Friday, June 28, 2013

There Are No Beneficial Mutations Ever Found...WHY? by James Arjuna

Please find this mutation. Without it you have no Evodelusionism religion.

*Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

I find it funny that Evolution Nutjobs  would argue with over 20,000,000 peer articles done by serious study on human DNA.

Please don't insult to those hard working medical research doctors from all over the earth.

I have asked well over 1000 people including you (now) to find any beneficial mutations in all those peer studies? (There are none because it is logically and physically  impossible.)
So far you think that the tetrachromatic vision that is going extinct is a beneficial mutation. (How can something that is going extinct be "new"?)

You have no idea the complexity of life and how a single mutation cannot work EVER to integrate in a healthy manner with the WHOLE of the genetic system of DNA programming.

The whole premise of "evolution" hinges on  impossibilities. The "engine of evolution" according to evotards is the "duplication" mutation that makes copies of all or parts of a genetic protein sequence.   There are impossibilities associated with this ridiculous premise.  Therefore it cannot and does not work to add any increased complexity but it does cause suffering and death to the creature.

Any "new" coding (produced by "addition" of new protein building segments of DNA), changes to the protein "manufacture of cells", must be able to integrate with the HOX system to place these "new" cells where they can work. This is only done by a total "overview" of the whole system of design used to make the HOX genes "work" with these "new" gene segments integrated. You can see that this is logically impossible and only reflects the ignorance of believers of evolution. You would have to physically change the coding of the HOX genes to even begin to use any "accidental" mutations and place them where they could do "good".  You would have to play God, understanding how this new segment could possibly be integrated in placing the proteins in the proper place for "health" and vitality.  LOOK at what happens when the HOX genes themselves are mutated.  

Any new gene segments (like from a duplication mutation) and new proteins, must be integrated with the "repair mechanism" so that these cells are recognized as correctly coded (the correct cells in the correct place of the body) or not and make any repairs they can and do to fix them by an enzyme change corrected  to the ORIGINAL integrated design.  If not they are destroyed by the immune system. (This is the root cause of autoimmune diseases. The cells are incorrect to the design needed and so the immune system tries and does destroy them.)

The repair mechanism (an enzyme process to change the proteins to the master plan) looks at the DNA of the programming and then looks at the cells made from the DNA/RNA process and determines if it is correct. If it is correct, then it is allowed to go on or any cells it cannot "fix" are destroyed by the immune system. You can see that this is impossible for any new proteins to be integrated by magic and only reflects the ignorance of believers of evolution. The Creator of the master design has to come in and change the programming of the repair/immune system to make any new proteins integrate.  This has never happened.  Autoimmune diseases are caused by these badly coded cells and the immune system tries to destroy them by attacking these incorrect cells. (or the immune lost its programming from mutations and allows incorrect diseased cells to live.  This is the root cause of cancer.)

Every duplication mutation found in modern DNA causes serious diseases because it screws up the existing system with added proteins and even cells that are not usable but actually can block functions. In the brain these duplication mutations cause Alzheimer's and autism and many hundreds of other serious and deadly diseases.
Also found in breast cancer, and many horrible diseases.

The "duplication mutation" is believed by Evolution Nutjobs to be the "mechanism of evolution".  These fools actually think that duplication mutations (which today are only found to cause diseases) are adding new functions to existing complex creatures.  It is a pathetic group of fools.

Here is a video from medical scientists showing how the immune system carefully selects these bad cells and destroys them, without harming any of the cells around them. This is a very precise system that requires intelligence to design. There are billions of cells that it does not destroy. How could it possibly know the "self cells" from the "not self cells". It is way to complex for most Evotards to understand so they call it magical random nonsense.


  1. "these bad cells and destroys them, without harming any of the cells around them. This is a very precise system that requires intelligence to design."


    Evidence please.

    1. Start reading until you understand yourself. The evidence is and has been around for nearly 40 years. There is only genetic degradation found in ALL DNA studies. And Cancer has risen nearly 200% in the world in the last 65 years along with diabetes and heart diseases, ALL are genetically caused. Only weak and easy to manipulate people believe in Evolution. And it's belief is, in itself, evidence of genetic mental degradation.
      1 in 54 boys now born with autism, 1 in 125 born with congenital heart disease, 1 in 10 born with serious "rare" genetic diseases, 1 in 3 ages 15 to 64 will die from cancer. All we see is ONLY an increase in genetic degradation at a pace far faster than in the entire history of humans. In 50 years we have degraded over what happened in the last 2000.

    2. And Matthew, you have no idea how the human DNA produces your body. It is a very complex system and if you understand HOX genes and the repair mechanism and the immune system, you would easily understand that it is impossible for any benefits to come from any mutations. That is why we never see any "beneficial mutations" ever found in the human genome.

    3. +Randall Wilks I am sorry, but you don't have a clue what you are talking about. 100% of mutations, CHANGES TO DNA CODING THAT CHANGES THE REPLICATION PROTEINS are deleterious. I have had this discussion with thousands of people most who know far more than you and are honest. They cannot come up with even ONE beneficial mutation found in living creatures. This mutation must increase health, increase complexity (more coding with a direction towards better health and fitness).

      None exist and that is because it is a pure logical impossibility for that to happen.

      First of all the "new" protein would have to be directed by the HOX genes as to where it fits in the complex genetic structures. That means that "someone" has to reprogram the HOX genes to use this "new" protein and place it in a perfect spot for health. This has NEVER happened.

      Secondly the apoptosis process would have to recognize this and not destroy it for not following the existing master genetic plan of the creature. If this process does not destroy a bad cell then it lives as cancer or diseases. This beneficial use of bad cells has never happened.

      Thirdly: The immune system must recognize it as "self vs not self" and that can never happen. This is why our screwed up cells are attacked by the immune system and we have diabetes, heart disease some 80 autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. The immune system is working correctly in trying to destroy these incorrect cells. It is these mutations that are wrong and cause lost health.

      You see adding anything to an existing design without a master planner to correct all these errors is INSANE.

      Evolutionists believe that duplication mutations are the "engine of evolution" except that EVERY duplication even one base pare duplication is found to be part of some serious disease. It literally makes extra or incorrect proteins that destroy the function of the cells. The intended us for the cell is destroyed and you get diseases. This is absolute fact.

      This is why humans today are so sickly and have lost about 44% of their once coding genes, we have nothing but disease and mental and physical degradation and belief in really stupid ideas like "evolution" is an emotional disease and evidence of our genetic degradation.

      Here is the entire history of human evolution from over 150 years of hard scientific research from the medical industry.

      No scientist has refuted any of this, because it comes from over 1,000,000 peer studies.

    4. I would think that beneficial mutations to be extremely rare, especially considering the massive amount of time it takes for change to happen. Also, it should be expected that humans have an increase in gene degradation considering the fundamental force in evolution is death before procreation when the organism should not normally survive. We as humans have a wonderful healthcare system and ability to survive easily, so that evolutionary force is now mostly gone.

    5. There have never been found any beneficial mutation. Not ever. They do not exist and cannot exist if you have any understanding of how cells cannot integrate defects and have them do anything but harm. That is why we have so many low intelligent people on the planet now. There was no "evolutionary force". And there is no evidence anywhere. The magical idea that "Long Long ago and far far away....In the magical land of the Evo Fairy, where science worked differently and by magical processes, and mystical causes things got more complex. The medical industry is pure evidence of human failure to stop destroying our own children in this utter degraded condition of ignorance.

  2. So, is anyone going to provide evidence for intelligent design or what? All I see is that evolution is a fact provided by the plethora of evidence that supports it.

    1. The evidence for Jehovah God is everywhere. It is not for the low intelligence people to see it, because it is so obvious.

      The obvious is not obvious until it becomes obvious.

      Only very low intelligent people cannot see the complexity of life as clear evidence of extreme intelligence.

      “The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”
      ― Thomas Paine,

      "A degraded human may never understand, want, nor be able to withstand the Truth." James Arjuna

      "All beliefs are bad for humans." James Arjuna

      "Absolute Knowledge leads to freedom." James Arjuna

      "Blind faith is for the blind leading the blind into a pit of death." James Arjuna

      "Knowledge of the Truth is the only goal for a human." James Arjuna

      "If you are not seeking the Truth, then you are only seeking to perpetuate your's and others HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) beliefs that lead to suffering and death." James Arjuna

      " When you remove all that is false, all that remains is the Truth." James Arjuna

      "Just about everything you believe is false. There is no “belief” in real knowledge" James Arjuna

      “Remove all beliefs and ideas that use slogans and only go with knowledge based on absolutely irrefutable physical evidence.” James Arjuna

      "If someone tells you there is no "truth" nor any "absolutely clear evidence" tell them you know they are full of HEMG." James Arjuna

      "There exists only two forms of mental thoughts: 1/ The Truth which is Objective awareness. 2/ HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) BS (belief systems)." The BS is designed to give you eternal death. James Arjuna

      “Faith comes from evidence that YOU personally see and experience and understand fully as clearly obvious without the clouds of confusion put on you by the world owned by greed, lust, hate, war, disease, and lies.” James Arjuna

      "When people teach indoctrination they first use some truth, then later start mixing in the utter political and plutocrat nonsense ; then at the end of the indoctrination you will believe any nonsense they feed you, so there is only human garbage beliefs at the end of the indoctrination ride". James Arjuna

      "A real scientist (person seeking the Truth) looks to the final premises of the indoctrination at the beginning. Then makes up his requirements for acceptance. He/She never lays down for indoctrination." James Arjuna

      "Why would you put on blinders to go for a ride with anyone. Not knowing where the intended path leads you is pure stupidity and trust based on coercion and rotten "good" intentions." James Arjuna

      "If they tell you "you have to be educated in order to understand. Tell them to go far away from you!” James Arjuna

      "The Truth is obvious and easy to understand. Truth does not require any long winded set of worthless repeated slogans.” James Arjuna

      "Bullshit motivated by greed is very “difficult” to understand, has no real logic and requires a lot of training and education". James Arjuna

      “The priest class creates their own language and tells you they are the masters of science. They make out like science is some great mystery and only they can interpret it. Stay far away from that human emotional mental garbage!” James Arjuna

      "When the solution is simple, God is answering."
      Albert Einstein