Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Orrorin destroys the idea of evolution? By James Arjuna

The question was asked:
"How does the Orrorin destroy the idea of evolution? You fail to explain that."

It is obvious, but the obvious is not obvious until it is obvious, so I have to explain this extremely obvious conclusion.

The Orrorin shows a much stronger and straighter bone structure that is completely opposite to this idea that hominids could ever "get better" or have added increased fitness. It actually shows much stronger bones than any modern human.

The Orrorin is 6.1 million years old, meaning that it is older than all the other non walking "hominids" and shows more fitness, strength and upright walking.

The Orrorin shows from the teeth samples stronger higher level of fitness concurrent with the ability to eat and tear raw meat. Modern humans only get sick from raw meat or any meat and lack proper teeth to eat it.

All of the ideas that the "lucy" or "homo habilis" or "homo erectus" are our ancestors is nothing more than mythological garbage from belief. They are all extinct and showed a trail of existence then death and extinction from genetic degradation that made them lose fitness. Using extinction to argue against our eventual and rapidly approaching extinction is only something an emotionally driven stupid human would do.

The Chimpanzee is the most perfect example of this. It is the closest relative to humans and is nearly extinct. The "lucy" looks like a degraded Chimp by the way.

The Chimpanzee is going extinct and has not flourished all the time humans have studied it. It has some known 160,000 deleterious mutations (humans have over 100,000). So this means that we are right behind the chimp and going extinct as well.

Humans were the only creature that were given instructions on how to preserve our genome or any life and we spit in the face of our Genetic Designer.

3000 years ago the Jews were given extremely advanced biological laws to preserve human health. This was based on information that was so far ahead of them at the time. There was no medicines and no antibiotics, so the only way to stop disease was to NOT PROMOTE IT. Every speck of the laws given follows exactly how to stop the spread of diseases, how to stop genetic degradation.

Modern humans are no so degraded we choose to ignore and go and support all sort of perversions and bad health practices as if it was OK.

It took the plague in Europe in the 1300's before these people suffered enough to pick up the Bible and follow those rules. The reaction to having most of your family destroyed by filth and disease was complete adherence to these rules and making laws against spreading diseases or spreading any disease to women at reproduction.

Modern humans are incapable of controlling their compulsions, so we have rampant STD's and extreme rise in unborn babies dying.

Cancer is now the number one disease killer of children. Next is deformity, and third is congenetal heart disease.

This is what we choose by not being able to curtail our compulsions and desires.

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