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Are Humans Getting Better? What is Really Going On? by James Arjuna

There is ONLY degeneration shown in ALL HUMAN studies of DNA.

There are well over 20,000,000 (updated nov 2017) peer reviewed papers from all over the world clearly showing that humans are degraded, have never "evolved" and at the present rate of the rise of genetic defects our species will be reduced to stupid short living animals with no technology, no speech, no intelligence. We are about 60 years from that, and then rapid extinction because we live only by artificial life support (vaccines, antibiotic, drugs, surgery, medical means all artificial).

There are NO beneficial mutations ever found in DNA evidence.

Try this search term and see if you can find any beneficial mutations.  I have spent thousands of hours on that and so far not one beneficial mutation has ever been shown to exist. This search of all the data bases in the world sums up with over 2,000,000 articles and NO beneficial mutations.

In all these peer Science studies we find some estimated 20,000 pseudo genes. Pseudo genes are genes that used to code for human cells.  Now they are dead and fading away. Some of them are barely perceivable because of this fading of this coding.   They have completely mapped and studied 14000 of them so far. 

According to this study we have lost close to 45% of our coding that made us much stronger and much more healthy, fit and much more intelligent.

For those who do not understand math:
  Original number of coding genes approximately 45,000;  Coding genes we have now approximately 25,000.  Number of pseudo genes (dead genes) no longer coding for body parts 20,000.   20,000 + 25,000 = 45,000 original genes.
45,000 x 45% = 20250 lost genes.  Actual precise number is 20,000/45,000 = .444444  or 44.4%.

Dr. Gerald Crabtree a renowned geneticists and professor of genetics at Stanford University states that
“I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000–6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

We have lost;

-Brain Size, and skull size
-Jaw Size and lost teeth, the 'wisdom" teeth are remnants of a better stronger larger jaw.
-Our larger canine teeth that allowed us to eat more foods.
-enzymes in the appendix that gave us the ability to digest harsh fibrous vegetation and get nutrients out of it.
-visual acuity.
-visual spectrum and color (there are a very few people left with tetrachromatic vision)
-night vision.
-Our retinas are misshaped and we have blind spots we have to overcome by brain adjustments and glasses. Most degraded mammals have this, by the way.
-lost tails (coccyx) which show as an atavism, atavism is lost genes
-lost olfactory sensors in our nasal passages; Vomeronasalorgan, Can’t smell preditors from a distance or food or water.
-less bone density; we break bones easily
-bone  shape, bent crooked leg bones and much thinner than our  ancestors.
-hair; We cannot live in the wild without clothing or technology
-flexibility in our feet our ancestors could grasp in order to climb, we can’t.
-cartilage is weak and breaks easily. The number one injury with athletes ripped out tendons in the knees. 
-hearing loss and weak.   Common for humans to lose hearing frequency early in life.
-back strength  80% of humans complain of back pain and many have to have medical aid for it.
-knee problems from weak thin knee meniscus and bone joints.  Many people have Bone to Bone when this fails and intense suffering.
-More and more women have to have C section for birth because the “choice” breeders have skinny hips for some unknown reason.   Childbirth is the most dangerous of all the medical practices because the malpractice insurance is up to $300,000 per year; whereas internal medicine is $20,000 per year. There’s more about this on the birth defects article.
-we cannot produce Vitamin C and many enzymes used to process foods.
-eye protective membrane gone “nictitating membrane”
- Along with lost hair we see remnants of ‘goose bumps” which are used to raise hair to increase insulation.  You see this in animals when it is cold the hair “fluffs up”

Going away fading out:

-A muscle that show varying degrees of reduction ;Occipitalis Minor
-The palmaris longus muscle  appears gone in about 15%-17% of humans going away.
-The pyramidalis muscle of the abdomen gone in 20% of humans
-in the leg, The plantaris muscle abscent in about 10% of humans
-Extra nipples or breasts appear rarely in the population
- the existing sense of smell organs degraded in most and we find remnants of superior sense of smell in native South Americans, native North Americans, and African peoples who can identify other by smell; lost ability to sense predators or food and water.
-human immune system weakened and undirected causing all sorts of problems and the need for artificial means of survival, vaccines, and antibiotics were not needed for 200,000 years, now we can’t live without them.

There is no indication at all of any improvements. All the nonsense about how "refined and improved" we are in utter fantasy. 

What are we going to lose next?

This is why the medical industry is stating that modern humans, particularly white Anglo Saxons, white European descent cannot live past 20 years in the wild without technology and medical aid.
Keep in mind for 200,000 years (by the assumptive dating methods that have never been proven as correct) humans survived, bred and raised children without any medical at all.
And there is no way for use to determine how old someone from the past was. Even 5000 years ago, a 100 year old person could appear to be like a modern 40 year old because we are that much more degraded.

In Human DNA studies we have over 100,000 deleterious mutation found so far and no sign of any beneficial mutation have ever been verified other than by speculation from people who believe we evolved and got better at some point in time in the past where human science was "different" than now.  
This is the “magical time” of the past where humans supposedly evolved.  There is no physical evidence of this anywhere on the planet.

There have been found over 98000 ERV's (endogenous retrovirus). These represent infections a the germ line level.  Infections at the germ line level cause fetal permanent deleterious mutations.  The path of our genetic degradation is mapped clearly in these ERVs which are found in DNA coding for diseases tissues and gene losses, atavism.

Sung Chun1, Justin C. Fay1,2*
1 Computational and Systems Biology Program, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, 2 Department of Genetics and Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America:
"Evidence for Hitchhiking of Deleterious Mutations within the Human Genome"
According to this article of 1000 samples of human genomes, there is an average of 1000 deleterious mutations per person. Quote: "Each human is estimated to carry on the order of 1,000 deleterious mutations in their genome."
These are FIXED (permanent) in the reproductive process.

The governments do not want anyone to be concerned and want you to believe that "big brother and science" Is taking good care of us and don't worry about 200% rise in babies with brain/spinal tumors. or the 1 in 64 babies born with autism (up 650% in 39 years);  The medical industry will find a cure. Right???

So far not one disease has been cured by science.
They just continue to rise because of human ignorance.

Medical Industry:
Without the medical industry humans would already be extinct.
We have over 17000 genetic disease and so many pathogens that would wipe us out that humans cultivated out of ignorance, we would not be here without antibiotic, anti-fungal, vaccines. This is obvious from the evidence.

They have managed to make vaccines to stop polio and small pox but that is not a cure. The cure would be to have all humans not be affected by them at all with no vaccine (restored immune DNA).  And for sure they have no cures for genetic deformity except corrective surgery and deleterious mutations.  I don’t think they have enough brain power left to even know how to or what to do without killing more people or making mutant freaks from accidents out of them, in the process.  With heart surgery it is "plumbing work" and attaching parts of arteries taken from other parts of the body.   Cataract surgery is wonderful but does nothing about the genetic defects; the cause nor the cure. Medical industry has enzyme replacements, hormone replacements  lens replacements, and a huge number of medicines that reduce body functions to help with pain etc. Cancer treatments are horrible and the remission rate is not that good.  They give statistics on 5 years of life after cancer as "success" . In the mean time the rates of cancer rise at phenomenally rapid increases. The childhood cancer is just to harsh to believe. 

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  1. but isn't that what evolution is? I mean I agree being hairy and able to smell predators from a distance was useful back then but in our advanced age, I don't see much use for it. Very interesting article though, just my humble opinion

  2. Thanks for your post. The original definition of evolution is all about some magical idea that life can become more complex by some mystical causes. The entire history of humans is contained in our DNA. And there are zero beneficial mutations ever found. What's left is all we have left.
    The medical industry is being taught magical nonsense that our rapid genetic degradation in the last 60 years has "no causes" according to them. How is it possible for "science" to not look at causes?

    1. "all about some magical idea that life can become more complex by some mystical causes"

      trying to mock and downgrade a scientifc theory to the same level as religion?
      No too smart.

      If you think "mystical causes" are the driving force of evolution, you have been out of touch with science for too long.
      Ask a biologist and dont just parrot wahtever creationists say.

      ps "lighting isnt caused by mystical forces either".

    2. I am an evidence based scientist. There is no evidence in any creatures on this planet of any possible way for any increased complexity to take place.
      The fact that in the well over 5 million DNA studies on humans and some ancient humans over 2000 years old that there exist NO beneficial mutations should be your first clue.

      The second is the fact that in every creature living today that we find the ancient fossils on, the ancients had far better fitness.

      The third is in the fact that humans are so stupid that they believe in this magical nonsense because they do not have any form of objective reasoning and are controlled by social pressures, compulsions, sex addictions, and such that give rise to this ignorance.

      This crap religion is an insult to all the great scientists who came before.

    3. "There is no evidence in any creatures on this planet of any possible way for any increased complexity to take place."

      Then you are unaware of the evidence... which is pretty odd for someone that claims to be evidence based and a scientist, no less.

    4. You do know, by now, that I have studied all the so called evidence and found there is none.
      If you have any evidence at all which proves beyond all doubts that 1/ Humans are improving in health. 2/ any creature has ever evolved into more complex with new cells and those new cells having new functions that work to the benefit of the creature.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I believe in Devo, but this premise is saying animal features are better for humans. I don't see any of these being necessary except for brain function, and I would argue that brain size isn't even a predictor of intelligence. There are obvious improvements in intelligence that would refute the premise. I see Devo in the animal kingdom as the extinction rate far out pacing any possible instinction rate. The interesting point, that I like to make, is that there isn't even a word for instinction. Any minute changes in species that we are seeing couldn't possibly demonstrate that major structural changes in the animal kingdom connect them all to a common descendant (without intelligent intervention). My premise is that intelligent intervention existed at six distinct phases of the old earth history described in Genesis. It's best presented by Hugh Ross in RTB. I contend that we are in a period of Devo from the point of animal kingdom development. I don't see any Devo of significance in the human genome, although it is consistent for the animal kingdom. I applaud your presentation and thoroughness. It's fairly credible, but I don't agree.

    1. Dr. Gerald Crabtree a renowned geneticists and professor of genetics at Stanford University states that
      “I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000–6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

  4. Dave; Thanks for your comments. I would gladly like to be able to see with the higher acuity we used to have, and in tetra-chromatic color. To have clean arteries and to live for a very long long time. The features are not animal but are strictly human features.
    And for us to have a tail atavism may have been a handy thing to have and an atavism may or many not ever have been activated, but if the environment needs it the it can be used. Try to imagine being in a strong healthy body capable of survival with far more intelligence than we have now and your ideas of animal vs human change. Having more hair all over may have been very attractive compared to the scraggly remnants of hair we have now.
    There are no pictures of the first humans to "arrive" here. People and even scientists use relativism to their small perspective.

    It is hard to think that a lot of hair or any vestige is MORE human than the weak and frail white skinned sickly things we are so proud of now. We are programmed to like it the way it is because this is the condition of mankind now.

    I think that God has promised to fix this mess and that is our only hope.

  5. The evolution I have learnt to understand is nothing religious, mystical, or magical, it’s more like an arms race.
    One organism becomes stronger so it can fight off the other; the other becomes stronger so it can continue preying on the first and so on.

    Our very short life spans make evolution extremely difficult for many to comprehend because everything around us in Nature seems so fixed and permanent; Zebras will always be Zebras no matter how long any of us live.
    The time scales are mind boggling; if you look at wildlife today, maybe even yourself in the mirror, you are quite literally looking into the abyss of time.
    A human lifespan is a mere drop in the ocean in Earths history.

    Rising atheism does not help the case for evolution. Atheists are non thinkers who use evolution as leverage against the belief of a creator.
    Some of us with the mind to understand that our universe is not just some purposeless miracle of random bits falling into the right order are now against all that is evolution.

    If one opens their mind to evolution being one of a number of highly complex tools for which a creator has crafted life as we know it, then they will see that the evidence for its existence is all around us, in many cases, literally set in stone!

    Another argument the author of this blog has brought up against evolution is that humans are not improving.
    Put an ancient human amongst us, and he/she will be smarter and far fitter and stronger than us today.
    Evolution is supposed to be constantly improving a species, so why are humans becoming ever more sick and weak?
    Many reasons for this, to name a few;
    In ancient times weak and sickly people simply died young, the fittest survived. The weak are weeded out, which is part of evolutions mechanism.
    Today the weak and sickly are being kept alive, and are now producing offspring and their genetic disorders are being passed on. The human race is collecting more and more genetic disorders as a result.
    We are relying too much on technology, our minds and bodies are becoming weak as a result.
    There are too many toxins in our diet; we are treating our mouths as dustbins.

    The author of this blog uses the term degeneration to describe what is happening to the human race.
    Evolution has two sides; when it comes to survival of the fittest, it works beautifully, and the result is the breath taking beauty of the Natural World. The down side is if we stop using what Nature has given us, then we face losing it to degeneration, the opposite side of the coin of evolution.

    Evolution is simply; what works well we’ll keep anything we no longer need we’ll bin.
    If we do not use what works well, then we’re saying this is no good anymore let’s get rid of it, which could include high intellect.

    I’ll end this with this question;
    If evolution is false how life in all its high complexity come to be, how were such organisms as complex as the human mind created?

    Before any creator can build a cathedral, first they must have a plan and the most basic of building blocks.

  6. Marc There is only genetic degradation leading to extinction found in all evidence on all living creatures. That is all there is. If you care to discuss this in detail, I can show you all the evidence which is not easy to grasp, because humans are so emotional today. Every speck of evidence we can actually verify shows genetic losses and extinction.

    1. I am in no doubt that the human race is suffering from genetic degradation. Many of the losses you have listed on this page, I either already knew, or have suspected, the others I can understand having lost given our current lifestyle.
      It is indeed very worrying that we face this trouble, and almost everyone is totally unaware of this.
      I applaud your very thorough blog for bringing this information to those who care to read it.
      One could wonder what it would be like to have the mind and body of an ancient.
      To be an ancient like Archimedes armed with today’s understanding, literature and on a mission, i.e. working out the true origins of the universe.

      Now back to the question which I asked in my previous post; if evolution is false how life in all its high complexity come to be, where did such organisms as complex as the “ancient” human mind come from?
      How did an animal as large and as intelligent as the elephant come into existence?
      How did the Worlds wildlife in all its diversity and interaction come into existence?
      If everything alive today is the result of genetic degradation, how did the original species from which today’s species degraded from come to be?

      I’m no atheist, nor am I a religious fanatic, I have learnt through science and thinking that Nature works from basic finite building blocks, i.e. sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, and living cells to work up to larger more complex structures.
      Nowhere in Nature do you see complex life forms “just appearing”.
      A new species as large and as intelligent as an elephant just appearing would be like London having just appeared out of nowhere.

      Evolution from where I’m looking is a very clever system for which finite building blocks can be assembled into something more complex. Nothing magical, mystical, or religious, it is simply Nature at work.

      I’m in no way suggesting that you think early life on Earth just appeared out of nowhere, but I am interested in how you see early life on Earth developing if evolution is false.

    2. Every species that is living now, when you go back in time you can see only genetic losses.

  7. In all species all we see is genetic degradation leading to speciation. All the cats came from ancient large cats that as they migrated and degraded became unable to breed with other cats. It really is not that difficult to understand. There is no possible way for evolution to be real, if there are ZERO beneficial mutations ever found in ANY living species.
    What Evolutionists do is to compare ape DNA to Humans and say we came from apes when it is clearly obvious that apes are degraded and have lost brain function and are nearly extinct today.

    I have had this discussion with many people who are adamant Evolutionists and they cannot show me even one verifiable beneficial mutation in any living creature.
    They compare and use faith only that by using a degraded Chimpanzee they can say we evolved from creatures like this.
    The most common belief is that "duplication" mutations are the "engine" of evolution. Except that EVERY duplication mutation found today is part of a disease and some pretty horrible diseases.
    It is impossible to have evolution is there is no molecular basis for it.

    Any mutation must be integrated with a very complex designed genomic structure.
    There is no way for the HOX genes to recognize a mutation and know what to do with it. If is close to the protein of the original design the HOX genes place in the place where the correctly made proteins once were and that causes weakness degradation and diseases.
    Then the apoptosis of a bad cell must know what a bad cell looks like and destroy it. If it has nothing to recognize it just rides along and causes degradation and disease.
    Then the immune system must recognize "self vs not self" and destroy bad cells and protect good cells. Since we have a lot of screwed up cells we have the immune system causing autoimmune diseases where the only cells we have which are screwed up are attacked by the immune system, trying to destroy the incorrect coded cells.

    There is no way to integrate a mutation and have any "good" come from it. It is utter fantasy.

    The entire universe is put together by intelligence and speed of intelligence that no human can actually comprehend.

  8. Typos, "larger or more complex cats"

    "It is impossible to have "evolution" if there is no molecular basis for it."

  9. {"It is impossible to have "evolution" if there is no molecular basis for it."}

    DNA is a molecule, that’s the basis.

    {Typos, "larger or more complex cats"}

    Presumably this is in answer to my question;
    [If evolution is false how life in all its high complexity come to be, where did such organisms as complex as the “ancient” human mind come from?
    How did an animal as large and as intelligent as the elephant come into existence?
    How did the Worlds wildlife in all its diversity and interaction come into existence?
    If everything alive today is the result of genetic degradation, how did the original species from which today’s species degraded from come to be?]

    Referring to your page;

    Early mammals you discuss are; Smilodon, "sabre-tooth tiger” Mastodons, hyracotherium, Dire Wolves, and the Ceratogaulus hatcheri.

    My question to you is; these are all very impressive and highly advanced animals, so where did all these creatures come from if they did not evolve from anything?
    The earliest mammals known were small shrew like animals living around 160 million years ago. If you accept this, then surely such magnificent beasts such as Smilodon and Mastodon were not degraded shrews.

    Are there any genetic mutations advantageous over time? Surely it is far better to be a Tiger than a Shrew.

    Dinosaurs presumably predated any mammals which were big enough to justify the effort of ambushing them. But once Dinosaurs had been knocked off centre stage, this left the way clear for early mammals to begin the very long process of evolving into such great beasts as Mastodons, Bears, Smilodon, and the Horse.

    The Horse is an interesting feature on your page in that it’s the only animal to seem to have become larger and stronger. Yes it has lost features; it is in effect running on its middle toes.
    This may appear to be degradation, but this has its advantages i.e. making them more efficient runners.

  10. To continue previous post;

    Apes hands are excellent for swinging through trees, but human hands are not so good at this, also our shorter weaker arms are a distinct disadvantage in this pursuit.
    So you could say our hands and arms are degraded versions of ape arms and hands.

    Evolution led to the human hand having the apposing thumb. Our hands may now not be so good for swinging through trees; however, they’re a damn sight more useful for myriad upon myriad of other purposes.
    Early humans having moved from forest living into hunting on open plains were able to run prey animals to death.
    This required three adaptations, bipedal locomotion, a mostly hairless body, and sweating. Sweating (and the more effective heat management that went with it) made it possible to run for many hours without overheating. Which meant the swiftest of prey animal could be run to exhaustion. Humans suddenly had a hunting strategy better than the largest carnivores.
    This also gave early humans the advantage of being able to hunt at times of the day which was too hot for other predators to come running after them.
    Brains generate a lot of heat, and so large brains are just not sustainable, they'd cook themselves to death.
    The fortunate by-product of sweating was the ability to cool the brain, which meant larger brains were possible. Thanks to sweating, early humans were not only far more effective hunters than apes, but smart too.

    Sometimes loss of features is an advantage; the horse losing toes to become better runners, humans losing body hair, and the ability to swing through trees to become better hunters.
    These trade offs can be seen throughout Nature.

    Neanderthals were more robust than Homo-sapiens, they also had larger brains. They may have been smarter than us in some ways.
    However, Homo-sapiens passed their ideas onto each other; they were learning more through successive generations. Neanderthals kept their ideas to themselves, which would put them at a distinct disadvantage against Homo-sapiens who were developing ever greater skills.
    This one little genetic tweak of the human brain would see the comparatively frail Homo-sapiens triumph over the Neanderthal.

    1. "Apes hands are excellent for swinging through trees, but human hands are not so good at this, also our shorter weaker arms are a distinct disadvantage in this pursuit.
      So you could say our hands and arms are degraded versions of ape arms and hands."
      Again, simply, apes hands degraded differently than humans.
      Apes also retain the two chromosomes that we have at chromosome #2. I believe it was Ape 11 and 12 that fused? Not sure and don't even want to go look. By the way a chromosome fusion is a defect.

  11. Apes have degraded differently than humans. Once they lost all mental logical functions (where we are rapidly heading from the data on mental retardation pandemic in our species.) and they still had teeth and muscle strength they lived by that as animals. Now all of them are going extinct. I find it funny that using extinct or almost extinct creatures as evidence for "evolution" is a weird things that Evolutionists use.

    The Neanderthal did not die out we degraded from them. Recent DNA studies of Neanderthal shows they were humans. There have been many strange human species that have degraded and died out over the ages. Just a few years ago a tribe of really large headed and large eye socket humans were found in Africa said to be 14000 years old or so. They died in a flood because they were all found holding on to their children as if trying to protect them.
    There have also been some human creatures that are stated to be 6.1 million years old and are upright walking. Bipedal ism did not evolve. Most Evolutionists know nothing of the Ororrin. It is hidden from all students. It is impossible for upright walking to evolve when it existed 6.1 million years ago. The bones of this creature are much stronger and straighter than modern humans. They found no skull, just a few "primitive" teeth. By the way primitive teeth were much better for survival.

    You see there is no straight path towards our genetic degradation that is leading to our total extinction.

    DNA destroys Evolution. If you cannot find one single beneficial mutation in a LIVING animal or person, then you have nothing to base your religion on .

    Once you are emotionally able to overcome your religious ideas about life, fed to you by your government then it is easy to see what is going on.

    The chimpanzee is easy to see that it is degraded from our species. It split off before the fusion of chromosome #2 in humans (the fusion is a degradation by the way.). I have spent many hundreds of hours looking at the direct comparison of human to chimp DNA and Chimps are definitely degraded from our common superior human ancestors. My guess is that a tribe moved out to a place with highly mutagenic environment. Most of the mountains of Africa were full of radioactive minerals at one time. It was their luck that these mutations only destroyed their brains and turned them into animals, very interesting animals.

    Do you know that chimps have "idiot savant" characteristics?

  12. I’ll put aside the other issues for this post, so we can focus on this question.

    How did such magnificent beasts as Mastodon, Smilodon, and Dire Wolves come into existence without any form of evolution?

    1. The complexity of life was put here and it has only degraded as it speciates into different creatures of the same genetic lineage. This is obvious from ALL the evidence.

      Science does not know "who" or "how" and they can't stand the idea from egos of any form of extreme intelligence or any idea that they are responsible for their actions that spread diseases.

      You do know that the Bible is full of exacting rules for health that is perfect down to the molecular level of protecting species from diseases and degradation? If you don't know this then you don't know what is in it. It was this fact that got me to know just how accurate the Bible is.

      How did the original extremely healthy humans come to be? Designed and Created of course. Can you imagine being able to see in more color spectrum, hear more audible range and with far better dynamic range? We lost all of that by being so stupid.

      It was the study of all of life sciences that brought me to the Bible and understanding its accuracy.

  13. The bible was indeed written by some extremely intelligent people, there were some great thinkers in those times. Great thinkers like the ancient Greek philosophers Leucippus and Democritus who first developed the concept of the atom way back in the 5th century B.C.E, and there was no way of proving this for another 14 centuries.

    Such was the intellect of these great people; they knew that their ideas would remain unknowable for many centuries to come. They also knew that the average uneducated person would never be able to grasp such ideas also for many centuries to come. Yet they still had to get their message across a whole spectrum of people, a real tall order.

    Yes, I believe the bible was written to guide people to better morals and way of living, hence the name bible.
    If Genesis were to describe creation in the way science teaches, then the bible would be of too many volumes for anyone to carry around with them.
    Also the whole point of the book would be lost in an ocean of other information.
    So these great thinkers had the foresight to keep their message nice simple and concise by use of easy to digest allegories.
    Allegories like Adam and Eve, where a clear message needed to be written and for anyone reading this book to understand what the author is saying.
    Had Genesis described in detail Big Bang theory, star and planet formation, the order of the elements, chemistry, and evolution etc, the reader will have missed the whole point of what the author is trying to tell them.
    Though much of the bible is based on true events, what astounds me is that millions of intelligent people throughout the World believe Adam and Eve were real historical people, and everyone alive today descended from them, despite knowing the harm inbreeding causes.

    With today’s extensive scientific understanding such ideas as Adam and Eve being real historical people is turning people away from the bible.
    Because of such interpretation, people now believe the bible to be nonsense, and behave just as you have described in detail on your blog.

    Corrupt leaders throughout history have used religion to manipulate people in their pursuit of power and wealth, and of course this is still going on. A great test of their power over you is;
    “If I tell you the World is flat, and you believe me, then I truly have power over you”.
    What better way to test your power over a race of people than to make them believe something that is so obviously untrue?

    If people are informed that the bible is really a guide to a good clean purposeful, fulfilling life, and that some of the books within were written with the intention of putting across a point in a concise and easy to digest format, then more people will be attracted to read it.
    If we continue to push ideas such as Adam and Eve being real, and evolution being a lie, then we’ll continue to drive people away from the teachings of the bible.
    We will deny them the privilege of reading the words of the ancients.
    We will cause more atheism!

    To be continued;

  14. Continued from last post;

    These ideas were fine at one time, no one knew how living things got here, but with so much scientific data to the contrary things have to change.
    If we suggest humans and wildlife were put here in complete form as the first living things we then get this thrown in our faces; Dinosaurs!
    Dinosaurs were not even the first living things, but there’s empirical evidence they once existed long, long before humans and mammals.

    We can still say humans and all other life were created, but in a way that acknowledges scientific findings.
    Life on Earth was indeed created but through order logic, intellect, and an awful lot of time. Well an awful lot of time to us with our little life-spans.

    When I consider the following; Big Bang, the fundamental forces, fundamental particles, star and planet formation, the order of the elements, chemistry, and evolution, it is all so beautifully orchestrated that it makes far more sense that these are the tools of an intellect beyond our imagination than just luck.

    Far better to suggest Adam and Eve is an example couple so the author can convey an important message, and say; but if you really want to know how they were designed and created the above means is what we currently understand. The story had to be kept short and concise so you’d not miss the whole point and its meaning.

    1. Every testable scientific phenomenon found in the Bible is accurate down to the molecular level on life sciences. This would be considered to be "Supernatural knowledge" at that time. This is what sold me on the absolute accuracy of the Bible as inspired from God. Then as I learn more deeply in it, the rest is also accurate and it tells the whole story right to the end of this screwed up system, and the start of a new "kingdom on earth as it is in heaven".

      The story of Adam and Eve is all about our first steps into degradation, when we defied the Creator. And started this path of "sins" against life. The first thing we did was to believe in "evil" and "what evil teaches". It's only purpose that the Devil, Satan, is only the destroyer of health, life and to insure that people blame all the human caused suffering on Jehovah as the biggest lie.

      Adam was made from the earth. I think we can find just about ever mineral and element in our bodies even if it was a the trace mineral level. The story of the rib is interesting, because you could take a rib and clone an entire body from it female by some simple adjustments to the DNA. We have no idea how this was done, but we do know now that it could be done from our basic understanding of DNA replication.

      The big bang was stolen directly from Hindu and Kashmir Shaivism. They refer to it as the Blue Bindu (spot in space) from which all life sprung. It is called the source of all creation. Hawking and others are just thieves. Like all information from the ancient seer's, all you have to do to test it is to look and see if it is there. Without knowledge from the ancients and well known scriptures this idea would never be thought of by modern man. They are just to stupid to even conceive of it.

      I believe giant creatures are mentioned in the Bible. But that is not the purpose of the Bible.

      The Bible is the Story of man's downfall, and the causes, and the cures that Jehovah God tried and didn't work to try to convince people to be healthy and not promote more diseases. To not listen to evil ideology and to live healthy and long.

      The entire Mosaic law is all about how to live without destroying people's lives and this was before the Messiah. The Messiah was sent to balance out all the degradation humans have done to themselves and to buy back us from this genetic degradation "sin". Every time you read the word "sin", realize that it means going against, life, the way we were made and causing shorter more miserable lives from genetic diseases.
      We are born in sin, means we have inherited a lot of mental diseases, physical emotional diseases and compulsions from our ancestors. It doesn't mean we are "rotten" unless we work out to be rotten to the core and have no redeemable "heart". We were not always so obsessed with sex, it was a developed disease.

      There is a lot more, but the main theme of the Bible is telling about how we as individuals can have a close relationship (align with our Creator) with Jehovah though Jesus's help. It is this that will allow us to live in the new system where we will be restored to absolute perfect health. It is promised. And if everything else is true then so is that.

      You are correct about the meaning of the bible had to be kept to the POINT.

      God haters, particularly homosexuals and sex addicts, hate the fact of Sodom and Gomorrah. That only an evil god would kill people who are naturally sexually born that way? But in order to stop diseases with no medical aid, the only way to protect the mass of the population was to do that.

      After the Messiah came the rules changed and Jehovah just let us go to this point and wants to find some people to inhabit the new earth where evil and death will be no more. He doesn't hate homos, just needed to protect the genetics of the pathway for the Messiah to be born.
      Many people at that time had to be destroyed who were promoting horrible pandemic diseases.

    2. ". That only an evil god would kill people who are naturally sexually born that way? But in order to stop diseases with no medical aid, the only way to protect the mass of the population was to do that. "

      So instead of cure people, your powerful deity committed murder on a massive scale and nearly complete genocide? Sounds like your god isn't very powerful, or is completely immoral.

    3. Read;

      Here is what you seem to be missing.

  15. I believe what you say is correct. I just started a blog of my own and I think my front page essay entitled "Are Homo Sapiens the Idiot Savants of the Animal Kingdom" poses a very plausible answer as to the reason for our deterioration.
    It's at:

    1. There are very few intelligent people left. I know this because I have to work with them. It takes a lot of patience to teach someone the same thing over 10 times until they "get it" and these are people who have degrees.

    2. You need to read this as well.

  16. Wow... what a litany of one sided bs that ignores evidence that doesn't fit with their view. I've seen this before and it is extremely unimpressive and outdated.

    1. You actually think that 50 years of DNA study on humans and many creatures and never finding any beneficial mutations is not modern?

      The Questions, To Clarify Theory of Evolution Completely by James Arjuna
      First thing to do is to answer my questions and you will be free from most of this delusional nonsense. Let's see if you have any intellectual balls.

      1/Where is your absolutely irrefutable physical evidence showing that simple life has evolved into complex? You CANNOT use any opinions from faith, no religious books using religious slogans. ONLY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

      2/Where is ONE verifiable germ line beneficial mutation ever found in the human genome? (the most studied creature of all time.) Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

      3/ RNA cannot make DNA without DNA to produce the original coding. They are simultaneously needed to produce eukaryotic life. There is no physical evidence of any RNA only creature making DNA. Where is your physical evidence of RNA only creatures developing into DNA to RNA creatures we see all over the earth?

      4/ It is impossible for the human immune system to evolve when the pathogens that destroy digest human cells already existed before the first "human" cell.
      It is impossible for any of the original life forms to exist based on this. The creatures needed to be made already having an integrated, fully functioning, immune system to deal with all pathogens and even radiation from sunlight that causes mutations and cancer cells that need to be destroyed.
      Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.
      Here is a video of how cancer cells are supposed to be destroyed by the immune system.

      5/ The huge (and rapidly growing) big pharma and the medical industry are evidence of what?

      A. How evolved and healthy we are?

      B. How degenerated and sickly we are?

      It is a simple question!

      6/ If life evolved from nothing for no reason, where did the concept of survival come from?
      With out this built in instructions nothing would survive. It has to be a compulsion to survive on a deep instinctual level. Therefor, it is designed in and cannot come from any magical random no reason from no cause. All I teach is what is obvious to anyone who has a brain to see.

      7/ There is no possible way for any mutation to integrate into an existing complex system. READ;

  17. Evolution is adaptation.

    Harsh environment -> well equipped creatures

    Soft environment -> vulnerable creatures

    DNA has a cost in terms of chemical energy, to produce all the proteins that work in our organism. If a protein becomes useless, because the environment does not require that feature anymore, the DNA will get rid of the gene responsible for it. There is no interest in wasting chemical energy to produce useless proteins.

    1. There is no evidence for any form of increased cells with new cells having new functions EVER FOUND IN ANY EVIDENCE. There is no evolution. There is only genetic degradation leading to extinction.

      Evolution is the religion of morons and weak minded people afraid of the truth that is so obvious.

      Cancer is up nearly 1100% in 110 years.
      Childhood cancer us up nearly 2000% since 1914 and it has risen much faster in the last 40 years.
      Diabetes is up by 400% in 40 years.
      Congenital heart disease is up 1000% since 1914 and up 300% in less than 35 years.
      We now have hospitals the size of what used to be villages with 10,000 employees. Is that evolution?
      There is no logic to your religion. Therefor, when you apply logic it fails every time.

      Here is the results of this as is found in evidence.

  18. How can anyone believe that we got here through some blind undirected material proses, or a chemical accident, is crazy. For any one to rule out intelligent design, and place it with the most depressing theory in science "Evolution" its neither logical or rational it's not an intelligent choice. Its just an outdated bankrupted belief theory that should be put on the burn pile of history

    1. I agree. Only stupid people who do not have any discrimination believe in magical evolution with mystical causes and NO Evidence.