Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning How To Learn, So You Can Make a Difference; by James Arjuna

I believe the Buddha answered this question clearly based on objective observations of humans.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Note: I do not believe the Buddha to even be close to full enlightenment, nor does any real master or anointed one.  All he did was set and observe and stop his mind. From there he realized the world is full of human emotional mental garbage. That is a far as he got. Stopping your emotions, mind and babylon's thoughts and constant brain garbage is good, but from there you need God's Grace to be saved. 

My parents had a much more modern version:  "Don't believe anyone.  I don't care who they are.  People are full of s##t and stupid beliefs from their upbringing, education, and prejudices.  Find the truth for yourself."

In other words  being accredited (university degree, Nobel prize, or any idea of intelligence, wisdom as believed by man at one time in history)  is no more a reason to believe than any other reason.  Being accredited by those rich elites is a reason to NOT believe anything they teach.  And the most important issue regarding truth is:  "If the teacher is paid, there is little or no truth."   You can easily test this by looking at the source of the money and the controls over the "dogma" or "doctrine" are there to insure the people involved get money to pay these teachers with.   It doesn't take a genius to realize that preachers and teachers who teach for money are really excellent examples of the "blind leading the blind", in to a pit of suffering and death. 

Throughout history the, so called,  "greatest minds" have all believed in government, church,  nonsense and taught that in the universities   There is no difference now.   

Absolute Evidence

When a science education system is based on ideas that DO  have  absolutely irrefutable physical evidence, that you can see, test, verify, and repeat the test over in any location and have the same exact results, then you have functional science.  We do not see this sort of evidence ever in Evolution classes. 

Ideology of the politicians of the time are often disguised as "education".  This has always been true.  And we know that none of those ideologies are truth because they constantly change.

  "If it was Truth, 
It would never change." 

If you  are not seeking the truth of the matter in all things, then you are only seeking to perpetuate beliefs, ideology, and human emotionally driven faith that may or may not have any truth in it at all.  Or tiny bits of truth mixed in with HEMG (human emotional mental garbage)

Objective Awareness;

Objective awareness comes when you are in control of your mind and not under emotional controls of society or any outside emotional force. The KEY WORDs are "NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL FORCES".  If they cannot back up what they say or teach with absolutely clear irrefutable, RATIONAL evidence then you  can rest assured it is not true. This is how you gain control over your education and become productive.  If what you  base your science on is fallacious then your work will lead to nothing of value, or worse you can harm other people in your ignorance. ( This is them most common result (suffering) of ignorance than any other effect of "brain-mind control" from society.)

Money is often used as an emotional force to make people believe or they simply will not get a "degree": no degree = no money.  
This sort of emotional coercion to conform and forced beliefs in crap science, to some expected faith based ideology of the society, is destructive to science.

This emotionally driven force is the cause of extremely obvious obstructions to advancements in science (truth seeking).   It has always been this way.

If they tell you that Truth does not exist, run far from them.  Because it is totally irrational brainwashed garbage used to control you.  You get strong and tell them: "In every event, occurrence, happening, scientific reaction, experiment, or piece of evidence; there is the truth (cause and effect) to exactly what took place or what is taking place, AND that is what science is about."  

The System Of Things:  

Using the system in your  favor.   It is possible to go through and learn all that humans have to offer in terms of education and never believe a single irrational belief that has been imposed (emotional coercion, fear of loss or fear of failure $) on you.   You have to be spiritually strong and only USE them for your ends of getting a degree and get out and away from these paid shills of government and corporate morons.  

You can answer the questions as they are expected to be answered in order to get your degree, but that does not mean you are forced to believe any of them.

It is only when you have absolutely irrefutable physical evidence that is obvious to you that you can accept any premise theory or and then and only then can you  make a rational conclusion.  This is what all the Truth seekers have done for all times. 

Emotional Controls of false Authority:

Authority from the system of things as we have at anyone time, are simply those who conformed to the system of authority of any one time and they become the paid produces of the belief systems.  

It doesn't mean they are bad people, but they ARE PEOPLE, with all the weaknesses, emotions, ideology, faith prejudices and beliefs,  that humans have.  The most kind and loving people can mislead you as much as any other type of person.

Using peers to control you is a common approach.  Having your "friends" and "associates" or "other scientists", "congregation members", ridicule you or harm you, if you don't agree with the mass of them, is a powerful force used to control you.  It is a horrible thing in reality. It makes people feel bad for trying to have any objective thoughts or to question the authority or to seek to see if there is any real evidence at all. The more screwed up a faith based ideology is the more peer coercion is used.  

Remember that Galileo spent his old age in his home as a prison, because he dared to publish his findings.  They tortured and killed the only Perfect and loving man to ever walk the earth. 

So, basically, you  must find the Truth for yourself, and stop simply laying down for any authority, any other person.

Once you start to realize the Truth, that is the path you stay on.   


  1. I think this logic from Buddha is misleading and false. What do we do when the truth I find contradicts the truth you find? One or both of the "truths" must be a lie. What we need is an authority who is perfectly wise; someone who knows the future and knows what our choices will accomplish in the end.

    This is what makes Jehovah exceptional, and why we can trust Him. Nobody on earth can say what will happen five minutes from now, but Jehovah was able to give fine details of events many hundreds of years coming, and He's never been wrong. I say, even if I have such-and-such opinion, if it contradicts with His, I must be wrong.

  2. I used the Buddha because he realized that people are full of garbage beliefs and people who call themselves Buddhists are ironically the most believers in the religion of Evodelusionism. He says don't just lay down and believe these morons.

    We are stupid, weak and degraded humans, and buddha, at least recognized that. He was by no means an enlightened person, but is someone who at least realized that humans are failures at governing themselves and that their religions are not truth.
    We are doomed genetically at the present time, and there really is no hope in any human "science" to fix this mess we created our of our ignorance. Political religions are the norm today, because the constitution doesn't allow any real religions to be in the classroom, just pagan ones. How stupid does a person have to be to believe that humans evolved magically from fish? A person who believes that is insane.
    The religion with the least followers or believers in evolution would be the best choice for a person to follow.
    There are ZERO real JW's who believe in evolution. I don't know where those 8% are, but they cannot follow the Evodelusion religion and Jehovah. So, that 8% is some stupid kids who have been peer pressured into saying that.

  3. Quote: "When a science education system is based on ideas that DO have absolutely irrefutable physical evidence, that you can see, test, verify, and repeat the test over in any location and have the same exact results, then you have functional science. We do not see this sort of evidence ever in Evolution classes."

    Should have went to my school. We know evolution is a fact, cause we saw lotta tested angles that came to the same conclusion, over and over

    1. You don't even understand what they were teaching you. It is nonsense. Genetic degradation and change over time is not evolution. That is all they can show.

      They tell you a false definition of evolution so then they can teach you more and more nonsense. It is the nature of stupid humans to do this to you. There is only genetic degradation found in all physical evidence on any complex creature.

      Genetic loss is not evolution and it is all that is found in evidence.

    2. How stupid does a person have to be to believe that humans evolved magically from fish? A person who believes that is insane.

      The AI Milano is going extinct.

      The Tetrachromatic vision is going extinct. It is now only found in a few women.

      Our spines/bones are much weaker than even the Neanderthals and they still went extinct from mutations and weaknesses.

      It is very difficult emotionally for emotional and weak low intelligence modern humans to grasp that we are going extinct, but we are degrading faster than ever in the last century. And ignorance of the clear causes of this in scientific evidence is all around.

      We now have some 17000 genetic diseases. There are over 8000 congenital/birth defects; diseases that cause babies to suffer and die. The fastest rising death rate right NOW is in babies ages 0 to 4 years old. Up 4% in one year.

      In the USA:
      1 in 54 boys are born with autism.
      1 in 10 babies are born with rare genetic diseases.
      1 in 12 people in the USA have diabetes.
      1 in 8 have heart, circulatory disease
      1 in 3 get cancer
      30% of WANTED pregnancies end in miscarriage, the fetus dies from a genetic disease/deformity.

      Cancer is now “elevated” to the number one disease killer of babies to 15 years old.

      The death rate of children from genetic disease has steadily rising so that now we have some 1 in 10 with serious genetic diseases they have to be constantly treated for.

      Humans are absolutely proven to be genetically suicidal by genetic disease statistics over the many years.
      We are destroying not only all animal life on earth, but our own babies. Humans are incapable of ruling themselves. They believe that promoting mutagenic behavior is good and that there is no cause or human blame to our suffering. That all these diseases we give to ourselves by not following even basic hygiene and health rules are caused by some "random magical" causes. If you promote diseased reproduction you get diseased babies.
      Diseased parents have diseased babies. It is not "magically" caused.

      "I am a deeply religious nonbeliever - this is a somewhat new kind of religion."
      Albert Einstein.