Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Absolute Morality What Is It? By James Arjuna

This is the only True morality

Absolutely Morality is based *ONLY* on this:
This is EXACTLY what the Bible Teaches in terms of what it means to be a good person, worthy of respect and honors.  All the "news and history" of humans reflects well the extreme level of evil (overwhelming in contrast to any form of good) that is on the earth and how it has turned our species into weak and sickly creatures who cannot even deal with a simple pathogen without artificial medical aid.  How we jump from relationship to relationship ,job to job and are malcontents.  We know now that; "old age is considered to be a disease by the medical industry and it needs to be cured."   Jehovah told us that in the first book of the Bible; where God explained how humans put it on themselves disease, suffering and death.

Good: That which promotes Truth, Real Knowledge based on physical evidence, Promotes LIFE, strength, health, freedom love, compassion contentment and joy for living.  

This is the nature of the God of the Bible, Jehovah (Yehovah in Hebrew);  Life forever on a restored planet back to the way it was intended before humans decided to "play god". 


Evil: That which promotes intolerance of good morals (good supports life and love), promoting the lust of rotten actions causing spread of pathogen diseases, ignorance, divisions, causing genetic diseases, weakness, war, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more diseased babies suffering caused by the delusional human greedy, human emotional garbage beliefs (creating actions harmful to life).  Diseased babies become diseased parents and because of ignorance of the rules for health and life, continue to cause more disease, suffering and death (and many times in the name of "good").  Evil = disease, suffering and death; the constant degradation of all life on earth. 

"Sins" are actions that promote more suffering and death. We inherit "sins" in the form of suffering and death contained in constant genetic degradation passed from one generation to the next and new mutations added constantly.  It is this human ignorance of human causes for their own suffering that has to be wiped off the planet.

According to DNA studies, humans are putting on an average of 20 bad mutations every generation now.  It was 3 bad mutations every generation about 100 years ago.  We are in the "genetic suicide" generations now.

Worldly knowledge is bondage.  Academic knowledge leads to bondage.  Church knowledge leads to bondage, because it is based on pagan ideas used by governments to control people.  Businesses conducted with no love for humanity is common today.  The "education" system has no God in it, and nor morals are taught at all.  Diseased sex is now taught at the earliest of grade school.

This idiotic idea that churches and temples where money is passed to preachers has some association with God is insane, not just bad.   Jesus Christ forbids paid preaches and that we have ONE Teacher,  one mediator between humans and Jehovah God: Jesus Christ.   Jesus also taught that that no human is allowed to be "elevated" (put on fancy robes and get paid to tell you anything). 

This idea of status is evil.   When you see fancy robes and gold laced artifacts, statues, idols, crosses, paid preachers then, you know you are not in a, condoned by God,  Christian establishment.

Churches have participated in many wars, killing many Christians, Jews and pagans. The Bible says to (Get out of that "whore" who fornicates with governments.)

The purpose of human life is to live and enjoy life on earth, not to destroy all life out of greed, emotions and compulsions.

We can see that setting humans free has cause Evil to be the main theme. We now have 1 in 36 baby boys born with Autism. Rising 800% in 40 years.  Humans are so stupid now that they think this disease is "special" and "good".   The child may be wonderful and full of love, but they are still very sick.

1 in 125 with congenital heart disease.  Rising 200% in just 34 years

1 in 3 will die from cancer ages 14 to 64 according to the CDC reports. In 1847 it was 1 in 45 and only old people.

Heart disease, is up 1 in 8  but now people get plumbing jobs if they can afford it.  The main Heart disease (clogged arteries) is an autoimmune disease in which your immune cells attack the lining of your arteries and make them rough so that lipids stick, collect and dry out and harden to the walls.

Diabetes is up 366% in just 29 years.

Cancer is the number one killer disease of children in the USA.  The second is genetic birth defects, and third is heart disease.  All genetically caused.  All genetic diseases are rising by 7% every ten years. At this rate, considering that we have some 17500 known genetic diseases and we keep destroying our offspring in each generation, we humans will be extinct in less than 100 years at the present rate of rise of diseases.  I call this genetic suicide.

There was no reported case of childhood cancer as a cause of death in 1847. Basically, this is a new form of human suffering promoted by governments and greedy preachers who offer "sin" as being a "good way of life".  Greed, lust, sell yourself into slavery to some stupid human ideology, and you are then considered to a be "good" citizen. NOT! The only thing that makes you a good citizen is your heart and mind condition and if you are loving, compassionate and kind.

And don't forget N.O.R.D statistics that 1 in 9 (babies now born with) people suffer from lifelong genetic diseases requiring treatment for life.  And all of these diseases cost money to treat and will shorten life. All are genetic.

According to the CDC all of these are genetic.

The fastest rising death rate (of babies who live past the womb) is in babies 1 to 4 years old.

Over 30% of wanted pregnancies after zygote implantation, end in miscarriage.
70% of wanted pregnancies actually end in miscarriage if you consider the numbers that simply are so genetically bad that they cannot even take root in the uterus (the mother has a "late" painful period with tissue expelled).  This is where the real tragedy shows the most.  Most children actually die in the womb from malformations and diseases.

Cancer has risen 1650% since 1847 since the law requires doctors to put cause of death on the death certificate.  Cancer is easy to document because it kills. And it was never even seen in any fossils of humans.

The medical industry has risen from almost nothing in the 1600's to nearly 5 Trillion Dollar industry, just in the USA in 2018.   It is one of the largest and most profitable industries on earth now, second is military industrial complex, transportation, then oil industry all related to human weakness and inability to live without medical and technology.  It is supply and demand in action.  People demand to not suffer, and die.   Yet, that is exactly what happens.   All the medical industry can do is extend life by artificial means.

The medical industry is now the number 3 killer of humans in the USA (and rapidly rising), third to Cancer (now number one 2012 stats) and (heart disease number 2).  All can be traced to human genetic mental and physical degradation.   It is so rapid in the last 100 years that it is OBVIOUS to anyone who has lived more than 45 years now. There were no huge children's hospitals even 50 years ago.  It is a new phenomenon, created by total ignorance of the rules for life.






According to medical doctors humans would not live past 15 to  25 years without medical aid.



Before medical with no treatments at all, we lived to about 35 (1600's). Take away our medicines and our vaccines, insulin, surgery and high blood pressure drugs and we all die young on average. According to about 50 MD's I have had this discussion with we would live about 15- 25 years with massive death of children (from 17500 genetic diseases and some 11000 pathogens) before the age of 10.

According to first hand testimony and witness of Moses humans in the Jewish tribe living away from disease, and protected from diseased people, lived 70 to 80 years in the wild with no medical at all.  This was 1040 BC. 3058 years ago, without medical, they lived longer than we do.
Psalm 90:
10  The span of our life is 70 years,Or 80+ if one is especially strong.*

Apparently it was after the plague of the 1300's where half the population of Europe, the main world at that time died, people started to suffer enough to realize that "this isn't working". So they pulled out the Bible and read the rules for health contained in there and things got radically better. Except that because of the horrible diseases suffered it became a compulsive "religious" disease to kill people suspected of doing evil.  They would take homo's (the most diseased lifestyle known to mankind) and put them on a sharpened pole in the town center as an example.   Diseases became far less and people started advancing more and more ways to make war, of all things?

Then because humans are so forgetful, 600 years later, we had the plague of the 1900's with the swine flu killing over 50,000,000 people.  Pigs have a genetic connection to humans with cells that have the same receptors for "flu" virus.  The human virus enters the pig by the fact that humans are living with pigs and the pigs will mutate these viruses and give back this plague and new ones every year.  The flu is created by stupid humans. Science has known this for at least 80 years, yet this stupidity continues today.

We can clearly see that humans are so degraded and completely out of control so much so that they are killing their own babies with horrible diseases and believing that it is magical causes.   After all along with the physical degradation, is mental retardation and extreme rise of emotionalism. They also believe that spreading STD's and infecting more and more zygotes with mutagenic pathogens is "good".

Funny but the Bible did say not to eat pigs nor to cultivate pigs. It turns out that pigs have a particular affinity to humans in that they have tissue where human viruses can be hosted and mutated then given back as horrible diseases, like the infamous "swine flu".   Viruses have "keys", (as a way to describe them) to allow them to enter cells, based on the type of cell.  It is the living in proximity that allows this disease transfer.    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4788752/

So far every disease prevention teaching in the Bible has been proven to be absolutely correct that we have had molecular studies on, for people with no need for drugs nor vaccines at the time. All the rules were life preserving and genome preserving.

If you have questions on this I can show you ever detail of this evidence from medical science and compare it to the "rules".

Modern humans are degrading faster than ever. We are also becoming more and more emotional and lower intelligence according to recent DNA studies on ancient human specimens.

I think that humans have too much tolerance for evil on the planet and a horrible education system based on greed and feeding this system of economics and has no morals at all. The politicians who allow debase, diseased lifestyles, are now being elected and most all of them have had diseased sex and have been harming life.

Let us not forget that Cancer is now the number one disease killer of babies to 15 years old. Second is genetic deformity, third is congenital heart disease.

And the death rate of babies 1 to 4 years old is the fastest rising death rate in the country. It is now 25/10000 are dying in the USA ages 1 to 4.  So, after you get past the womb (70% don't make it), we have some 1 in 650 born dead (USA) near term pregnancies.  and 1 in 4000 die before 4 years old.  These are horrible statistics.

So, if you support death and freedom to destroy life in the name of some ignorant cause, then your are intrinsically evil as most ignorant people are and have been. Unfortunately all of us are inherently defective and therefore have evil in us. We run on compulsions, fear, lusts, desires, greed, and all those horrible emotions that are at the foundation of our destruction as a species. This is called being born into "sin".

It is certainly not God who causes all this suffering.  It is humans, living in the darkness of ignorance, who cannot obey simple rules that allow for maximum life.

But Jehovah God intends to fix all this once and for all time. And this is our only hope as a species. To remove all disease, suffering and death from humanity, and to fix humans from the inside so they are incapable of destroying all life on earth any longer. God intends to reverse our diseases, if we turn to Jehovah, and accept salvation give through his son, Jesus Christ.   It is really simple, humble yourself before God, ask forgiveness, repent and stop sinning.   Stop supporting disease, suffering and death, and you will be allowed to live. 

This is God's plan. It is the only logical plan I have ever read about.  It is the entire theme of the Bible talking about restoring the earth to a paradise and restoring all life to the original condition of perfectly healthy and strong, full of intelligence and living forever.


Every human is defective and getting more defective with each generation. This is an absolute fact from all the evidence we find everywhere on the changes to humans.

According to: Sung Chun1, Justin C. Fay1,2*

1 Computational and Systems Biology Program, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, 2 Department of Genetics and Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America:

"Evidence for Hitchhiking of Deleterious Mutations within the Human Genome"

According to this article of 1000 samples of human genomes, there is an average of 1000 deleterious mutations per person. Quote: "Each human is estimated to carry on the order of 1,000 deleterious mutations in their genome."

These are FIXED (permanent) in the reproductive process.

And we are gaining an average of 10 to 40 deleterious mutation per generation for the last 2000 years and for the last 100 years this has sped up to min 20 deleterious mutations per generation of out of control humans. It only takes ONE base pair to be messed up to cause serious disease and death.   Hence, 70% of wanted pregnancies are miscarriages or do not implant in the uterus.

We can see this easily in the fact that Cancer, a known genetic disease from over 800,000 DNA studies on this, has risen over 700% in 114 years 1650% in 150 years). It has gone up 300% in just 40 years (genetic diseases is acceleration in speed of increase). In the UK skin cancer is the most common and it is pandemic. They also have 173% rise in breast cancer in 34 years. This is the home of so much evil on earth today. Stupid beliefs in evolution and other such stupid religious ideas with NO evidence at all.  It is part of our emotional disease to believe that we are "better off" now.  People are blind and stupid to believe in such nonsense as there is no God and that we were created by some accident.  I have to tell you that the "Evotard Fairy" is dead, and never lived.

Diabetes is up over 366% and according to the CDC 1 in 3 Americans are predictable and by 2050 at the present rate of rise 1 in 3 will be full blown diabetics.

These are actual irrefutable facts that cannot be denied.

The only thing you can do is to isolate your family from this diseased way of life.

Find Jehovah God and seek help. Without Jehovah God, life is meaningless.

I have found that many atheists when faced with reality will actually start to pray to Jehovah God and find peace. There have been thousands hundreds right here on the internet, youtube, facebook and many forums who have gotten free from the snares of the lies this world operates on.

Do you want to be a part of (supporting evil) this system of genetic suicide, early death, more and more babies suffering and dying from diseases that they keep having to find new names for?

When I first did a rigorous study of the Bible, I compared every known modern medical study on each of the "rules" for life given to the Jews as found in the Bible.  I found that each of these rules is based on extreme superior knowledge of humans at the molecular level.  And how to give the Jews longer life and more health.

Atheists seem to think that death is OK until their baby dies and they have a wake up call realizing that accepting death is not contained in the human heart, unless you are so degraded that you are a sociopath.


  1. It is interesting that there are no comments on this page? How is it possible to comment on human genetic suicide, and have much to say. This is just the facts of life and where humans are heading, faster than ever towards extinction.

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