science, not magic nor voodoo.

Its absolutely clear in evidence that there is no "correcting" or "fixing" influence in any creature. They are all losing gene functions; are less complex because of this.
99.9999% of "mutations" results in damage to the genome. Constantly happening from infected human zygotes.  It is absolutely clear there is no "correcting" or "fixing" influence in any creature. Only degradation!
This is why we only see increases in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the 7000+ "rare" genetic diseases.

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