Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Magical Fairy of Bacteria by James Arjuna

This is the magical silly belief based nonsense taught in universities about how mutations are caused:

"You forget transcription errors due to that faulty mechanism during meiosis, so you are also forgetting gene duplication, and gene drift. Mutations can be deleterious, innocuous, or beneficial."

First of all not one beneficial mutation has ever been documented in any DNA study. So, your statement invalidates you by you including that, then:

We know from evidence that transcription errors (when cells replicate) are caused almost always by outside influences. Almost always from virus 99.9% of the time, fungus, radiation or toxic chemicals, drugs, prescription drugs, even cosmetics.

Smoking cigarettes can cause over 30,000 somatic mutations from the immune system trying to deal with this toxin.

Evotards believe in the magical random fairy that has no causes and no results.

The mutations that count in humans are called "germ line" and they are all bad.

The nature of mutations is they are always bad, unless they happen from the programming of the creature to survive as in the human MHC mutations where the programming of the immune system develops defenses against pathogens. Bacteria is designed to adapt to different carbon based foods.

Bacteria is programmed to adapt to any carbon based foods it is presented with. We have known about this built in programming for a long time, but Evotards think that a bacteria can perform magical miracles in 9 generations to learn to eat new foods to survive.

The nylonase flavobacterium the Japanese study completely destroys evolution. (Source: "Birth of a unique enzyme from an alternative reading frame of pre-existing internally repetitious coding sequence"; National Academy of Sciences Vol 81 pp 2421-2425)

The Evodelusionists are so excited about this that it shows evolution to them, but it only shows the truth. The say nylon is a "synthetic" new material that is only been around since 1930.

Here is a clue. Bacteria is programmed to adapt and to digest any digestible carbon based foods it finds.

Nylon is made of natural materials. It is MOSTLY CARBON. Carbon 6 is the most common variety. I have never found a student of Evolution who knows that nylon is made of carbon. They have no clue and no teacher is going to tell them this fact in order to maintain the illusion of evolution.

In less than 9 generations this bacteria made a duplicate gene. It chose the exact gene to duplicate for no reason and for no cause according to Evotnuts. Just the odds of it choosing that particular gene to duplicate is in the 1 to trillions in such a short time.

Then it decided for no reason and for no cause by magical ridiculous Evotnuts made up crap to make a frame shift mutation of the duplicated gene. How did it know to make a frame shift and that the frameshift would possibly give the desired results of survival?

Then miraculously it put in new start and stop codons in exactly the right place on this frame shifted duplicate gene. The odds of all this happening in 9 generations is beyond mathematics to calculate. In other words IT IS PROGRAMMED RESPONSES TO NEW FOODS. This procedure is programmed into the flavobacterium the day it was designed and made.

This is obvious to those with intelligence.

To those suffering from mental genetic degradation it is magical evolution.

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