Friday, July 12, 2013

What are Congenital Disorders by James Arjuna

The old definition of congenital disorder means "disease at birth". The new as we now know that every aspect of life is in the "genes" contained in chromosomes.  Every aspect of health is "genetic". Congenetal diseases and deformity is found at the molecular "genetic" level. They are "genetic diseases and deformity".
Some are germ line level and others are chemically/virally  induced during gestation.  Inherited mutations, new germ line mutations and somatic mutations are the cause.  All congenital diseases are "genetic" or molecular in cause.  There are over 8000 congenetital, genetic birth diseases.  That is not something humanity should be proud of.

Again;  According to UC Berkeley Website;  Every aspect of our life/health is controlled by DNA.
The low IQ people (the normal people) who do not understand how DNA works are lost because of poor mental ability.  And the medical industry still has some ridiculous ideas that do not fit with modern genetics.

Here is a great video showing the processes involved in cell replication.  It is an animation, so it cannot be trusted completely but it gives the basic idea.
Here's another.

Here is one (below) showing how viruses reverse transcriptase into our DNA and screw up our cells.  This is how we got so sickly.  There are 98000 or these found in human reproductive "germ line" level of DNA. When we have disturbed, changed germ line cells you get reduced fitness.
This is all about how the HIV  retrovirus got into our cells and screws them up.

What causes changes to the replication of cells is on this level?
The Chromosomes are where the "genes" are located.
Also what is known as alleles.  "An allele is an alternative form of a gene (one member of a pair) that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome."
"Genes contain the codes for the production of specific proteins."

So if the "genetic coding" is incorrect from being changed by diseases, chemicals, *inherited in the carried genes of the parents during reproduction, or the genes are disturbed when  a virus enters the sperm, egg, or first cells of the zygote, you have a produced disease.

It is not magical.  It is science of cause and result.
*Inherited diseases were caused by the process of our ancestors or parents with an infection at the time of conceptions that attacked the sperm or egg or zygote of the reproductive cells back then.
This is how we inherit the "sins" of our ancestors who spread diseases, ate wrong, and shared viruses with animals as we do now on a much more massive scale.  This is why modern humans are degrading so fast.

When cells do not replicate properly= disease
When the HOX genes are not correct = deformity

If the DNA was not disturbed and the coding was not messed up = NO DISEASE

Therefore all congenital diseases are GENETIC (caused by the genes found in chromosomes) in nature.

They may not be hereditary and are acquired during the gestation, but they are at the molecular DNA level and there for are "genetic"   The true study of "genetics" is on the molecular level.

Considering the fact that people had (as you are now) no idea, in the past, what DNA does and how it controls EVERY ASPECT OF ONES BODY and the condition of the cells, I am not surprised that retarded people who call themselves doctors don't know now.
After all they are being taught other fairy tales.

If it shows on your body, it is caused by genetics.

When a virus infects your cells and disrupts the DNA, it is genetics.

If you have cancer cells caused by HPV, it is genetics.
The HPV enters the host cell and disrupts the DNA coding. The virus, literally encodes in the DNA and changes the cell replication. That is what viral causes Cancer is. If your immune system is weakened by mutations from heredity or from acquired mutations, then the cancer cells are allowed to grow.  Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.

It is all genetically caused.
This is the foundation of modern medical research.  It is not magic.

There are no magical causes to human genetic degradation. There are no magical random mutations. They are all caused.
Anyone who believes in random, believes in magical nonsense, and is therefor a religious nut case.

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