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Morality and What Science Shows

Objective morality is that which preserves life and joy of living for all creatures. It has nothing to do with anything else. Either people are doing things that promote life, health, joy and peace or they are doing the opposite.

 The confusion comes because people do all sorts of destructive actions, deeds, and caring for others in the name of good who are actually doing bad things against life, but believe they are good. This is the normal condition of humans controlled by emotions, ego, pride, lust, fear, hate, anger greed.  Personally, when my life has been under the control of any of those, it was a living "hell".  (I don't believe in Hell but it is just a figure of common speech.)

 Nothing makes people more sad and suffering than to lack contentment and joy for life. A human is born suffers and dies, seems to be the pattern we make for ourselves.

 The cure is simple; Do all you can to support life and joy. Don't continue doing the things that have caused you suffering. We suffer in our ignorance. Understand the cause of your suffering and stop doing those things, stop believing in things that have no real meaning. Stop joining the club of suffering in the name of good.

If you support continual suffering of babies with new diseases and your life and your actions creates more suffering for others. Then you are bad in the most basic of definitions. If you support ways of living that create suffering for all the future generations then you are evil. Most of us are evil because we are emotionally controlled and the world seems to help us in our destructive nature.

Always oblivious to the cause, which is our out of control emotional chaos desires and lusts. Science teaches us that humans are degrading at a tremendous rate:

 1/ The PubMed.com articles on human DNA shows that we have been degrading for a long time. We have lost jaw size (lost teeth), brain size, feet flexibility, the ability to digest fibrous foods, the ability to make vitamin C, olfactory sensors atrophied and worthless, skin pigmentation, visual spectrum losses, the ability to withstand living in the wild and so much more is gone forever.

 All the things that "evolution" used to believe were advancements of human evolution are actually shown to be genetic losses, degeneration and degradation of of fitness and health in absolutely clear DNA studies on the condition of humans.

 2/ There are now known to be over 1,000,000 deleterious mutations found in humans that are directly related to 17000 accepted genetic inheritable diseases and the rest are the cause of weak spines, mental illness, poor vision, and rapid decline in health. There are 20,000 pseudo genes that used to function but now are just remnants of what we used to be. (It is estimated that there are over 1,000,000 total deleterious mutations in humans throughout the world.)

 3/According to modern genetic studies, each human has minimum of 1000 deleterious mutations that cause us all to have genetic weaknesses and diseases. Not one person is "healthy" and at any time any one of or multiple genetic diseases will appear. I did no say "if" or "maybe". They will appear.  You will suffer from genetic diseases and you probably suffer right now from structural problems relating to spine.

4/Genetic diseases are rising at an alarming rate.  In Australia they have had a 229% rise in cancer cases in 25 years.  That is the record speed for genetic diseases.  Cancer is a genetic disease caused by your body's cell replication, repair mechanism and immune system not functioning correctly.  Cancer cells are normal daily occurring.  Most people's bodies when they are young can replicate cells OK, then when a cancer mutation shows up (or any mutation) the repair mechanism "kicks in" to diagnose the incorrect proteins and fix them according to the "master plan" of how the cell is determined to be made.  If it can't fix the cell then the immune system is supposed to destroy it and dissolve it.
Here is a video of that  process.
Cancer is ONLY caused by genetics the patients inability to deal with normal cancer cells.

5/ In the USA cancer has been steadily accelerating in the incidents.  In the 1940's cancer was so rare that it was not even cataloged as a disease until 1948 when they first started keeping statistics on it.   It has steadily risen until the last 35 years where it has accelerated at alarming rates.
In the Seer.cancer.gov site where statistics are kept we find that childhood invasive cancers as a whole have grown by 135% in a comparison of 1975 to 2010.  The largest numbers of increase are in infants under one year old. 

According to seer.cancer.gov the invasive cancer rates for children are a horrible statistic that people seem to want to avoid. It is something you need to realize while your actions can help to stop this.
A rise of 199.7% in Intracranial and intraspinal embryonal tumors 1975 to 2009 Table 29.3

This is translated as unborn babies with spinal and brain cancerous tumors.

6/ If that is not enough to make you depressed then this will.
"Fetal mutations are "germ line" mutations that cause permanent damage to the human genome. If it lives to reproduce you have more and more genetic diseases going into the population.
It is because we are so defective that we cannot mate with any close relative.  If we mate with a close relative then our defects will be focused in the child.  Inbred children can be very sickly so society does not allow marriage between siblings.

”The only mutations that matter to large-scale evolution are those that can be passed on to offspring. These occur in reproductive cells like eggs and sperm and are called germ line mutations. “ UC Berkeley
Fetal mutations are 99% caused by viral infectious diseases in the sperm and egg and in the zygote (first human cell) at the time of conception and during gestation of the first cells of a particular gene. (When the HOX genes start to assemble the body parts in the "right" places.) If these first cells have a viral infection hosted in the cells, they can be mutated and add fixed deleterious mutations to our already degraded species genome. These mutations become main line in the culture over time and spread out over generations continually adding to the total degradation of humanity.

“Mutation is a change in DNA, the hereditary material of life. An organism's DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology — all aspects of its life. So a change in an organism's DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life.” UC Berkeley. The only measurement we have of genetic change is in DNA, no other way to accurately see this.

According to well over 5,000,000 peer reviewed publications and medical articles there are no beneficial mutations ever found and approx 1,000,000 deleterious that lead to the 17000 (accepted) genetic diseases humans have.  Some diseases have over 1000 mutations involved in them.

7/ Alarming genetic disease statistics:
The statistics on the rise of cancer, diabetes and heart disease is alarming.
33% of people ages 15 to 64 will die of cancer according to the CDC, published in 2007.  (They have since removed this statement but the statistics show the same thing.) The over all rise of cancer in the US is 6% for every 5 years.  If 100 people in 2008 had cancer, now (2013) we have 106 with cancer.  It equals out to 178% rise in cancer since 1948.  (How many people do you know with cancer right now?)
Australia reports 229% rise in new cancer cases in 25 years:
Australia: "The number of new cancer cases more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. In 1982, 47,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia compared with 108,368 cases in 2007."
In 2007, the most commonly reported cancers were:
Prostate cancer (19,403 cases)
Bowel cancer (14,234 cases)
Breast cancer (12,670 cases)
Melanoma of the skin (10,342 cases)
Lung cancer (9,703 cases).


This shows in the European Union a rise of 138% in lung cancer in FOUR years from 2002 to 2006: 141% rise in colorectal, 148% rise in breast cancer, 209% rise in prostate cancer, 130% rise in uterine cancer, and a reduction in stomach cancer to 83% of 2002 rates.  
These are alarming statistics, just like all the statistics on this genetic disease and its rapid rise. The FOUR YEARS of 2002 to 2006 were horrendous.

Heart Diseases:
1 in 15 people right now need heart surgery to unblock arteries (called "bypass surgery").  Heart disease is an inherited disease.  It is caused by "inflammation" in the arteries where out of control immune cells (autoimmune disease) attack the lining of the arteries and etch it with roughness that allows the lipids to stick to the walls of the artery and collect there as they harden over time.    There is a doctor in India who has set up assembly line processes to perform multiple bypass surgeries at the same time, one after the other.  He is also planning to set up a huge hospitals the size of small cities with 10,000 workers to do the job in the near future. The plan is to put this first one in the Bahamas so that Americans can fly there and get heart surgery cheap.  
The medical industry is slated to soon overtake any other industry on this planet, even more money than the computer industry, auto industry, banking; any of them.
The number of people with heart disease related diseases like high blood pressure and strokes brings the number to 1 in 8 people with heart circulation system genetic diseases. 


This one is very alarming. Diabetes is said to be caused by people who survived the plague of the 1300's in Europe. The plague killed of half the population of Europe,  Diabetes is an auto immune disease (type 1) and a genetic disease in which the body cannot use insulin, because the insulin receptors are not coded properly by DNA.  Lack of insulin or inability to use insulin means that the body cannot absorb nutrients it needs for life.  
In the US Diabetes has risen by 366% in 29 years: 
New Cases of Diagnosed Diabetes Among U.S. Adults Aged 18–79 Years, 1980–2009 366% rise from 493,000 to 1,812,000 Source http://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/publications/AAG/ddt_text.htm USA CDC. By the year 2050 1 in 3 people in the US will have diabetes and more in other countries. In Canada and US most insulin is "over the counter" drug.
The rate of diabetes in the US is 1 in 12 and is predicted to rise if the current acceleration of genetic defects continues to 1 in 3 by 2050. In other countries the rates are already much higher. Canada has about 34million people and they list 9 million with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Diabetes according to the medical library is only caused by genetics.  It is not caused by sugar.   (You can have induced "faux" diabetic symptoms like feet that grow numb if you  constantly eat sugar all day by drinking soda drinks, but as soon as you stop the symptoms go away, because you are not diabetic.)  Real diabetes is caused by genetics and is inherited from your family genetics and is triggered by environment. 

"Rare" Genetic Diseases:

According to NORD  http://www.rarediseases.org  1 in 10 people have "rare" genetic diseases. There are over 7000 of them and the average is 1 in 200,000. The number of these diseases makes them not so "rare". They have some amazing names, some that are tongue twisters. 

The increases in all diseases and new diseases is very alarming.  


Liberal Krant:

"The likelihood of a child’s being given a diagnosis of autism, Asperger syndrome or a related disorder increased more than 20 percent from 2006 to 2008, according to a report released on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The new report estimates that in 2008 one child in 88 received one of these diagnoses, known as autism spectrum disorders, by age 8, compared with about one in 110 two years earlier." New York Times.

This is a 200% rise in Autsim in 10 years and it continues to be pandemic.

The number is higher in boys. 1 in 54 are born with autism now.  Please think about this.

Autsim has been found to be caused by a mutation in the brain area of the human genome. They are still studying this as it has come to be one of the number one problems in the USA.

Infant Mortality Rates:

The infant mortality rates throughout the word are rising for the first time in over 50 years. In the last 6 years the rates of babies dying is going up.

That means that medical science has met it's match in genetic destruction we have brought upon ourselves from scientific ignorance and avoidance of anything that disturbs the political structures in modern times.

The USA went from 6.1 in 2011 to 6.7 in 2012.  6.7/6.1  = 1`.09 or 109% in ONE YEAR.

The trend is that genetic defects are winning. It is nothing more than that.

The health care people can only do so much against the rising tide of deleterious mutations in the human genome.

How do geneticists and medical research doctors know these 1,000,000 mutations are the cause of these 17000 plus diseases?

Read this a few hundred times until is sinks in PLEASE!:
We know that these mutations cause diseases because we have living samples of people with the proper coding genes, ,making proper healthy cells, without these deleterious mutations and showing no signs of any particular disease in the study. 

These living examples are the PRIOR fit condition.    

There is no evidence found in DNA to support this, the original, definition of evolution:

Evolution: "that theory which sees in the history of all things organic and inorganic a development from simplicity to complexity, a gradual advance from a simple or rudimentary condition to one that is more complex and of a higher character." Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language.

Next blog;  The cure for our condition and what is the real cause of our physical suffering and all these 17000, linked so far, genetic diseases.

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