Monday, June 23, 2014

What Does Paleontology show as far as "Evolution"; Author, James Arjuna

We can easily see that this creature, the Smilodon, "saber-tooth tiger" is very stout and has some very complex features. It is considered to be the most "advanced" and strongest of the "cat" genetic lineage.  According to paleontologist this creature "evolved" into the modern leopard.  

The modern leopard is undisputed by paleontologist as the most direct descendant of the Smilodon. You can easily see that it is degraded and has LOST many features that made it nearly invincible.  You see if the Smilodon had not been so strong and fit, then the leopard would not be here today.  By the way, the leopard is nearly extinct. It has so many genetic defects now that it is at the end of the line of the Smilodon lineage.  It has problems reproducing has trouble defending itself against predators that are more fit. Click here and read about this. 

What we find with Evolutionists is the desire to create the illusion that life can magically "evolve" and get better by some form of "selection", but even this idea of "selection" implies something is doing the "selecting".  I think there is a natural desire for life to go on in the "heart" of everyone. That death is a foreign idea to our consciousness.  Considering how degraded humans are today, weak and nearly extinct, that desire has never gone away to live. 
I have found that paleontologists will constantly seek to find fossils that have no living or obviously living relative today. This way they can use some form of faith and belief on the fossils and put them in order to make it seem as though life can evolve and got "better".  This is human nature to not face reality as is most clear by this fact.  

I only look at living creatures or recently living creatures and evaluate all of the obviously clearly closely related fossils to see what is really going on.  In every case the oldest creature has more genetic features. That means it has more coding genes and is therefore more complex.  This is the only evidence that we can verify against all the other genetic evidence.  If it is science, then all the evidence clearly shows the truth. 

The Horse genetic lineage is the "poster child" for evolution.  Before we had an understanding of how DNA works to produce cells people thought that horses losing features was "positive" evolution.  As it turns out every bone and teeth and layers of bone or teeth that disappear is genetic loss.  It is genetic degradation from a much older higher level of more complexity.

You can see in this depiction of "horse" evolution that even the teeth are less complex with less layers and the front legs are missing more bones as time goes on.   You see there is only genetic degradation shown in all evidence on ALL creatures we can find evidence on . 

Dire Wolf from Lebrea Tar Pits

The dog is often used to sell evolution to kids, because children seem to love dogs and are interested in them. It turns out that both modern wolves and modern dogs degraded from ancient wolves that were far more fit and far more cunning and intelligent.  If they were not they would not have survived to become modern dogs and modern wolves.

Every dog breeder knows that each breed has it genetic frailties because humans have messed with these animals and they have lost a lot of fitness from their ancestors.  

The common ancestor of both modern wolves and dogs was different than modern wolves as we can see in these photos.  
Dogs are considered to be like "wolf puppies" and never "mature" to be as aggressive, but are more playful and retarded than wolves.  The closer you get to the wolf type of dog, the more dangerous they become. And we have wolf dog hybrids being bred today showing that they are indeed the same species. 

Wolf-Malamute hybrid

Every dog breed is a down grade of the original common ancestor the ancient wolves.



Mammut americanum (American mastodon)
Mounted M. americanum skeleton,


Elephant Modern going extinct 

It seem pretty clear that the Mammoth was a far superior creature to modern Elephants.  

The common brown rat is clearly degraded from some pretty awesome creatures.

Ceratogaulus hatcheri

Castoroides ohioensis


Modern degraded common brown rat. 

You can do all the searching you want and you will always find that the creatures we know about, all their ancestors were stronger, more complex and more fit for survival.  Otherwise, their descendants would not be here to go extinct. 

We know now that the Neanderthal was a human because we still have neanderthal blood in our bodies today.  Modern humans are weaklings compared to our Neanderthal "relatives". 


  1. Perhaps the environment was better back then.

    1. Here's the facts. The environment has very little to do with our genetic degradation. It is diseased people haveing sex and producing more and more diseased babies.

      We have degraded more in the last 100 years than in the the prior 2000. We are more retarded and sickly and have accumulated some 17000 genetic diseases by this idea that we can violate medical sciecne and have infected sex and think that it has no harm to the offspring.

      We have found over 100,000 germ line mutations causing diseases and 100,000 germ line infections called ERV's.

      It is amazing that people are so degraded and living in such emotional denial of reality. Diseased people have increased diseases and less intelligence in offspring. Every virus causes deleterious mutations in our genome.

      This is why Jehovah God clearly stated that the only sex to have is in a virgin marriage free from diseases and never cheat and bring home diseases to your spouse.

      This is the same instruction the CDC now promotes because of the utter failure this "condom" program that was the dumbest idea ever, because there are some 15 viral infections you can get just by touching and kissing.