Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yeast "Possible" Evolution

Evolutionists stretch their minds on this one.

  HUGE PROBLEMS with this.

1/ Each time this experiment is done with yeast we get the same results and it never goes any farther than to protect itself from predators or competition against the food supply. Proving that it is not evolution. If it was evolution by their own theory it would happen differently each time and the outcome would be "random". It is never random and the outcome is always the same.

2/ This is just more of the same.  Belief interferes with reality.  It is a built in protection mechanism of fungus.
We see this in all varieties of yeast.

3/ The cells always clump together to aid in reproduction and to stop predator attacks when a strong bacteria is placed in the test culture or a competitor for the food supply is injected.

It is obviously from objective  observation with no belief if something repeats over and over and never does anything else there is no evolution and it is just how the creature operates for million of years.

Conclusion: Hope and faith are disastrous to scientists; causing them, from wishful thinking, to project on natural occurring events what they want to believe.

And they are always stating some sort of intelligence in this process that "drives" evolution. As if yeast believe in evolution and want to evolve.  It is just plain childish and silly.

"In addition, time-lapse photography (video below) revealed that, in order to reproduce, the multicellular yeast divides itself into branches that develop into the multicellular form as well. The daughter clusters did not create their own offspring until they had reached a similar size as their parents. The presence of this juvenile stage shows that the snowflake yeast had adopted a multicellular way of life, says William Ratcliff, a postdoctoral student in Travisano’s lab."

This guy is a young person eager to get his PhD so he makes up from faith and belief as if it was real. His is a typical believer.  Beliefs are scientific suicide.  You will never accomplish anything when projecting your faith on natural events.  This is how religion works. 

If you are a believer in evolution you will see evolution where it does not exist, because it is a fantasy you have been told about since early childhood.  

Star Wars is not real.  Star Treck is not real, understand? 

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