Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Evodelusionism Religious Creed and Dogmas: Author, James Arjuna

If every speck of physical evidence only shows genetic degradation leading to eventual extinction then we were made and we will go extinct, just like every other creature on earth. 

Evodelusionism Creed and Oath:

1/ We Evotards believe that dead extinct hominids degraded and went extinct are human ancestors. By magical processes and mystical causes,somehow these dead apes that were wiped off the planet, were resurrected and evolved into "modern" humans.

2/ We only look at fossils that have never been seen living or even have a living relative, In spite of the fact that we have 90% of the now living or recently extinct, non bird, vertebrates as fossils and the farther back you go you see higher fitness for survival, We Evotards believe and take an oath that this shows evolution.

3/ We Evotards believe in magical beneficial mutations, in spite of the fact that we don't see any in over 5 million DNA studies on humans and other creatures. That all we see is genetic losses with speciation, lost genes, lost health and shorter lives. And some 1.5 million species already extinct and some 47000 now on the list to die out. We believe that extinction is “evolution” because our teachers tell us that.

4/ The Religion of Evodelusionism is this idea that by magical processes and mystical causes slime turned into one celled creatures and humans evolved from fish, in spite of the fact there is NO evidence for this on this planet. But we must believe in spite of this fact that there is not even one tiny piece of physical evidence.

5/ Evotards believe that there was this mystical time in the past where species and science operated differently, that the natural laws of science in some magical way were avoided (by the “Evotard Fairy of natural positive selection”) and that now we see no creatures evolving at all doesn’t matter, because we don’t live in the magical times of the past where the laws of science were “different”. .

6/ Evotards swear to sell wisdom teeth, appendix, tail atavism, thinner bones, and other genetic losses, atavisms, and vestiges as some sort of "refining" or advancing increased evolution and that white people are the highest level of evolution on the planet. (It's roots are based on some serious racism. Now with the advent of DNA, we can clearly see that white people cannot survive past about 25 years in the wild with no medical nor technology. I find that funny/sad, because when I took "evolution" classes the "homo erectus" cartoon was black, representing that blacks were "less evolved". Now we see the new “homo erectus” cartoons have pink skin. Not only is that funny to me, is just shows how full of crap these people are. If it was the truth it would never change.)

7/ Evotards change the etymological meanings of words that have been used for centuries and mean one basic meaning.  What is the real definition of "evolution" as it has been for centuries.

8/ Evotards take an oath to operate on Judyism, the religion of Judy Tenuta, “It could happen.” (rather than any form of realism or truth) is the bases of all those religious slogans. As if they are willing it to happen by faith and belief.. All we see in actual evidence is genetic losses, degradation of health, leading to extinction. This is obvious to all those who simply look around and see how fast the genetic diseases are rising.

“ In the name of Darwin and our living master who owns us, Dawkins, we pray. So, we can spread diseases and destroy the lives of our offspring and all future generations from diseased, immoral, behavior as our ancestors did to us, we will continue to destroy the lives of our children.”

Here is Richard Dawkins in all his glory:

If you are not seeking the Truth, then you are 1/ retarded and believe in magic. 2/ only seeking to keep your dumb ass job and feed the system. 3/ perpetuating lies.


  1. what a load of bullshit from an uneducated smartass.
    We live in 2014, you have no excuse for this much ignorance and arrogance.

    1. Read this article again and tell me if there is anything not correct about it, from evidence. Then show the evidence.

    2. You are very ill educated and ignorant of reality.
      Your whole family is sick and cannot live without medical aid. The medical industry is the largest industry on earth bigger than farming in terms of sales. In the USA over $9,000,000 per person on medical, yet the USA has a fast rising childhood mortality rate, and extreme rise on mental retardation.

    3. change good or bad is evolution which makes this article contradictory...since the first line
      >If every speck of physical evidence only shows genetic degradation leading to eventual extinction
      proves evolution...while the rest of the article attacks evolution

      evolution is (99.999% bad and 0.001% good) now we see evolution as good because of natural selection where the weak ones die out and the strong ones live and reproduce resulting in more strong offspring now modern society protect ALL people strong and weak if not for society we would be MUCH better off because of natural selection killing off the weak retarded kids which harm the gene pool furthermore those with strong genes will also reproduce the most and those without will die alone this thereby ensures the strength of the genes in the gene pool
      however today through the miracle of society the weak manage to live and reproduce totally contradictory to natural selection and weaken the gene pool resulting in the retards we have today

    4. Evolution by definition means going from the less complex to the more complex.
      Since ALL of the evidence ONLY shows degradation from a much higher level of fitness in ALL creatures, then all were designed and built by a process we don't understand in our current stupid condition. We were created and we have screwed up badly.